Red Cooling Dog Bandana

Red Cooling Dog Bandana by Coolaid

This might just be the coolest thing youíll ever get your dog. It works like this: wet it, wring it, shake it, and tie it to sit comfortably over your pupís chest. The cooling effects work almost immediately, making it perfect for a hot day!

Even if youíre at the park and all you have is that warm water in your car, itíll work just the same! Any temperature water can get this bandana to do its stuff. But if the sun goes away and the rain starts to pour, you can easily machine-wash the mud out so your pooch can stay comfortable anywhere you go! Itís chemical-free and lowers the surface temperature by 30%. And the bold red color? Well thatís just so your dog can look hot while getting cool.

Comes in 3 sizes:
Small - 12" x 12"
Medium - 18" x 18"
Large - 24" x 24"

From: $19.99

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