Neko Flies Rod

Neko Flies Rod by Neko Chan

Our Neko Flies long rod with its sleek look and ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. Rod is 21.5 long. Explore your Neko Flies attachment options!!! Creepy, crawly bugs, flying insects, furry rodents…eww, everything we dislike and fear! Kitties LOVE all of this icky stuff! Attached to the long flexible rod, Neko Chan get lots of realistic movement with the simplest flick of your wrist and is sure to drive your kitty absolutely bonkers with excitement! Award winning neko flies are designed to appeal to cats natural hunting instincts with realistic looks and movements of the critters that cats dream of inspiring them to run, stalk, chase, swat, jump, pounce…inspiring them to be more active…with you. An active cat is a healthy cat. Inspire your cat to be more active...get neko flies. It's swat cats love!


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