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I have a confession to make: My little Beamer is not a good walker. In fact, it’s a chore taking him for a walk and goodness knows that he needs his daily walks to burn off that extra puppy energy.

So, this morning as I am being pulled, tangled, and twisted by this little bundle of cute puppiness I had an “Aha” moment: This is ridiculous! Let me start by doing something so insanely smart, it’s bound to be off the IQ charts. Maybe, just maybe I should take my own advice. You know, the advice I repeat over and over again with our wonderful customers on a daily basis.

If you want to enjoy walking with your dog, get him or her UNDER CONTROL. The more enjoyable your walks, the more often you will go on them, resulting in a healthier and more calm dog (and you!).

So, here’s the game plan: I will bring home a Sporn harness tonight after work. This is exactly the advice I would provide at Two Bostons. So, let me take some of my own medicine. I will video tape Little Beamer in all of his pulling a bad walking might in his regular harness. I will then show you how to put the Sporn harness on correctly and then…magic should happen. Let’s hope the “after” video shows a much more polite Beamer walking through our neighborhood!