Bob A Lot

Bob A Lot by StarMark

When you want to keep your dog from boredom all you need is the Bob-A-Lot from StarMark! The Bob-A-Lot's innovative design dispenses treats or food as your dog uses its nose or paws to tip this dog toy over. The top and bottom chambers can have their dispensers adjusted to make it easier or more difficult for your playful pup to get its yummy snacks out. The Bob-A-Lot is made from a tough polymer along with a no-slip bottom so that this dog toy doesn't go sliding around your floor during playtime. This food dispensing toy also comes in a variety of sizes and holds up to 3 cups of dog food. The Bob-A-Lot is also a convenient way to stop your quick eaters from gobbling down their food too quickly and causing bloating.

Check out our blog post done by a guest blogger on our Two Bostons' Pet Blog! You can also head over to look at our Bob-A-Lot blog post on keeping your pup busy!

From: $22.99

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