5Strands Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Testing Kit

5Strands Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Testing Kit by Poochie Pets & Only An Ocean

If you have tried every food your vet has recommended and your furry friend is still suffering, 5Strands has you covered! 5Strands Affordable Pet Plus Food Test uses 10-15 strands of your pet’s hair to test for over 1,000 food intolerances. Food intolerances can show up as rashes, hotspots, diarrhea, itching, repeated licking, constipation, pain, tear stains, or even weight problems. The hair analysis is able to test the most comprehensive list of intolerances on the U.S. Market. The test results are ready in just 7-10 days.

Categories Tested: Artificial flavorings, algae, amino acids, animals, food coloring, dairy, egg variety, enzymes, exotic proteins, fatty acids, fibers, flavorings, fruits, fungus, grains, herbs, insects, legumes, microorganisms, minerals, nuts, pigments, poultry products, preservatives, red meats, seafoods, seaweeds, seeds, spices, supplements, sweeteners, vegetables, venison products, vitamins.



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