Raw Rewards Freeze-Dried Lamb Liver Dog & Cat Treats

Raw Rewards Freeze-Dried Lamb Liver Dog & Cat Treats by Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals has perfected the ability to bring the fruits of the outdoors right to your pet’s mouth! They do it so well that dogs AND cats go nuts over their delectable Raw Rewards treats. The secret is in the single-ingredient: lamb liver sourced from beautiful New Zealand. It’s the snack you can give to your pet knowing there are no grains, additives, preservatives, or things you can’t pronounce. In fact, Northwest Naturals is so picky with preparation, that they even cut their meats in a way that preserves as many nutrients as possible. They’re perfect for a quick daily treat, or can be easily broken into small bits to use as a nutritious training aid.

Available in 3 oz bags. Made in the USA.


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