Treatstik by Treatstik

Dogs agree: big or little, thin or thick, there's no stick out there better than the Treatstik! No regular ol' stick dishes out treats like the Treatstik does. The Treatstik is a mighty tough nylon treat-dispensing toy. It'll fit most any kibble, small dry treats, or dried veggies you put inside, and it dispenses them randomly as your dog noses and nudges the Treatstik to roll across the floor.

Treat your pup, or feed their whole meal from the Treatstik! It's great for dogs who want to keep their minds engaged, and for those bored or nervous doggies that might otherwise turn to destructive behaviors. Its tough durable body can hold up to strong jaws. Its body shape is easy for dogs to grab and move and fling!

Just unscrew the big screw cap, fill, screw the cap back on, and let your dog enjoy!

Size small is 6" long, and is best for dogs 10 - 40 lbs. Fits .5 cups of food.
Size large is 9" long and is best for dogs over 40 lbs. Fits 1.5 cups of food.
Treat hole is 9/16" x 5/8" on both sizes.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA. Non-toxic. Dishwasher safe.

From: $19.99

Supervise use, as no toy is indestructible. Check often for damage, and replace damaged toy immediately. Not a chew toy. If any part of your dog's jaw can fit through the small hole, do not use this product.

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