Orbee Zoom Flyer

Orbee Zoom Flyer by Planet Dog


These super-soaring discs provide incredible distance with unbelievable softness on each catch. Classic Orbee-Tuff® material offers the ideal pliability or give for a gentle catch that is soft on teeth and gums.

But not at the expense of distance…

The Zoom Flyer's dual-density technology with weighted core provides the heft needed for a satisfying throw and a good, long fetch.

This interactive flyer is the "ultimate" in outdoor fun and a great bonding toy for you and your pet. Get some fresh air and get your best friend outside for a good run and much-needed exercise.

The Orby Zoom is available in blue/orange or glow/blue, which glows in the dark for dusk fetching, and two sizes - 6.5" or 9.5" in diameter.

Although Zoom is built for durability, it's intended for tossing, not chewing, so it is not rated on the Orbee Durability Scale. Like almost every Orbee-Tuff toy, the Orbee Zoom Flyer is USA made, non toxic, durable, chewy, minty, buoyant, and always 100% guaranteed. Forever.  

From: $19.99
Size large: 9.5" diameter

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