Jax And Bones Confetti Flocked Pillow Dog Bed

Confetti Flocked Pillow Dog Bed by Jax And Bones

This confetti isn't for a party unless it's one in your dog's dreams! The Confetti Pillow Dog Bed from Jax and Bones is the perfect place for your hound to lay its head after a full day of running, playing, and chasing! This comfortable dog bed is made with a flocked print fabric that feels like velvet to the touch. The pillow bed is available in 3 sizes fitting dogs up to 90 pounds...it's the perfect dog bed for your large dog, your medium dog, or your small dog. The cozy pillow bed comes with a removable channeled insert which is guaranteed to remain fluffy and full for years to come. Plus the bed has zippers so you can remove the insert for easy care...it's 100% machine washable.  The dog bed is filled with Sustainafill™, an allergy free and eco friendly fiber. So when your dog is ready to curl up for the night, make sure it's on the Confetti Pillow Dog Bed from Jax and Bones!

From: $124.99

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