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Dude the Turtle by Hugglehounds

Dude is, like, a pretty chill turtle, yeah? He’s the kind of rad reptile that likes to go with the flow and let the current take him where it may.

But even a laid-back turtle bro like Dude can surprise you. You see, Dude is actually kind of a complex guy. He’s a unique cross of Hugglehounds’ ultra-plush, ultra-tough corduroy fabric, and the extremely durable and flexible Ruff-Tex rubber. His Ruff-Tex shell is thick-walled and made of 100% natural rubber. His head and tail, then arms and legs, are each one long piece of material so there are fewer seams to get ripped. Whoa!

And of course Dude knows how to whoop it up with a very loud fun squeaker! He comes in magenta and green, or orange and teal.

Could Dude the Turtle be any more awesomer? Totally not, dude.

Size: 8 x 2 x 6.5

From: $17.99

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