Ruff Wear Flat Out Dog Leash

Flat Out Dog Leash by Ruff Wear

Our Flat Out six-foot nylon webbing dog lead has some particularly useful features. It all starts at the handle: it is adjustable and utilizes a side release buckle. This built-in adjust-ability allows the lead to be converted from a hand held leash to a waist worn leash with a quick adjustment. The leash can also be clipped to a hitching post while you run in for a grande latte. When the need arises, a traffic handle positioned close to the E-Z snap hook lets you take control and rein in your pup. --- Tired of having your hands full when taking a walk, or looking for an easy way to safely tie your dog up? Then look no further, the Flat Out leash is great for active dogs on the go.

From: $29.99

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