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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Fall isn’t here yet, but school sure is and when starting a new routine, even when we have done it over and over, year after year, a quick check is always good!  There are some early-season hazards that can harm our furry friends unless we’re careful.  Here are some of the main culprits to monitor:

  • MyDogAteMyHomeworkSchool Supplies ~ What?? Yep – items like magic markets, erasers, and glues sticks are actually considered “low toxicity” when it comes to our pets. They can cause serious digestive upset and gastrointestinal blockages if consumed.  Be sure your kids keep backpacks and miscellaneous school tools well away from the four-legged family members.
  • Engine Coolant ~ Ethylene glycol-based coolants are incredibly toxic…and many pets find them sweet-smelling, so they’ll sample any spills left behind. If you change your coolant in the fall, always clean up even the tiniest spill immediately.  Better yet, switch to a propylene glycol-based coolant.  These aren’t 100% non-toxic, but they’re less damaging than other options available.
  • 112275-850x565-Garden_Snakes_IntroSnakes ~ In autumn, garden snakes and other varieties get ready for hibernation…and they can get kinda cranky if they cross paths with other animals.  Even a garden-variety snakebite is painful and traumatic to your pet.  So keep a close eye out when walking in heavily wooded areas or tall grass this time of year.


  • Rodenticides ~ The use of these substances increases in the cooler weather, as mice and other critters scurry indoors for warmth.  Remember that these are poisons — they’re highly toxic to our pets, and can often prove fatal.  If you do opt to use these products, always place them in an area inaccessible to cats and dogs.
  • Mushrooms ~ Spring and fall are mushroom time – and while most mushrooms have little or no toxicity, a small percentage can cause life-threatening medical issues.  The real trick is trying to distinguish one kind from the other. Your best bet is to keep pets away from any area where mushrooms are growing – and contact your vet right away if your best buddy happens to eat a wild mushroom.

TreatsDon’t forget that one of the best ways to keep pets safe is to keep them in your presence and occupied…and fall is a great time to work on training command and brand new tricks!  So stop by and stock up on Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Treats.  The convenient nuggets break easily to allow for quick and easy feeding while training.  These treats are available in Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Bison and Salon and are a single ingredient treat, grain free and gluten free.

You can get these for 20% off until 8/31/16 along with Northwest Naturals Raw and Freeze-Dried Food.


I stopped by my neighbor’s house recently as she was baking something in the kitchen. This something smelled an awful lot like bananas, and my neighbor’s 3-year-old Wheaten Terrier loves bananas more than almost anything on earth. As she placed the pan on her kitchen counter, I noticed two things: 1) the pan was shaped like a cute dog bone, and 2) Trevor, the Wheaten Terrier, was following her every move like a hawk. That’s when I realized this could only be one kind of cake: a Puppy Cake!

My neighbor spread frosting on this warm-from-the-oven creation and topped it with some all-natural Peanut Butter Buddy Biscuits. As she did this, she told me I was just in time to help sing “Happy Birthday” to Trevor. You could tell she was trying to make the occasion very fancy and ceremonial, but before she could even place Trevor’s cake on the floor he had frosting all up his nose. In the midst of this wild enthusiasm, Trevor actually picked off the Buddy Biscuits and carefully placed them aside, just so he could lick off every ounce of frosting before starting in on his Birthday Banana Cake. He saved the Buddy Biscuits for last, but they sure disappeared quick. This entire spectacle amounted to maybe 10 full minutes of the most hysterical photo ops ever. Needless to say, Trevor had an epic 3rd birthday party.

Which brings me back to Puppy Cakes, which are a truly awesome way to celebrate your pup’s birthday (or adoption day, or even just a regular Tuesday) in home-baked style. Puppy Cake mixes actually come in four flavor varieties: super-popular, wheat-free Red Velvet; plus Banana, Carob, and wheat-free Peanut Butter. Plus, there’s also an award-winning Carob Chip Cookie Mix that earned “Best in Show” at the Global Pet Expo. Two Bostons carries convenient cake kits that come complete with their own adorable bone-shaped pan, along with super-luscious, creamy frosting mix.



My absolute favorite thing about Puppy Cake products is that they’re made in the U.S.A. from human-grade, all-natural ingredients. That beautiful velvety-red color in the Red Velvet cake? It’s natural beet powder. The ingredient that gives the frosting its fluffy-smooth consistency? It’s probiotic-rich, unflavored yogurt. Puppy Cake mixes are designed to give your dog a super-healthy yet satisfying treat; while giving you a fun, easy, nutritious way to provide some home-baked TLC. And because they’re packaged in convenient dry form, you can store Puppy Cake mixes right in the pantry until you’re ready to use them.

My other favorite thing about Puppy Cake mixes is that they’re SO easy to whip up! You just mix, bake OR microwave, then cool and frost (if your pup lets you get that far). Each package of mix makes one bone-shaped cake, a single round 6” cake, or about 8 individual cupcakes. The Carob Chip Cookie Mix is chock-full of super-safe and healthy unsweetened carob chips (because don’t forget, chocolate is toxic for our canine kids), and makes about 18 soft-baked cookies.

Want more pup-approved, best-buddy birthday ideas? Stop by any of our stores with your furry friend(s). While you’re there, sample the amazingly yummy, all-natural, ready-made treats in our Bakery Case. But if you’d like to consider some home-baked goodness that’s perfect for any occasion, ask about Puppy Cakes. By the way, if your pet happens to have a birthday or adoption anniversary coming up, remember that we normally serve up some freshly-made Puppy Cake at our monthly Birthday Bashes, too. Just one more reason to join in on the fun!