Our Story

A 30 second history:

Two Bostons owners Andy and AdreAnne Tesene both hail from Iowa, and met while studying at the University of Iowa (GO HAWKS!). Though Andy is trained as a chemical engineer and AdreAnne as a speech pathologist, both quickly realized their passion for helping pets after they married, moved to Illinois, and adopted their original two Boston Terriers, Roscoe and Daisy.

While Roscoe passed in 2010, and Daisy in 2015, the Tesene family now numbers 8.  This includes two amazing human children, two Boston Terriers (Beamer and Sassafras), and two cats (Beast and Disco).

Add to this an extended family of fourTwo Bostons stores; more than 35 enthusiastic, pet-loving team members; and all the wonderful pet parents and four-legged friends who frequently stop by to visit, and the extended Two Bostons family is a busy and friendly place indeed.


 Our mission: "We improve the lives of pets and their people"   


Why we wanted to do something involving pets:

We wanted to love what we do each day in order to feel happy, content, and fulfilled. Once we adopted Roscoe and Daisy, we both realized that we had a tremendous passion for teaching other what we know about helping pets live the most balanced, healthy, happy lifestyle possible.

The thing that truly energizes and enriches our lives to this day is helping pet-loving families like ourselves enhance the health and happiness of their pets, while strengthening that vital and unique human-pet bond.


How we started Two Bostons:

We first opened for business in February 2005 in our original downtown Naperville location. At the time, we had no pre-conceived notions of how a business should run -- but we were full of energy and intensely focused on creating an amazing customer experience that would help improve the lives of people and their pets.  


"We make our guiding decisions based on our core values, our customers, and their experience."

"We train our team to be knowledgeable as well as in tune with our customers' and their pets' needs."

"We believe everyone on the Two Bostons team should enjoy what they are doing and be customer focused."


How we’ve evolved:

We always take our customer feedback to heart; so we’ve become increasingly aware of the numerous choices pet owners face on a regular basis. We’ve become more and more sensitive to pet product marketing and labeling, which can sometimes cause confusion, mask important information, and make it difficult to choose the best options for our pets.



 "We believe that no one knowingly feeds bad food."


So, we’ve incorporated a broad range of whole-ingredient and grain-free foods into our product mix. We want pet owners to understand that they absolutely have choices when it comes to enhancing pet health and well being.

Our stores carry a mix of wellness-based pet foods, supplements, treats, chews and bakery items; plus top-quality toys, beds, apparel, and a range of other supplies and accessories.

"We only carry products that we would give our own pets."


What makes us noticeably different from other pet stores and suppliers:

We are in the business of selling fun and education. We strive to create an enjoyable and energetic environment, with extremely engaged, knowledgeable team members who are rigorously trained to give our customers the expert insights and individualized attention they expect and deserve.

Our overriding goal is to educate and to enhance. We are fervent advocates for our customers and their pets because we understand their challenges firsthand. We also actively partner with shelter and rescue groups and charitable organizations as a way to give back to our community.


"We value our community partners"

"We believe that every pet should find their forever home.  This is why we support our local shelters and rescues."