Red Dot Dog Collar

Red Dot Dog Collar by Paw Paws Inc

Your darling dog will be delectably dotted in the Red Dot Collar! Since dots never go out of style, your dog will always be in fashion.  With its adorable red collar with white dots, your dog will want you to take it out all the time so it can show off its Paw Paws USA Collar!

XS 8”-12” X ½”
S 10”-14” X ¾”
M 14”-20” X 1”
L 18”-26” X 1”

XS 5 FT X ½”
S 5 FT X ¾”
M 5 FT X 1”
L 6 FT X 1”

XS 10-15 girth X ½”
S 13”-20” girth X ¾”
M 20”-32” girth X 1”
L 26”-38” girth X 1”

From: $22.99
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