Ruff-Tex Sock Monkey

Ruff-Tex Sock Monkey by Hugglehounds

It’s the sock that fits on no feet, and the key that opens no doors, it’s a sock monkey! And a ball! And a whole lot of fun!

Ruff-Tex critters have a bouncy personality, and this Ruff-Tex Sock Monkey by Hugglehounds is no exception. Thick-walled 100% all natural rubber surrounds an environmentally friendly polyurethane foam core, for high-bouncing and far-throwing action. Inside that is a very loud, very fun squeaker. Sock monkey’s classic features are painted on using safe, non-toxic paint.

This appealing rubber sock monkey is made to stretch and flex and bounce and drive your doggy bananas!

Not recommended for heavy chewers. Size: 4.5”


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