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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

This weeks blog is from Amber Walker, lead trainer and owner at Animal Intuitions, LLC…I hope you get some good tips to help your dog be Halloween ready!

Hisk and Hark! Draw close and tremble! This is the night when ghosts assemble!

Halloween season is here with crazy costumes and scary decorations everywhere we look.  Many dogs have no issues with them and others 10-2015 Halloween with Leowill be petrified.  It’s so important to me that a puppy is able to brush off a scary situation, that in my puppy classes we have Halloween night every 6 weeks all year long!

I can’t tell you how many owners purposely scare their dogs with creepy masks or devilish costumes because their dogs freak out and it makes the owner laugh…and it drives me crazy.  I already dislike jokes, pranks, and April Fools on humans but to do those things to an animal that doesn’t have an understanding of what Halloween or any joke concept, is just sinister!  If I just described you…I wag my finger.

So! For those of us that want to make sure our new puppies or adult dogs are ready for this season, there are a few things you can do.

***TRAINING TIP: Anytime you can take a neutral situation (nothing bad or good is happening) and turn it into a positive one, you are setting your dog up for future success!

  • Get Halloween decorations out on the floor (if safe and won’t be destroyed by dog) or low and still in your hand in the “off” position, for those with sound and lights.  Allow your dog to investigate it on their own.  Treat or pet your dog for being brave.
  • If the decoration or costume moves or lights up, turn it on from this low/still position and pet or treat your dog for being brave again, now with lights and noise.  You may have to start from many feet away at first.  Bring the object closer as the dog is showing signs of being relaxed or curious.
  • As your dog becomes comfortable with the object, move it around or allow self-moving objects to move at this time.  Pet or treat your dog for bravery and curiosity.
  • If your kids are going to be wearing their costumes all the time, allow your dog to see it in pieces or flat on the floor before the kids are flying around the house in them.  For puppy class, we allow the dog to get rewarded for the mask, gloves, cape, and head piece all separate before the trainer dons the entire outfit as one costume.dogeatingcandy
  • Doorbell!!  Since your doorbell will be ringing every 90 seconds, consider bringing your dog to the front door on a leash, standing there, and ringing it over and over again with a cookie each time it rings.  Allow them to see no one is there, nothing is happening, and the doorbell is actually really boring.  Up til now, there’s a good chance your dog thinks that a pizza rings the bell every single time.  Or for simplicity, put the dog in a different room with Through A Dog’s Ear music, some lavender diffused oil and a white noise sound machine and let them sleep the night away!
  • Keep all chocolate and candy out of reach of dogs especially counter surfing pets.  And keep hydrogen peroxide on hand in case they do get into the candy bowl.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Make it your pets’ favorite too!!

You may have read our blog post last week on our top pick of stocking stuffers. One of the items you do not want to overlook is this amazing new chew we’ve brought in…

Is it a bully stick? Well, not exactly.

Is it a himalayan chew? Well, not exactly.



Yes. It’s B.O.T.H.

Not familiar with a bully stick? Well, a bully stick is an all natural chew for your dog made from the soft tissue of a bull. They are dried with no chemicals or toxins…making them a healthy, fully digestible chew for your pooch. These are one of our most popular chews.

Not familiar with a himalayan chew? Well, it is a natural, no preservative dog chew.  It only has 4 ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime juice. They are processed in a way that removes most (if not all) of the lactose, making them easy to digest. These are another one of our most popular chews.

And now it seems two of our most popular chews have decided to get married and have kids. And you certainly won’t find anyone in my house who is excited about it…

Okay, maybe this guy is a teeny, tiny bit excited.

Or, REALLY, R.E.A.L.L.Y. EXCITED…but, you know, it’s cool.

Until you do this:

And then you get the “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And then it goes quiet because:

Nothing to see here…I’m busy.

Word of warning, don’t get too close. I tried and my boy was not about to share (not that I wanted any)…

Man, oh man, he’s holding on to that for dear life and looks like a happy chewing dude. It was like Christmas, his birthday, and when the food truck makes its deliveries to Two Bostons all wrapped up into one for him! Jackpot!

So be sure to check out this little gem for your pooch. It’s a perfect treat for any time of year!




We certainly don’t want to forget our kitty cat friends this holiday season. So check out our top 5 picks for your kitty.

1. Yeowww Candy Cane

From the makers of our best selling cat toy, the Yeowww Banana, this candy cane will be a huge hit in your home this Christmas. It is jam packed with 100% organic cat nip. No filler, no seeds or stems. Just cat nip. The perfect find for your kitty.

2. Yeowww Kris Krinkle

They’ve also made a Christmas tree shaped version. Again, 100% organic cat nip. No fillers, seeds or stems. Trust me, this is a tree you won’t mind your cat playing with!

3. Catnip Bubbles

Check out this awesome little find! Bubbles for your kitty to chase made from cat nip oil. Who knew? Well, it’s true. This is a great way to engage in interactive play with your feline friend. Non-toxic and hours of fun!

4. Slimcat

Does your cat like to eat? Well, the food/treat dispenser from Slimcat is a perfect way to keep your pet at a healthy weight! Simply fill the toy with your kitty’s food and let your pet bat and chase the ball to get the food out. Good for the mind, body and soul.

5. Ball of Fury

Here is another great toy that encourages interactive play! You can roll or throw this toy and your cat will bat and chase this ball while trying to get the squeaking mouse inside! Hours of fun are in store for your kitty while playing with the Ball of Fury!

Be sure to check out this page on our website if you would like more information on any of these great items. We hope this helps you pick out the perfect present for your kitty cat!

Having a large dog who is a big chewer (antlers are a staple in my home), I know how difficult it can be to find toys that last. That’s why we made a list of our top durable toys for you to check out.

The Snowball

This awesome (non-melting) snow ball is made from an innovative material that actually allows your pet’s teeth to bounce off rather than sink in called Orbee. It is buoyant, bouncy, and has a minty smell (good bye dog breath!) This ball is one of our most durable holiday toys and great fun for your pooch.

The Hurley

Okay…so technically, this is not a holiday toy; however, we do carry them in red and green AND they are crazy durable. This is a toy that no home in need of a durable toy should be without. This great toy is made in the USA and comes with a one-time replacement guarantee.

Light Bulb

The orbee material makes another appearance in these lightbulbs. They are hallow so you can fill them with treats…that way these are two toys in one.

The Jive

So, here again, we do have a specific holiday toy; however, this is an extremely durable toy that should be in your home. The unique shape causes the Jive to bounce in a different direction every time it hits the floor.

The Peppermint

Here is another buoyant, bouncy, minty toy made from that great orbee material. Watch your dog’s teeth bounce right off. Your dog will chase this toy and have tons of fun. This is a solid toy that holds up against your tough chewer. It’s a true Christmas miracle.

Hugglehounds Holiday Plush Toys

The Hugglehounds holiday toys are made from soft corduroy on the outside and a tough lining on the inside. There are also no outer seams for your pup’s teeth to rip open. Plus the squeakers are really fun. We’ve got a penguin, an elf, a reindeer, and a polar bear to choose from.

Go Dog Holiday Toy

This Holiday Reindeer Ball will last because of the reinforced mesh stitched just below his fuzzy exterior. He’s not indestructible; however, he is very durable.

Check out this page on our website if you want more information on any of these great products. And hopefully, one of these durable toys will make an appearance under your tree this season!

Looking for fun and unique gifts to fill your stockings with this year? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of Top 10 Stocking stuffers at Two Bostons:


1. Ursula Dodge Magnets

Check out these awesome breed specific magnets by artist, Ursula Dodge. These magnets measure 2 x 3 inches and make a wonderful addition to any collection.

2. Bottle Opener

This handy dandy bottle opener is just the thing for any pet lover. Complete with an o-ring, this opener can attach to a key ring…or a dog collar (making your dog the most sought after dog in the park).

3. Blinking Light

This dog safety light is just the thing for any pet on the go. Make sure you’re seen when the sun goes down. This blinker attaches easily to your dog’s collar and has two blinking light speeds. This battery powered dog safety light can be used for runners or even children at play too!

4. Grinch Cookie

This peanut butter flavored treat is perfect for the dog who’s heart needs to grow…okay, it’s perfect for ANY dog. Although Mr. Grinch is normally considered a mean one, this Grinch is yummy!

5. Paw Print Ornament

Capture your dog or cat’s paw print on this easy to make keepsake ornament. This awesome ornament can be painted or left plain, and is sure to become your family’s favorite decoration.

6. Annie’s Pooch Pops Hot Dog, Fries, or Burger

Check out these cute cookies. Shaped like a hot dog, fries, or burger, these boxed treats slip easily into a stocking and are sure to be a hit on Christmas morning!

7. I Heart My… Magnet

Let the world know how much you love your dog with one of these magnets. They are breed specific (we even carry hard to find breeds) and great for your bumper.

8. Himalayan Bully Stick Chew

Two of our most popular chews have come together and become one. It’s a thing of beauty. Half himalayan, half bully, your dog won’t know what happened or where to chew first! Choirs of angels will sing as your dog digs in and it will sound like ” AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH ” (okay, maybe not out loud…but that will be happening in your dog’s head for sure!). Be the best pet parent in town and come home with this spectacular chew!

9. Christmas Dog Treats

Is your pooch on the petite side? Check out these small dipped bones for the fun-sized pet. Packaged in a clear box with a Christmas Tree detail, these crunchy bones with a yogurt coating on one end is the perfect yummy for your fur friend this season.

10. Duffel Poop Bags

We know you are a responsible pet guardian…however, why carry around an unsightly roll of poop bags? With this neat duffel bag, you can carry your dog’s poop bags in style. The clip can attach to a leash, collar or belt very easily and is a great way to store a very needed item.

Check out this page on our website to see all of these great products or be sure to stop by one of our stores and pick up your stocking stuffers. Christmas is coming fast!


Do you have a plush pup? One who has EVERYTHING under the sun and deserves more? One who you wouldn’t dream of not spoiling? One who is so special, you simply must not let this holiday season pass without that perfect gift?

Is that you?

Well, if so…Two Bostons is the place you need to be. And I’ve got a list of 10 items that you should consider for your very pampered pet!

1. The Drinkwell

This drinking fountain is as stylish as it is functional. It keeps water flowing with it’s near silent motor through a filter that makes your pet’s water the freshest water around. The free-fall water encourages your pet to drink plenty (of water people…this is a family show) keeping their hydration level up. Your pet will be the envy of the block with her glossy mane and smooth skin, a benefit of proper hydration. Doesn’t your prince or princess deserve the freshest water around?

2. The Double Donut Bed

The Double Donut Bed by Bowsers is the perfect gift for the pet who wants to lounge in style and comfort. Customize your pet’s bed with one of the many fabric choices and watch as your pet sleeps in luxury. The added support of the extra ring allow for maximized comfort during nap after nap. Being machine washable and durable makes this bed extra posh for your pooch!

3. The Around the Collar & Lead

Why let your dog walk around in a hum-drum collar and use a plain lead when you can have an extraordinary one from Around the Collar? You could have a leather collar, embellished with Swarovski crystallized stone elements and Swarovski crystals. Or, choose a unique camo set for Fido or Frieda. I can guarantee your pet will not see him or herself coming and going in this unique collar.

4. The Pet Car Seat

Now your pooch can travel in style, comfort, and safety when you gift this pet car seat by Animal Matters. Because they do. Matter that is. No more sliding around the seat looking for purchase, no more torn nails or terrified trips. Available in pink, charcoal and tan, your dog’s chariot awaits.

5. The Apache River Coat

Your dog will be warm and fashionable this winter in the Apache River Coat. With it’s warm, yet light-weight fleece that hugs the body like a second skin, this coat is the best coat we carry. Available in many colors, you can have it custom embroidered for your special friend to make your pet’s coat truly unique!

6. Let us create a Chew Pack for you.

You know we are constantly bringing you the latest and greatest chews on the market. Tell us about your dog and we will create a customized chew pack especially for your pooch! From antlers to bully sticks and everything in between, we’ve got plenty to chews from (sorry, I had to do it). Let us know what your price point is and we will create a gift like no other for your pooch to have under the tree.

7. Bakery Treat of the Month

Looking for a way to make your pet feel special all year round? Well, we are renowned for our bakery… so make our treats a very special treat for your special pal every month. With mouthwatering cookies to choose from, we will create a package for you every month and your pet can enjoy your love all year through.

8. K9 Naturals Dog Food

Let your pet know just how special they are to you by feeding them a diet rich in protein and all the yummy goodness their bodies need. This any life stage food is good for any size dog, from toy to giant, and will provide simply the best nutrition available. No artificial ingredients or hormones are used…just grass-fed, ranch raised animals, making this a nutritionally sound species appropriate diet choice.

9. The Megatags Dog ID Tag

The perfect accessory for the pooch who has it all, this gorgeous tag is blinged out with over 60 crystals and is made from solid stainless steel. Solid and sparkly..what more would a pampered pooch need?

10. The Pet Steps

Because, frankly, I can’t believe you expect your pooch to jump! Just kidding. I’m not…okay, I am. But, these steps are the ultimate in luxury for the older pet who still loves a good cuddle on the couch, or the younger pet, who can’t quite make it up to your level. Come on, help your pet out with a set of these awesome steps.

So there you have it. Our picks for your very posh pooch. Be sure to stop by or call either store if you would like us to set aside one of these very special items for your very special pooch. And since we know your pet is super special, but the sky may not be your limit, check out this post for our Top 10 Under $10 picks. And check out this page for links to some of our other Top Picks!

Are you looking for a fabulous gift to give a pooch on your list for under $10? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve got a list of our Top 10 Gifts Under $10 for you today.

1. Start with a pack of Sliders

I’m pretty sure this pack of peanut butter, bacon and cheese flavored snack is a much more healthful option for your pooch than that other pack of sliders…

2. Whether your pet has been Naughty

or Nice

You could treat them to a yummy bone.

3. When you pick up a Holiday Bell Collar,

Your pet will jingle all the way, and not even have to be in a one horse open sleigh!

4. Make your pooch the envy of the neighborhood with a Collar Bud

Available in small or large and many colors and styles, these cute buds affix to a collar or leash for a fashion forward look.

5. How about giving your baby his or her very own Christmas Baby?

Small and squeaky…just like the real thing! We’ve got lions and tigers and giraffes… oh my!

6. Not a fan of squeak toys? Check out the Christmas Bottle Buddies!

Your pooch will be busy for hours with the penguin, Santa, or reindeer. It has a velcro closure on the base, so you can insert a fresh empty water bottle for hours more play time fun!

7. Christmas Tuff Ones are just that! Tuff toys for your pooch!

Check out this Candy Cane. A tough squeak toy for a great price!

8. Do you want to give to more dogs than your own? Then Dogsbutter is the way to go!

Although this is technically $0.99 over the $10.00 mark, I figured you wouldn’t mind since Dog for Dog donates a meal to a dog in need for every jar sold.

9. Speaking of peanut butter, our bakery case peanut butter cups keep flying off the shelves. We’ve got this super adorable 4 pack for you to check out for your favorite peanut butter fan.


10. Finally, check out this Christmas Mini Treat Pack

It’s a fun and festive way to let your pooch know you care.

So there you have it…a budget friendly way for you to let your fur friend know you are thinking of them this holiday season. Didn’t see what you’re looking for here? Never fear! This is only a small sample of the amazing goodies we have available for your pet at our store. Stop on by today and let one of our helpful team members set you up with the perfect gift for your pooch!

Are you looking for some fantastic new ideas for the pet and the pet lover in your life this holiday season? Well, we’ve scoured the globe and put together an amazing selection for you to choose from this year. And, since we know how busy you are, we’ve put together our Top Ten picks for you to check out.

1. Sweaters

Look at these fun and funky options! Your pooch will be warm AND fashionable this season in any one of these adorable sweaters.

2. It’s a Bully Stick…It’s a Himalayan…Wait! What?

Yep! That’s right! It’s both! Perfect for the chewer in your life, this Himalayan Bully Stick Chew is the newest chew in the store. Now you don’t have to pick just one!

3. Zombies

mmmm…brains. Let your pooch turn the tables on these walking dead creatures and chew their squeaky brains out 🙂

4. Cool People Gear

Do you know a Pack Leader or a Lucky Dog owner who would love this shirt or messenger bag? We bet you do!

5. Plush Toys

These plushies have squeakers galore and will provide your pooch with hours of fun!

Squeakers not your thing? Check out this toy:

No squeaking involved…it uses an empty plastic water bottle and the toy will make a crinkle sound instead of a squeak! Perfect for you and your fur friend!

6. Super Rug

What will you do with all that mud and water your dog is going to track in this winter? Well, you won’t have to worry about it at all if you have this Dirty Dog Doormat! It can soak up to 7 times it weight in water and mud. That makes it worth it’s weight in gold for sure!

7. Catch your zzzzz’s

You want your pooch to be cozy and comfy this winter season, so be sure to have a plush blanket or bed waiting for snuggle time. We’ve got you covered with a selection that will match any decor.

8. Hydration Station

You know how important it is for your pooch and kitty to have access to fresh water. These stylish continuous flow fountains fit nicely into your home while offering your pet a fresh supply of water throughout the day.

9. Stylish Storage

These treat canisters will add pizazz to any counter and lets you keep treats within reach while out of sight of your furry friend. This helps with anyone who has a pet that loves to have a staring contest with the treat bag all day.

10. Superhero Collars and Super Cool ID Tags

These rockin’ collars show the world how super your pet is and have the most AMAZING fasteners. They lock like a seat belt. Give your pet a confidence boost while on a crime fighting walk, or when barking at the squirrels out the front window with one of these awesome collars.

And the Red Dingo QR Pet Tag is an ID tag you can’t afford to be without. You are able to enter your pet’s information on a pet profile page online…you have complete control over this free account, so you can change any information whenever you want. If your pet is ever lost, the QR code can be scanned and your pet’s profile will pop up on that smart phone. What will they think of next? Perfect for anyone on the go who wants to make sure their pet is always safe.

So there you have it…our Top Ten picks for you this holiday season. Feel free to stop in either store and have one of our team members help you out or check us out online. We can get these shipped out in a jiffy.