Announcing: Two Bostons to Your Door!

Add Hours to Your Week!
Set up regular delivery orders of your pets' food.

You want to feed your pet THE best food from Two Bostons. Your schedule is crazy and you can't always make it to our stores.

We get it! To help both you and your pet, we're happy to announce our Customer Focused Delivery program:

Two Bostons to Your Door (TBTYD)

We will make sure you get what you need, when you need it. TBTYD will allow you to still take advantage of all the Two Bostons customer loyalty programs you love. Let’s set up your first delivery right now!


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Here is what you can expect from our Customer Focused Delivery Program

  • Easy setup: First, fill out our registration form using one of the links on this page. We will then contact you to securely store your credit card and discuss what you need and how often.
  • Super Flexible:  You can change what you get, or how often, or how you pay for it at any time - we want you to be happy.
  • 48 hour Reminder:  We will call you before your order is sent in case you would like to change or add to your order. We'll give you the inside scoop on any specials or new products that are being offered in the store.
  • Boston Bucks Points are still earned and discounts automatically applied to your delivery orders.
  • Free Food Faster rewards are also earned and we will even ship your FREE BAG of food to you when it is earned.
  • You Feed the Need when you purchase food at Two Bostons. For every bag of food purchased at Two Bostons we donate a meal to an area pet in need.

In short, we tried to create the type of delivery program we would want for our own pets - one that connects us with our local shop and ensures the best products are delivered for our best friends!

Set up a recurring order and delivery

Click below and fill out your order information.  We will contact you to confirm the order as well as enter your payment information into our secure delivery server.


_Sign up for Delivery Today!_


Set up a one time order and delivery

Call your favorite Two Bostons store location before 10 am and we'll deliver your order the next day.  If we already have payment information on file for you, you can also text our delivery line or send your order via email

By Phone

By Text Message (if we have payment information on file)


Common Questions about Customer Focused Delivery

Where is Delivery offered?  

We currently offer delivery anywhere in the Chicagoland Metro Area.  If you have questions whether we can deliver to you - email us at

How much does delivery cost?  

We are happy to offer deliveries at a $4.99 flat rate on all orders under 150 lbs.

What if you don't normally stock the item I want in-store?

We are able to get many items that we don't offer in the store.  Contact us and we can let you know if delivery of your item is a possible, and you can earn Free Food Faster!

What items can I get in my delivery?

We are able to deliver any non temperature-sensitive items we offer.  This means we are unable to ship frozen food.  Puppy Kisses are able to be shipped provided the temperature is under 70 degrees.


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