Tuffys Ray Ray the Stingray

Ray Ray the Stingray by Tuffys

Just when you thought all was lost, Tuffy's hold their own against your canine's jaws of fury! Your dog will avenge Steve Irwin when he meets this cross-eyed Stingray and battles it out. Whip it, tug it, throw it, float it, catch it...Each toy's FOUR LAYERS of material are sewn together with FOUR ROWS of stitching, which is then anchored with a super-strong luggage material trim that is sewn THREE MORE times! This Toy ranks 7 on the Tuffy's Tuffness scale of 1-10; Really Tuff toy, but still vulnerable! Designed for small to medium size dogs who like to whip their toys, tug and play catch. Stingray has a wide wingspan and long tail, and 2 squeakers. Machine wash. Air dry.
(Not Recommended for extremely tough chewers. Our Ultimate series toys will work best for them.)

The Stingray measures 12 Inches.


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