Organic Turkey with Kale Wholesome Wraps by Earth Animal

These Organic Turkey with Kale Wholesome Wraps by Earth Animal have the healthful-snacking ideal all wrapped up. In one tempting crunchy treat, nourishing organic free-range turkey from Pennsylvania spirals with a hearty ribbon of organic kale filling. With nutritious treats like these, Earth Animal is definitely on a roll.

Letís unfurl the benefits; turkey is high in protein as well as deliciousness. And kale is one of the healthiest foods out there; this dark leafy green is stuffed with Omegas 3 and 6 for healthy skin and coat, and is naturally high in antioxidants, plus vitamins and minerals like Beta-Carotene, calcium and Vitamin C. These low fat low cal treats are free of wheat gluten, and have no animal by-products. All ingredients are sourced in the USA, proudly packed and baked in a USDA, FDA inspected Human Food Grade Facility in Pennsylvania.

If your pup wants a satisfying snack, go for a Wholesome Wrap!

Ingredients: Organic Turkey, Organic Kale, Brown Rice Flour, Eggs, Olive Oil, Chicken Gelatin
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