Jax And Bones Vienna Lounge Dog Bed

Vienna Lounge Dog Bed by Jax And Bones

The Vienna Lounge Dog Bed from Jax and Bones is a traditionally patterned dog bed for your modern dog. The neutral color palette will fit beautifully into any home and its understated elegance is the perfect addition to your discerning dog's life. It is the perfect dog bed for large dogs, medium dogs and small dogs looking for a spot to curl up and call home. The lounge bed is available in 4 sizes fitting dogs up to 110 pounds. The cozy surrounding bolster allows your dog to curl, snuggle or lean and is perfect for pets who need extra reassurance and warmth. Plus the bed has zippers and removable inserts for easy care and is 100% machine washable. The dog bed is filled with Sustainafill™, an allergy free and eco friendly fiber. Fitting perfectly into your traditional style, the Vienna Lounge Dog Bed from Jax and Bones is a bed you need to see today.

From: $124.99

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