Clevercat® Top-Entry Litterbox

Clevercat® Top-Entry Litterbox by Clevercat

Cats are instinctively neat, always grooming themselves to look their best. But their litterbox habits can get quite messy. Keep litter contained with the Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box! Award-winning design has a 9" diameter entry in the top and is great for kitties who like a little privacy. The box keeps litter inside from overzealous diggers and kickers, and the grooves in the specially designed lid help keep tracking and spills to a minimum. The lid also helps reduce room odors. And for those households with nosy pooches, Clevercat is doggy-proof for most canines. Can be used with or without liners and is suitable for most felines (not recommended for disabled, elderly or very large cats). Litter box measures 20-inch x 15-inch x 15-inch with a 9-inch diameter entry.



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