Orbee Whistle Ball

Orbee Whistle Ball by Planet Dog


Whistle while you… PLAY!

This innovative glow-in-the-dark fetching ball makes an irresistible whirring sound when thrown that no dog can ignore. The harder you throw, the louder it whistles, so pair it with a Chuck-It Ultra ball launcher and let it – and your dog – fly.

Sized right for standard ball throwers and perfect for just about every sized dog, this 2.5” diameter ball also has an erratic and unpredictable bounce, making it even more enticing and entertaining for your pet.

It’s made by Orbee which means it’s made in the USA and is guaranteed for life. Unlike many Orbee dog toys, the Whistler is not a chew toy and not intended for solo play. Also great for senior dogs with reduced vision that still love to run.

Size: 2.5" diameter.

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