Flower Dog ID Tag

Flower Dog ID Tag by Red Dingo

Red Dingo dog tags are engraved in stainless steel (guaranteed for life) and feature many different enamel designs that come in 11 different colors of your choice! The possibilities are endless when customizing these Identity tags to match your pal's personality!

Small:  0.8 diameter (20mm)
Small size can contain 3 lines of engraving, 8-12 characters each.

Medium: 1.12 diameter (30mm) *most popular!
Medium size can contain 5 lines of engraving:
Line 1- 10-14 characters
Line 2- 12-17 characters
Line 3- 12-17 characters
Line 4- 10-14 characters
Line 5- 6-10 characters

Large: 1.5 diameter (38mm) *perfect for big dogs!
Large size can contain 6 lines of engraving:
Line 1- 12-17 characters
Line 2- 16-22 characters
Line 3- 18-24 characters
Line 4- 18-24 characters
Line 5- 14-19 characters
Line 6- 8-12 characters

Colors available: light blue, dark blue, black, red, yellow, green, light pink, hot pink, purple, orange, brown.

Readability tips: Use spaces in phone numbers, avoid small symbols like . (period/full stop). Text will automatically be centered and resized to fit.

From: $17.99
Engraving Information

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