Bully Sticks & Natural Chews

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Breath-less Brushless Toothpaste for Dogs
From: $7.99
Dental Bones
From: $22.99
Twistix Vanilla Mint Dental Treats
From: $7.99
Super Breath Bones
From: $12.99
Terrabone Fresh Breath
From: $17.99
Get NakedŽ Digestive Health Dental Chew Sticks
From: $7.99
Petstages Dental Chew Pack
From: $17.99

Dogs LOVE to chew. Let them chew some of these (and not your shoe!)

Check out our greats supply of Boston Bullies, Himalayan Chews, Sam's Yams, Tuckers Beef Bones.

We make it our business to carry chews of all sorts to meet your needs. From long lasting chews to short snacks, we've got your chew!