Bowser Beer Beefy Brown Ale

Bowser Beer Beefy Brown Ale by Bowser Beer

This tasty treat for you dog has nothing to do with the enemy of your childhood game Mario! Bowser Beer lets your dog kick back and have a beer with you! With no alcohol or carbonation, this tasty drink is safe for your dog to drink. You can pour it over dry kibble, add a little to the water bowl, or even drink straight from the bottle! The Bowser Beer Beef flavor contains only USDA certified beef, malt barley (packed with B-vitamins), and glucosamine for joint health. So now both you and your dog can kick back and have a cold one with Bowser Beer Beef Flavor! Single 12 oz bottle.

Water (the basis of life)
Beef Stock (homemade, just like Gramma Bowser used to make)
Malt Extract (full of Vitamin B)
Glucosamine HCL (great for joints so they can get up and get YOU a beer)
Citric Acid,Sodium Benzoate,Potassium Sorbate (food safe preservatives for shelf life)

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