Stella And Chewys Salmon and Cod Meal Mixers

Salmon and Cod Meal Mixers by Stella And Chewys

Looking for a great way to add some real high-quality raw food nutrition to your dog’s diet? Want to give an extra-special meal or spice up that same kibble? Salmon & Cod Meal Mixers by Stella & Chewy’s is the answer you’ve been looking for! You can add a scoop of Meal Mixers to any diet, such as dry kibble, and just mix it right on in with no other preparation required. It’s real raw mouthwatering fish sure to entice your pup at mealtime.

Salmon & Cod Meal Mixers is packed with protein from wild-caught fish, and is complimented by organic fruits and vegetables. It’s enhanced with vitamins and minerals, probiotics and antioxidants. It’s free of added hormones and antibiotics, there are no grains or fillers, no artificial preservatives or colorings, and no added sugar or salt. Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dries this natural recipe to lock in the healthful nutrition your dog needs and the real fresh fish flavor they crave.

They’ll think it’s a treat, and you’ll know these tasty morsels are good for them, too! Try all four flavors for even more variety!

From: $9.99

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