Ark Naturals No Stains Fur Me

No Stains Fur Me by Ark Naturals

We've all seen the sad puppy eyes brimming with tears. We've also all seen the stains that get left behind on the fur from them too. Now you can keep your dog looking clean and proper no matter how many tears are shed or how much licking your pooch does. The No Stains Fur Me formula from Ark Naturals works by boosting your dog's immune system so that it will fight that bacteria that grows on the damp fur after tears or licking. This formula is all natural, pharmaceuticals free, and antibiotic free so No Stains For Me is perfectly safe for your pup. All you have to do is sprinkle a little bit of No Stains Fur Me on your pet's food and that's it! This formula is recommended for those animals older than 12 weeks. 2.2 Oz bottle


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