Snout SootherŪ Tin

Snout SootherŪ Tin by Natural Dog Company

From: $19.99
ORGANIC HEMPSEED OIL | Potent antioxidant with prostaglandin mediating and anti-inflammatory properties
ORGANIC SHEA NUT BUTTER | Humectant and emollient, anti-inflammatory with natural sunscreen
ORGANIC COCONUT OIL | Heavy duty moisturizer, proven analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal
ORGANIC GRAPESEED OIL | Great source of healing polyphenols, super moisturizing and fast penetrating
ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL | Bacteriostatic fungicidal moisturizer that mimics skin’s sebum, rich with minerals
KUKUI NUT OIL | Natural sunscreen and homeostatic moisturizer that acts as a carrier oil to penetrate skin
CANDELILLA WAX | Vegan alternative to beeswax with high ester, fatty acid and moisture retaining properties
NATURAL VITAMIN E | Extreme antioxidant, preservative, boosts collagen production and cell regeneration
CHAMOMILE | Remarkable medicinal properties, terpenoids that heal wounds, soothing for skin irritations
ROSEMARY EXTRACT | Natural preservative, anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant

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