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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Katie R. horizDeciding which dog food to buy can be quite stressful and confusing. Colorful packaging and popularity aside, the magic words and the key component to a great healthy dog food is GRAIN FREE.  Although extremely important, it is not the sole deciding factor.  The less ingredients the better! 

Dogs are instinctively carnivores, therefore the main component of their food should be meat! (You wouldn’t find Fido walking around munching on wheat or corn stalks naturally, so why put it in their food?!) Potatoes are also another unnecessary additive to dog food.  Potatoes are a high glycemic food, basically meaning it creates sugars in the body that don’t have any business there.

ScarlettSo which food would fit all of these demands? Let me share my journey with you…My rescue Scarlett (pictured) was an itchy mess for 2 years. Besides being on a grain-free food, I wasn’t really sure why she was in this constant state of misery.  She would constantly get ear infections, bite and chew her paws until they were raw, and had uneven bowel movements.  Then I walked into the lovely store by the name of Two Bostons, and mine and Scarlett’s lives changed!  As I was accepted into employment, my extremely knowledgeable coworkers and management team gave me the wisdom I previously was not aware of.

So what does this have to do with finding the perfect solution? Everything!! After many hours of research on all our foods, Zignature was my choice. Just like magic, in about 3 weeks Scarlett’s paws weren’t dark brown and stinky, she wasn’t chewing away at her poor feet, and her chronic ear infections ceased!

Zignature_Group5_Mixed_smRemoving that grain and common allergen proteins was the perfect fix. Zignature is a grain free, chicken free, potato free, soy free, gluten free, egg free, tapioca free and finally corn free kibble.  Now you may be asking why is it necessary to eliminate all of those ingredients, like chicken or eggs? It has been proven that chicken is the main allergen in dogs, because you can find it in just about EVERYTHING. The more you expose your dog to a single protein, the more likely they may develop allergies! Meaning, that the more you switch up the flavors of your buddies food, the better!  This ties into another amazing aspect of Zignuatre, the Variety!  The diverse flavors is extremely unique and makes it that much easier to change it up for Fido (or Scarlett)! From trout and salmon, to kangaroo, or venison, your pet can experience exotic tastes without compromising quality!

Zignature is closer to the canine’s natural diet, due to eliminating fillers and by-products.  Zignature also is classified as a “limited ingredient food”, meaning the protein pictured will be the only source of meat in the food, something that is quite rare in most food.  This again is an amazing quality for allergy pups or just dogs with sensitivities! Have I also mentioned that Zignature is proudly made in the USA as well?

So, if your curious about trying this amazing food with your pet, stop by Two Bostons!  Myself, or one of our other helpful team members would be delighted to share our stories and knowledge with you.

Sarah Tozzi is a team member at our Springbrook store. Her dog, Mia, is 5.

Sarah Tozzi is a team member at our Springbrook store. Her dog, Mia, is 5.


Two Bostons is thrilled to announce that we have added another fantastic team member! Sarah Tozzi will now be helping serve the great customers at our Springbrook location. We’d love you to get to know her better by sharing some fun details about this life-long Naperville resident.



1. What type of role do you play on the Two Bostons team? I am a friendly, outgoing Team Member.

2. What first got you interested in working at Two Bostons? My friend, Grace Heimerl, is a Team Member at the Downtown Naperville location. She told me it is an awesome job to have. I also would like to be a veterinarian so working with animals is my passion! 


Some of the yummy bakery treats Two Bostons offers

3. If you had to pick one top favorite Two Bostons product, what would it be and why? The bakery items! My dog, Mia, goes nuts for them!

4. What’s your favorite type of pet and why? Dogs! Because they really are man’s best friend!

5. Do you have any pets at home? Tell us a little about them. I have a dog, Mia, who is a Boston Terrier. She’s about to turn 5 and loves to cuddle! She also loves to play with her Chuck it Ball from Two Bostons.

6. Tell us a little about yourself. I love being outdoors and am an avid runner. I am a huge White Sox fan. Of course I love animals, and volunteer at the Naperville Area Humane Society. I am very close with my family, especially my 9-year-old niece, Kylie.

7.  Anything else you’d like people to know about you? I was born and raised in Naperville. I graduated from Naperville Central High School.

Come in to Two Bostons’ Springbrook store and help us welcome Sara to our team! Was this post interesting to you? Please click on the comments tab below and let us know!


Jessica Kraft's adorable dog, Roxy.

Jessica Kraft’s adorable dog, Roxy.

Two Bostons has added another friendly face to our downtown store! Jessica Kraft has joined our fantastic team to help us better serve our amazing customers. We’d love you to get to know her better by sharing some fun tidbits about her, including her dog Roxy’s favorite Two Bostons’ treat.





1.  At which Two Bostons store do you work? I work in the downtown Naperville location.


2.  What type of role do you play on the Two Bostons team? I am a Team Member.


3. What first got you interested in working at Two Bostons? The amazing service I received as a customer! I knew I wanted to be a part of that kind of team.


4.  If you had to pick one top favorite Two Bostons product, what would it be … and why? Bully Sticks! My dog Roxy totally loves them!

Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks

5.  What’s your favorite type of pet, and why? Dogs! They are so expressive and emotional. It’s amazing to be so close to an animal you’ve nothing in common with, other than LOVE!


6.  Do you have any pets at home? Yes. My dog, Roxy, is a female shepherd mix who is about three years old. Roxy’s token characteristic is totally her giant, fluffy ears! When she perks those up, you can’t say no to her.


7. What can you tell us about your favorite activities? I love to sing. I’m in the choir at North Central College and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I’m originally from Springfield, Ill., and moved up to Naperville for school.


8.  Anything else you’d like people to know about you? I have two older sisters and a twin brother! I also have the best parents.


Come into Two Bostons’ downtown Naperville location and welcome Jessica to our spectacular team! While you are there, check out our full line of Bully Sticks, which are available in a variety of twists, braids and lengths!


Beckie Schuerenberg is the content coordinator for Two Bostons.

Beckie Schuerenberg is the content coordinator for Two Bostons.

Two Bostons continues to grow in its number of stores and employees! During the past month, we held the grand opening of our new store in Burr Ridge and welcomed Beckie Schuerenberg to our team as content coordinator. She’ll help support our mission of improving the lives of people and pets by managing our blog, newsletter, Facebook pages and other communications to our customers and the community.

Here’s some fun tidbits about our new team member:

1. At which Two Bostons store do you work? I can be found at any of the three locations, usually making sure Two Bostons continues to communicate its great mission with customers and the community outside the stores as well.

2. What type of role do you play? I’ll be working with our owners, marketing coordinator and events planner to ensure we get the word out there–whatever the medium–of our efforts to support and assist our ever-growing family of customers and the outstanding communities we serve.

3. What first got you interested in working at Two Bostons? I’ve never worked at a company that was so focused on making customers happy! Everyone here has such a wealth of knowledge about pet health and strives to offer help to customers in a non-judgemental way. These core values not only make customers happy, also but promote the wellness of pets everywhere, especially with Two Bostons’ commitment to reaching out to customers via various media, like newsletters, this blogFacebook and more to come. I’m thrilled to be a part of such a great organization!

4. If you had to pick one “top favorite” Two Bostons product, what would it be? Well, given that I’m a cat owner, I’d have to choose any of the cat treats, including the Pure Bites Dehydrated Cat treats or the Cloud Star Cat Buddy Biscuits.




My cat, Maggie, is still a kitten, and I can’t wait to see what kind of new tricks she will do for these yummy treats!

5. What’s your absolute favorite type of pet? I really do love both cats and dogs! I had several dogs throughout childhood who were cherished as members of the family. I also had several cats in childhood. After losing my last adulthood cat this past spring, I recently adopted a new kitten right before I heard that Two Bostons was looking to fill my new position. It was meant to be!

6. What can you tell us about yourself? Well, my family and I just moved back to Illinois almost two years ago after 11 years in Texas.  My three children were born there and now have a new love/hate relationship with snow!  We live in Naperville, near my extended family, and are enjoying spending more time with them, old friends and making new Midwest traditions. I also love watching sports, and heading out to family events, weather permitting!

7. Do you have any pets at home? Yes, we just adopted our kitten, Maggie, who was born in June of this year.

8. If you could be any breed of dog or cat, which would you choose? I have always loved golden retrievers, as my last family dog was this type of breed. I think they are so beautiful with their shinny, fluffy coats, but they also are usually loyal and fantastic with children.


9. Who is your favorite famous dog or cat?

The Biscuit dog from the children’s book series. biscuitthedog

My youngest son is in love with this series and we have had a lot of snuggle time reading about all of his adventures. Also, the little girl in the book reminds me of how my daughter loves to buddy up with little dogs!

10. Which common pet terms best describe your personality? Loyal and inquisitive.


Things are “growing” just great at Two Bostons, thanks to the support of our amazing community and our wonderful customers! We recently welcomed Tracy to our team as Marketing and Events Manager. She’ll help to support our efforts as we continually explore fun, new, and transformative ways to improve the lives of people and pets. Get to know Tracy by checking out these Top Ten Team Member Tidbits:

1. At which Two Bostons store do you work?
In my role, I’m constantly on the move — so look for me at any one of our locations. You’ll find me at our events as well!

2. What type of role do you play?
I’ll be working with our Marketing and Communications Team, as we continue to support and assist our ever-growing family of customers and the outstanding communities we serve. Our efforts will continue to include fun, family-oriented events and community give-back programs that help lovable homeless pets in need.

3. What first got you interested in working at Two Bostons?
Two Bostons’ customer service and industry knowledge are among the most thorough and engaging I’ve ever experienced. There’s a deep-seated commitment to partnering with rescue and shelter organizations so that every pet can find a caring forever home. This, plus a stellar level of community involvement, were the icing on the gourmet bakery treat for me!   I take great pride in being a part of this trusted community resource, and I’m confident that our daily efforts will continue to help improve the lives of people and pets.

4. If you had to pick one “top favorite” Two Bostons product, what would it be?
I’d have to choose any of the gourmet bakery treats.  The Pawsitively Gourmet Fire Hydrant, Tail Bangers Squirrel, Bosco and Roxy’s Bosco Cone … one is more adorable than the next!  And have you seen the way they’re packaged !?

5. What’s your absolute favorite type of pet?
Dogs.  From the time I was a child, our special canine family members have given me unconditional love and more joy than a heart can hold.

6. What can you tell us about yourself?
Well, my family and I just moved back to Illinois after 10 years in Texas.  Our sweet daughters were born there, and we enjoy the fact that they are southern belles! We’re happy to call Naperville home. We love living near our family again, making new friends, catching up with old ones, and getting involved in our community. My favorite social activity is attending concerts and theatre productions.

7. Do you have any pets at home?
Definitely coming soon, so stay tuned!

8. If you could be any breed of dog or cat, which would you choose?
A black pug. Who wouldn’t want the world’s cutest smushed-in face and a tail to curl and uncurl all day? Aesthetics aside, a long history of being spoiled by Chinese and European aristocracy sounds mildly intimidating … but mostly fabulous!

9. Who is your favorite famous dog or cat?
Spirited little Toto from the Wizard of Oz. He was everything to Dorothy while she tried to find her way back home: a friend, playmate, protector, and familiar source of comfort in a time of need.

10. Which common pet terms best describe your personality?
Loyal, social, and curious.

If you’ve visited our Geneva store recently, you’ve probably seen Stephanie in action. She’s a caring, knowledgeable pet mom to her two sweet pooches, Moe and Daphne. Check out our Top Ten Team Member Tidbits below, and get to know Stephanie a little better — then stop by sometime with your own furry friend(s) to say hello!

1. At which Two Bostons store do you work? 
I work at the Two Bostons Geneva store, in the role of Assistant Manager and Team Member. I can usually be found working directly with our customers – helping them determine and understand the unique nutritional needs of their pets, or finding toys/activities that create a fun pet environment at home. I also work behind-the-scenes, helping to make sure our store is the best it can be!

 2. What first got you interested in working at Two Bostons?
I became interested in working at Two Bostons after visiting a few times. It looked like such a fun and energetic place to work, with everyone focused on helping people and their pets! I’ve worked here since May 2013.



Stephanie works at our Geneva Store, at 309 W. State Street right near the beautiful downtown shopping district!


3. What’s your favorite type of pet?
Dogs are my favorite. That’s because they love you throughout life’s entire journey, in both good times and bad.

 4. Do you have any pets at home?
Yes! I have two rescue pups at home, Daphne and Moe.  Daphne is a one-year-old American Staffordshire/Chow mix, and Moe is a three-year-old Rottweiler/Labrador mix.  My Daphne is an old soul with a very calm disposition. My Moe, on the other hand, is a rambunctious big boy. Both like to play together in their yard and chase the squirrels.

 5. If you had to pick one “top favorite” Two Bostons product, what would it be?
My all-time favorite product at Two Bostons are the Free Range Bully Sticks — sometimes called Boston Bullies — in any size. These are my Daphne and Moe’s favorite treat in the whole universe!


Moe and Daphne

Stephanie’s two sweet pups are so lucky to have her as a caring mom! Stop by our Geneva store and ask her about favorite toys and games, healthy treats, great local outdoor spaces, or diet and grooming insights.


 6. What are some of your favorite pet-related activities and locations?
My favorite place to take my pups is the Batavia Dog Park.  It’s located in a beautiful, natural setting with a three-acre fenced area and a lake. Moe and Daphne get to play with other dogs their size, and also go in the water.

 7. What can you tell us about yourself? Which common pet terms describe your personality?
I’m from Illinois originally — I live in Batavia and grew up in Geneva.  I’m married, and lucky enough to live in a great home with a nice, big yard for my pups.  My favorite hobby is gardening, with sewing as a close second.  In pet terms, I am loyal, fun-loving, easily excitable, and also a nap lover.

 8. If you could be any breed of dog or cat, which would you choose?
I’d be a Rottweiler — because while they may look imposing and scary, they’re actually really sweet.

 9. Who is your favorite famous /celebrity dog or cat?
It would have to be any of the “World’s Ugliest Dog” contest winners, because those pups are often a Hairless Chinese Crested.  My mother has a Powder Puff Chinese Crested – which has lots of hair –  and I think they’re just an extremely cute breed, whether they’re furry or not!

 10. What’s the most helpful pet-related piece of advice you ever received?
Feed a good-quality food that meets the unique needs of your specific pet. Packaging can sometimes be confusing when it comes to benefits or ingredients. It’s best to do a bit of homework by paying close attention to your pet’s skin, coat, and overall wellness. Then, check labels very carefully, talk with a resource you trust, and make sure that resource welcomes good questions!


If you’ve been to our Naperville Downtown store, odds are good that you’ve already seen Anna in action! If you haven’t, please stop by soon to say “hi” and ask her about her sweet pup Dixie.  In the meantime, here’s our “Top Ten Team Member Tidbits” list to help you get acquainted:

Q: At which Two Bostons store do you work, and what type of role do you play?
A: I work at our Naperville Downtown store on the sales team. So you can normally find me out on the sales floor, helping customers find the best possible products for their furry friends!

Q: Do  you have any pets at home?
A: Yes, I have one dog named Dixie. She’s about 7 years old, and we think she’s a rat terrier/cattle dog mix — but since we rescued her, we aren’t completely sure. She loves to sit in the path of sun beams. She basically follows the sun beams coming in through our window all morning long, and sleeps in the rays of light. She also likes to explore outside when it’s nice, chasing voles in our yard. When it’s cold, she likes to play hide-and-seek inside. Dixie gives the best high-fives and is such a smart, fast learner. People are her favorite thing. When she sees anyone coming toward her, she gets so excited and has such a waggy tail and butt that her whole body moves!


Dixie Pictures

Meet Anna’s adorably photogenic pup, Dixie. Products Dixie digs include Charki-O’s, Carnivore Crunch Duck, Sam’s Yams sweet potato chews, and Bravo Duck Feet (which she’s enjoying above, right, as a Kong toy waits patiently in the background).


Q: What first got you interested in working at Two Bostons? How long have you been on the team?
A: When I first got Dixie, I came into Two Bostons and loved the atmosphere! I absolutely love dogs, so the idea of working in such a fun place – one that lets me help animals live the best lives possible — was really appealing. I started in November of 2013.

Q: If you had to pick one “top favorite” Two Bostons product, what would it be?
A: I love Bravo Duck Feet – Dixie cannot get enough of these! Like all Bravo treats, they’re made with natural ingredients … without preservatives, grain, or other additives. They’re easy to digest, and also provide calcium plus other key vitamins that dogs need. Plus, they keep Dixie busy and happy for several minutes while she’s chewing them! We also have several “runner-up” favorites: Charki-O’s, Carnivore Crunch Duck, Sam’s Yams, Go Dog dinosaur plush toys, any flavor of Fruitables, Texas Taffy, Hare Sausage, and Plato Farmers Market chicken and vegetable treats.

Q: What’s  your very favorite type of pet?
A: DOGS! It still amazes me how much love we can have for our dogs, and how much love they give us in return. They’re such great companions, and always there to provide comfort. I think it’s one of the greatest human/animal relationships there is … because while you’re taking care of your dog, your dog is taking care of you—sometimes more than you realize!

Q: What are some of your favorite petrelated activities and locations?
A: We love walking through Seager Park in Naperville — and we also like just sitting in our yard and enjoying the sun! We haven’t had Dixie through the really warm months yet, so I hope to explore some great local dog parks this spring and summer.

Q: What other things can you tell us about yourself? What are some common pet-related terms that describe your personality?
A: I was born and raised in Naperville, and I’ve always loved living here. I think downtown Naperville is the perfect place all year round! I’m currently attending Benedictine University in Lisle, majoring in Communication Arts. I love video editing, playing my ukulele or guitar, and baking. After a tea-tasting at Adagio Teas this past winter, I am a tea addict. I have one older sister who goes to college in town. Chicago is my favorite city, and I love taking the train downtown when the weather is nice! Pet terms that describe me would be loyal, stubborn, snack-loving, excitable, and friendly.

Q: If  you could be any breed of dog or cat, which one would you choose?
A: I would be a Collie. They are just so elegant and beautiful — not to mention smart and a great dog for any age group. I’ve loved Collies since I was a child.

Q:  Who  is your favorite famous /celebrity dog or cat (either living or historical)?
A: Mr. Winkle! Mr. Winkle was big when I was in school at Ellsworth Elementary in Naperville — he was an Internet sensation that came before Boo the Dog. He was so adorable, with his tongue always hanging out. One of my teachers and I would always discuss Mr. Winkle-related things and check his website for updates. I even had his calendar.

Q: What’s the most helpful petrelated piece of advice you ever received?
A: You need a dog.

If you’ve visited our Springbrook store recently, you may have already met Sammy in person. But if you follow Two Bostons on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or Instagram, you may have encountered Sammy’s pet expertise without even realizing it! Here’s our “Top Ten Team Member Tidbits” list, so you can get better acquainted:

Q: At which Two Bostons store do you work, and what type of role do you play on the team?
A: I work at our Springbrook store, and I’m also on the all-store Marketing Team. When it comes to our marketing efforts, I’m the community outreach coordinator and also help facilitate our social media presence. So I’m responsible for several of the posts and entries you may frequently come across on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Q: Do you have any pets at home?
A: Yes! I have a two year old Wheaten Terrier named Finn. He’s quite a picky eater, but he LOVES to chow down on Himalayan Dog Chews and Bully Sticks. He also loves to play, and enjoys playing with other dogs so long as they have good doggie manners. Plus he really likes hiking for hours, provided the weather’s just right. We affectionately call him “Finicky Finn.”

Q: What can you tell us about yourself?
A: I love to run. Even when there are months – or years – between lacing up, I always end up at it again. I also love trying other fitness activities like spin, kickboxing, yoga, and circuit training. Plus I enjoy crafting and creating art. I have a BFA in Interior Design, so I take any available chance to express my creativity.

Q: What first got you interested in working at Two Bostons?
A: I already had an offer from Ethan Allen as a full-time designer, when one day I stopped into Two Bostons to pick up some treats for Finn. While I was there I began chatting with the owners, AdreAnne an Andy. I knew I was looking for a job where I was truly happy and enthusiastic about going to work every day. AdreAnne mentioned that if the other opportunity didn’t work out, Two Bostons was always looking for energetic, pet-loving Team Members. I ended up turning the other job down, and I applied to Two Bostons the very next day! I started as a Springbrook Team Member in September 2013, and joined the Marketing Team in January 2014.


Wheaten Terriers

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers like Sammy’s sweet Finn (above, left) are known for their intelligence, energy, agility, and cheerful temperament. They’re an affectionate, people-oriented mid-sized breed. Stop by our Springbrook store, and Sammy can give you some great firsthand pet product insights!


Q: If you had to pick one “top favorite” Two Bostons product, what would it be?
A: Stella and Chewy’s Freeze Dried Dinners. From the very first bag, Finn has been hooked. He loves the Duck Duck Goose and Pheasant dinners. We use them as a kibble topper or as a full meal, depending on the day. This was also the miracle food that got Finn to eat EVERY meal — which had never before happened in his entire life! We love it!

Q: What’s your very favorite type of pet, and why?
A: I love all animals. Well okay, snakes give me the creeps — but I can still appreciate their beauty. My favorite pet, though, would have to be dogs. If I could, I would be the crazy dog lady down the street!

Q: What are some of your favorite pet-related activities and locations?
A: When the ground isn’t covered in 18 inches of snow or a solid sheet of ice, Finn and I love to run together. We usually run 2-3 miles, 3-4 days per week. We also love to walk through downtown Plainfeild, as well as Renwick Community Park. Additionally, we’ve visited the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve in Darien, which is lovely … though it can get very buggy in the summer time.

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: I grew up in Charlevoix, Michigan — a beautiful but very small tourist town in Northern Michigan. I miss it every day, and can’t believe I took it for granted when I lived there. In April 2013, we moved to Romeoville from Los Alamos, New Mexico. Los Alamos was an interesting adventure, but I’m glad to be back in the Midwest. Though I have to say our recent winter weather has been a bit much!

Q: What are some common cat and/or dog terms that describe your personality?
A: Loyal, protective, nap lover, snack lover.

Q: What’s the most helpful pet-related piece of advice you’ve ever received?
A: That switching up foods is OKAY, and actually good for your dog! Growing up, our dogs ate the same kibble every day. I always thought that switching foods would make your dog sick. With my current pup Finn, we have 3-4 different foods in the house at any one time. I think he would have starved to death if I’d stuck with the idea of ONE single food.