Free Range Bully Sticks

Free Range Bully Sticks by Barkworthies

Available in a variety of twists, braids and lengths, our Bully Sticks by Barkworthies are a Two Bostons' Customer favorite!

These sticks are excellent as they don't stink and will not stain carpeting.  Bully sticks are fully digestible and have not been treated with chemicals during their processing, unlike rawhide. The 6 in. chews keep Roscoe and Daisy busy for around 1 day, but for more aggressive chewers, they may not last that long! We know your dog will love these chews, so spoil them often, but please supervise your dog whenever they need a good chew. These Free Range Bully Sticks come from cattle given NO hormones, NO antibiotics, and NO animal by products added to their diets.

Check out a unique way to make your bullies last longer for your super chewer by watching the video!

Available Lengths:
4 standard
6 standard
6 supreme
12 standard
12 supreme

From: $4.99
Ingredients: Beef Pizzle

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