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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

When the seasons change, it seems we all find ourselves opening the windows to get some fresh air and start in on some spring cleaning!  We have some products at Two Bostons, that I think will help you during your spring cleaning and all year long!

Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator by Uniqueunique

Yes, it is Unique…it is all-natural, bleach free, child safe, pet safe, and best of all it is a non-pathogenic bacteria. Unique’s formula contains healthy bacteria that actually eats away at stains and odors while being totally safe. While other cleaning products can leave a strong ammonia odor, Unique does not seem to have any residual small to worry about.

This cleaner is great because it works on those old hard to get out stains and smells.  We have seen it save carpet from urine, vomit, blood, and everything else that can leave stains and smells on your furniture, clothing and floors.  Not only is it safe for us and our animals, but it’s also safe to use on any surface that water won’t damage…which means that it is the leading product for skunk odor removal also!!

Hard Floor Cleaner by Nature’s Miracle

I was so excited to see this product, as our house is all hard wood floors, except for a couple of rooms.  And we always question the product before putting it on our floors.  Nature’s Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner Dual Action Stain and Odor Remover is specially formulated to safely remove stains and odors from hard surfaces.  Featuring Finish-Protect technology that cleans deeply while protecting natural floor coatings on sealed wood, ceramic Blog-cleanerstiles, vinyl, linoleum, brick, and grout.  These cleaner features a bio-enzymatic formula that quickly removes stains from hard surfaces.  Odor-locking technology seeks out, traps, and works to destroy stain and odor matter.  Nature’s Miracle also has a stain and odor remover for carpets, clothing and other fabrics that stains and odor


Light-Activated Odor Eliminator by Reliq

After you get your floors, carpets and furniture all clean…you will want your pets free of odors too.  That is why this is the perfect product.  Spray on dog’s coats or paws as they enter or exit the house, car or kennel.  It is perfect for indoors or out!  Use this spray after and in-between baths.  The nano-enhanced minerals break through the bonds of odor molecules and dissolves them on contact!  It is also safe for use on upholstery, bedding or any surfaces.  You just have to liberally spray directly to surface or in the air under sufficient indoor or outdoor light.

So if you need a deep cleaning product, or just a spray for everyday messes…we have it all!  Stop in today to see what would work best for you, your pets, and your house!


It’s every pet parent’s worst nightmare – you’re out on your nightly walk, your dog wanders off to investigate a nearby bush, and suddenly you’re overcome by a terrible smell … your dog has been skunked!

It can happen in an instant, and once it does, many dog owners are left wondering what to do. Sure, friends and family will probably suggest a bath in tomato sauce, but will that really do the trick? Probably not — and even if it does help get the scent off the DOG, you’re still left with a trail of skunk smell all over your house, on your furniture, maybe even on you! Plus, have you ever tried cleaning up an actual tomato-sauce bath?

The fact of the matter is that tomato sauce only masks the skunk smell, and you need to neutralize it. Neutralizing a smell means removing all traces, and that’s the only way you’ll ever return your house to its pre-skunked state. Fortunately, here at Two Bostons we carry a very simple solution should you ever find yourself in this situation. It’s called Skunk Odor Eliminator by Unique Natural Products, and it should definitely be your number one go-to cleaning product if your pup crosses paths with a spooked skunk.

Skunk Odor Eliminator is made right here in the USA, from all-natural ingredients. This means it’s extremely safe to use on your pet. It’s also very concentrated, however; so remember to mix it with water before applying to your pet. Do NOT just pour it directly from the bottle onto your pet’s skin! Once you’ve mixed 3 parts water with 1 part Skunk Odor Eliminator, you can apply the solution to just about anything that has been exposed to the skunk smell. That includes furniture, collars, leashes, clothing, and of course your pet. All of these will be smelling fresh again in about 20 minutes!

Unique Skunk Bath

Unique Skunk Odor Eliminator is a sure-fire way to get your pet smelling fresh and clean again. Need to sweeten the deal for a sudsy, squirmy pup? Our Skunk Biscuit is yummy at bathtime, or anytime!


Unique is so confident in the effectiveness of Skunk Odor Eliminator that the product is backed by a money-back guarantee if you’re unable to remove the skunk smell. Unique’s website also provides expert tips for those extremely stubborn aromas that just won’t come out in one treatment. The company’s mission is to help get your pet smelling fresh and clean again.

So next time you’re at any Two Bostons store, pick up a bottle of Unique Skunk Odor Eliminator. It’s always smart to keep one on hand – because you never know when your pet will be the victim of a stinky skunk attack, and you definitely DON’T want to be caught unprepared!

While you’re visiting, check out our bakery case for a super-cute springtime favorite: our stripey-tailed Skunk Biscuit. This is actually an all-natural peanut butter biscuit in adorable disguise. It contains good-for-your-pup ingredients like real peanut butter, applesauce, honey, and coconut. We consider it the perfect extra-TLC treat for any pup — those who have been skunked, and those who are just too stinkin’ sweet!