Happy Traveler Chewables

Happy Traveler Chewables by Ark Naturals

Wouldn't it be awesome if your pet was just a happy traveler through life?  No more anxiety when you leave your pet at home.  No more crying and barking for thunderstorms, fireworks, airplanes, grooming visits, vets, and kennels. No more messes from motion sickness!  You can achieve all this with Happy Traveler from Ark Naturals!  This formula uses quality botanicals to ease your pet.  Happy Traveler is even non-habit forming and made in the USA! So get straight to the happiness with Happy Traveler Chewables! For dogs or cats. 75 Count

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Active Ingredients per Soft Chew:
Valerian - 40mg
German Chamomile - 40mg
L-Tryptophan - 40mg
St. Johns Wort - 20mg

Inactive Ingredients:
Black malt extract, dry poultry liver flavor, flax seed oil, glatin, glycerin, natural flavors, salt, whey

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