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If you have a dog at home that goes through toys like it’s a treat, you might be hesitant to purchase more toys. But have you tried these??  These are perfect toys for our heavy chewers this Holiday Season!

snowball_coalThe Snowball and Coal by Planet Dog: This non-melting snow ball and lump of coal is made from an innovative material that allows your pets teeth to bounce off rather than sink in!  They are buoyant, bouncy, and have a minty smell and taste (great for bad breath) and made in the USA!  These balls are one of our most durable holiday toys and great fun for your pooch.


Knotties Holiday Toys by Hugglehounds: These holiday characters are lovingly made from cozy-soft yet tough corduroy.  They are also constructed with Tuffut technology; double-layer lining, extra stitching, no external stitching and embroidered details make it a safe and super-durable toy.  Each floppy limb features a knot to give your pup a good grip for flipping and tossing, and an enticing squeaker to encourage play!knotties

kyjen_holiday_tuff_candy_caneHoliday Tuff Candy Cane by Kyjen: It’s not the holidays without a giant candy cane! This dog toy has special durable seams to make sure that your tough chewer won’t get in. Sweeten up your dog’s holiday season with this Tuff Candy Cane!

hugglehounds-long-squeak-santaLong Squeak Santa by Hugglehounds: This Santa will have no problems fitting down the chimney for Christmas!! This Santa is a perfectly stick-shaped plush without pesky limbs getting in the way of quality squeak time. Long Squeak toys are all about the important business of squeaking; they squeak when squeezed, squeak when released, and the squeaker continues to work even after being punctured. Santa is made of ultra-plush, super-tough corduroy fabric, and a soft fuzzy beard.  Inside of course is the durable double-layer Tuffut lining. The extra stitching, no external stitching and embroidered details makes this a safety-conscious and super-durable toy.

Check out all of our Holiday Toys on our website and surprise your dog with a present under the tree this season!




Have you ever bought a new squeaky toy that you were super-excited to give it to your dog – only to discover a couple days later the squeaker was broken? When this happens, the dog often has no interest in the toy and it gets nosed aside like stale kibble. But have no fear! This frustrating problem is solved by Invincibles squeak toys. These are part of the extra-durable Plush Puppies line designed by Kyjen.

An Invincible squeak toy contains no stuffing, and still has the ability to squeak even after the squeakers have been punctured. Why? Because its squeakers can refill with air even when they’re perforated. Each toy also features extra-tough, double-layered seams that are perfect for enthusiastic chewers. While no toy is 100% resistant to wear and tear, these toys are pretty darn close!

Invincibles come in a snake and a super-cute gecko design. The snake is available in size Small or Large, in either green or red. Size Small is 22.5 inches long and has 3 squeakers inside; while size Large is 36.5 inches long and has 6 squeakers inside for double the fun. The gecko is available with 2 or 4 squeakers inside, and comes in either blue or orange.

I have two dogs, a German Shepherd named Maya and a German Shepherd mix named Macy. Macy absolutely loves squeaky toys, but she always seemed able to break the squeakers in the toys. After she broke them and ripped the toy apart, we would either have to throw it away or she’d lose interest. When I brought home a red Invincible squeak snake, Macy was ecstatic. She loves to run around with the toy in her mouth, and even cuddles with it! She especially loves the fact that it contains 6 separate squeakers! Sometimes she will just lie down and squeak every single one.


Squeaker-free GoughNuts (left) and super-squeaky Invincibles are tremendously tough for hours of tail-waggin’ tossing, tugging, and chewing. Macy (center) also gives her Invincibles snake extra points just for being so snuggly.

As long as you’re exploring toys that last awhile, check out our fresh-and-fun GoughNuts! These toys don’t squeak, yet they’re still pretty close to invincible. GoughNuts are designed for dedicated chewers, with a serious focus on safety. Developed by polymer engineers and made in the USA of natural rubber, GoughNuts leverage a patent-pending “green means GO, red means STOP” design. So in the very rare case that your pooch happens to chew through to the red color on the inside of the toy (see above), simply take the toy away, take a picture of it, and send it to the manufacturer. Guess what? You get a brand new Goughnut! This is part of the manufacturer’s unlimited warranty. GoughNuts come in several fun shapes and colors, and float at water level for those pups who love to swim.

Why not get both of these toys together? They’ll give your pup practically indestructible options that will ensure years of safe, healthy, energetic play. For more firsthand ideas and suggestions from our Team, visit any Two Bostons store — and bring your furry friend along. Happy squeaking!