Brown Tweed Microfiber Napper Dog Bed by Jax And Bones

The comfortable oval shaped Brown Tweed Napper Dog Bed from Jax and Bones is a perfect bolster bed that is for dogs that like to lean, curl, or cuddle. The material is as comfortable as your favorite tweed coat. Evoking a cozy library and a warm fire, the perfect dog bed for extra large dogs, large dogs, medium dogs and small dogs looking for a spot to curl up and call home. The napper bed is available in 4 sizes fitting dogs up to 110 pounds. It has zippers and removable inserts for easy care and is 100% machine washable. The dog bed is filled with Sustainafill™, an allergy free and eco friendly fiber. Fitting perfectly into your traditional home, the Brown Tweed Napper Dog Bed from Jax and Bones ushers in relaxation and calm while giving your pal a perfect place to curl up (good book not required).

From: $124.99
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