Paw SootherŪ Stick

Paw SootherŪ Stick by Natural Dog Company

Sore paws need Paw Soother by Natural Dog Company! Dry, rough, cracked paws are painful. This all natural organic balm works to heal and moisturize your dog's paws and alleviate irritations caused by allergies, Hyperkeratosis, and chapped, rough paws from extreme weather. Made with natural herbs, plant oils and soothing butter for quick healing and softer paws. Ingredients are antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and fungicidal. 100% safe, natural and edible (distraction advised for a few minutes until oils have had a chance to work). Apply 2-3 times per day. 

2 oz. Stick. Made in U.S.A.


ORGANIC COCONUT OIL | deeply penetrating moisturizer, proven analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal
ORGANIC CUPUACU BUTTER | rich in phytosterols, polyphenols, fatty acids, improved elasticity & hydration
ORGANIC HEMPSEED OIL |potent antioxidant with prostaglandin mediating and anti-inflammatory properties
ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL | bacteriostatic fungicidal moisturizer that mimics skin’s sebum, rich with minerals
CANDELILLA WAX | vegan alternative to beeswax with high ester, fatty acid and moisture retaining properties
CALENDULA EXTRACT | extremely soothing, softening, healing, antioxidant with antibacterial properties
CAJEPUT ESSENTIAL OIL | contains cineole which is highly antiseptic, analgesic, fungicidal and vulnerary
NATURAL VITAMIN E | extreme antioxidant, preservative, boosts collagen production and cell regeneration
CHAMOMILE | remarkable medicinal properties, terpenoids that heal wounds, soothing for skin irritations
ROSEMARY EXTRACT | natural preservative, tannins, anti-inflammatory, powerful antioxidant, disinfectant

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