Silly Squeakers Smella Arpaw

Silly Squeakers Smella Arpaw by Tuffy

Great for tailgating or game time, Silly Squeakers' Smella Arpaw is a fun vinyl squeaky toy that's ready for an entertaining game of fetch or catch! Grab your suds and get your pup moving during halftime! And check out the amusing "nutrition" facts below.

Note - this is a play toy, not a chew toy...supervise and play responsibly and have fun!


"Nutrition Facts":
Serving Size: 1 can
Servings per Container: 1
Dog Breath 260
Calories from Drool: 30
Total Drool 3.5g
Slobber 1g
Bark 0mg
Howl 33mg
Woof 14mg
Growl 27g
Vitamin K9 11%
Laziness 8%
Boredom 30%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a phony, funny diet


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