Hugglehounds TuffutLuxx Raccoon

TuffutLuxx Raccoon by Hugglehounds

This devious bandit-faced meddler is on the prowl for a playmate! And your doggy is the perfect accomplice— er, companion!

The TuffutLuxx Raccoon by Hugglehounds is constructed in quilted rip-stop nylon, and the rugged Tuffut technology lining inside can withstand over 100 pounds of tugging. Raccoon’s unstuffed-style body is easy to carry around and throw or thrash about. Of course there's a squeaker inside, plus crinkle paper in the striped tail!

Raccoons are known for getting into everything, so of course you’ll find one in TuffutLuxx! This raccoon’s potential for fun is just waiting to be unmasked! Size: 18


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