Tina the Alpaca

Tina the Alpaca by Fluff & Tuff

Llamas are okay, but compared to Tina, llamas are lame-a. Tina is a gentle and quirky critter with all the best cuteness qualities of a sheep/giraffe crossover. This alpaca's long floppy neck is great for gripping and whipping around, and of course tug of war!

Tina has a super-soft cuddly plush coat on the outside, but is all toughness on the inside. Inside her is a durable thick mesh inner liner and new non-toxic polyester fiber stuffing. Her sweet eyes are embroidered on so there are no dangerous plastic pieces to swallow. All seams are generously folded, then double stitched so they're concealed. Tina also has a large durable squeaker secured inside a stitched fabric pouch to alpaca even more fun into one little toy!

Please supervise your dog's playtime; as while these toys are very durable, they are still a plush toy and therefore not indestructible.

Size: 13 inches

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