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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products


The long awaited addition to Earth Animal’s No-Hide line is FINALLY here!  In addition to the loved No-Hide Chicken chew, all Two Bostons stores now carry the No-Hide Salmon Chew and No-Hide Beef Chew!  These new flavors are still 100% digestible, safe and made in the USA.  These chews are great because they’re a longer lasting alternative to a bully stick, and a safe (and yummy!) alternative to Rawhide.

With my husband and I filing our taxes tonight, I knew right away I had to pick up one of these new treats for my pup, Sherman, to keep him occupied while we spent a few hours in front of the computer.

The first thing that stood out to me when looking at the new flavors ingredients list was the addition of bananas and pineapple. I got excited seeing this on the list, as Sherman loves when I share the fruits or vegetables that I’m snacking on with him.  The No-Hide Salmon Chew uses vegetable gelatin, and the No-Hide Beef Chew uses Beef gelatin as a binder to hold the wrap together.  The Salmon chew No-Hide beef salmonalso provides a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids!

In between entering tax information, I kept an eye on Sherman to see how he was enjoying the new Beef flavor.  Like the Chicken chews he’s had before, I still noticed NO mess, NO staining, and NO smell, and I could tell that he was thoroughly enjoying it.

Sherman no-hideHe first licked the “meaty” part off, and when all the good stuff was gone, continued to work on the actual wrap.  Another great thing about the No-Hide line is that it helps keep Sherman’s teeth clean.  In addition to his teeth brushing and dental chews, the No-Hide line is a chew I trust in helping control his tarter and plaque build up.  With February being dental health month, giving your dog a No-Hide chew is a fun and tasty treat that will help with their oral health.

Sherman gives the No-Hide Beef chew a 2-Paws Up!  After a few hours of doing taxes, he was reluctant to give up what he had left, but still has quite a bit left for another afternoon of chews.  Stop into any Two Bostons store to pick up one for your pup today!

Many people think that a professional vet cleaning is the only strategy we pet owners have to provide oral care…but there is actually so much more we can do!  In a couple of our last Blogs: BRUSHLESS Oral Care! and Another Brushless Option!, we talked about safeguarding and dental products for our furry friends. Today, we consider some diet and feeding strategies that yes, truly can make a huge difference in your pet’s Dental Health!

Most wolves and coyotes in the wild have very strong, clean teeth.  Animal experts have studied this at great length so that thankfully we don’t have to get up-close-and-personal with them!  The reason this is true is mostly because of their diet.  These wild canine cousins regularly eat a raw diet that includes meat, gristle, fibrous tissue, cartilage, and actual bone.  The chewing process itself is so abrasive to their teeth and gums that it breaks down plaque formations and “scrubs” teeth on a daily basis.



The right diet choices can actually work in your pet’s favor, breaking down plaque deposits inside the mouth and exerting a toothbrush-like scrubbing action that keeps teeth and gums healthy.


In much the same way, a raw diet can help control tartar build-up on the teeth of our pets too.  You may have noticed that most raw foods that you will see at the store are prepared to some degree – ground up and often shaped into forms that are convenient to store and feed.  These patties and pieces still contain tiny bone fragments so that when your pet chews, the mild abrasive process helps to scour teeth and gums by breaking down existing plaque and tartar deposits.

Now, most people have been told or believe that hard kibble provides the same benefits because it’s so crunchy.  Well, this is a BIG Myth.  To learn more about why this is a myth watch this short video.

Raw foods are composed largely of meat proteins and natural enzymes.  Proteins take longer to digest, so they aren’t broken down as quickly by saliva in the mouth.  Enzymes immediately go to work dissolving residues on your pet’s teeth.  And of course, we have already mentioned that tiny abrasive fragments act like a scrubbing toothbrush.  When you feed your pet a raw diet, starchy residues around the teeth are kept to a minimum and the chewing process itself begins to work in your pet’s favor.

There are dozens of healthy, natural raw options to choose from – featuring whole-food ingredients and palatable proteins like turkey, beef, duck, venison, chicken, rabbit, salmon and more. These foods have the added benefit of nutrition labels that are free of animal by-products, artificial additives and preservatives.  If you want to try putting a raw option into your pets diet, anyone on the Two Bostons team would be happy to help you customize a diet plan specific to your pet.

We all love our pooches. We love the way the love us. We want them to be happy and healthy.

We love their kisses. What we DON’T love is their breath. AND we DON’T love when their tummies are off.

You know we love to bring you innovative and awesome products that help with this. Enter Belly Bones and Super Breath Bones.


Both these bones are a new, chewy treat that have a unique design which helps clean your dog’s teeth as they chew.

Belly Bones have the bonus of keeping your dog’s gastro-intestinal tract healthy. Love it!

Super Breath Bones have the bonus of freshening their breath! Love it!

Belly Bones are made with yogurt, which helps to aid in digestion. And they have both prebiotic and probiotic ingredients for beneficial bacteria. Additionally, they have kelp, which helps to reduce plaque and tartar (plus acts as a breath aid).

Super Breath Bones are made with a blend of natural ingredients that help melt plaque away. This bone is much more specifically targeted as a teeth cleaner/breath freshener than the Belly Bones. They are corn-free, wheat-free and have no artificial colors or flavors. Plus they have chlorophil and parsley for fresh breath.

The bones are pressure molded, not baked. This means they are safe to digest as they will not fall apart. They come in three sizes, mini, small and large, so you can choose the right bone for your pal. We’ve heard they taste great too!

So give your dog a Belly Bone or a Super Breath Bone every day and enjoy those kisses!


Hi there. Meg and Diesel here.

We get asked quite frequently why we don’t carry Greenies in the store.  If you aren’t familiar with Greenies, they are a chewable teeth cleanser and a really great idea. HOWEVER, they contain wheat gluten which we feel is unsafe. And, as you know, we will never carry anything in our store that we would not give to our own dogs. And as you know, we always do our best to bring you products that you can use as a safe alternative.

So, I want to talk to you today about Z-Bones from Zukes.

Z-Bones are an all natural bone shaped treat that have an ideal texture for longer chew time and a ridged surface to help scrape and polish you dog’s teeth. They clean teeth naturally.

And they are filled with natural breath fresheners such as alfalfa concentrate, clove, vanilla, parsley, fennel, and rosemary…yay!

Plus they are packed with whole food antioxidants such as apples, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, cherries, and cranberries so in addition to helping with oral health and fresh breath, they are a really healthy treat for your pooch. They truly help to bolster the immune system.

We love Z-Bones because they are easily digestible since they are grain-free and dairy-free. No wheat gluten or whey in these babies!

Plus, you can get them individually or in a package…that way you can figure out which flavor your pooch likes best. We carry apple crisp and carrot crunch in regular and large size.

Now, my only problem is that Diesel doesn’t like them…

Oh. Wait. That’s not my problem. My problem is that he loves them so much I could barely get a picture of him with one. And, I’m out and need to get more…but I know how to take care of that 😉

Stop on by and check them out. Clean teeth, fresh breath, easily digested, low calorie. You really can’t ask for a better treat!



Heather here!  Does your dog’s teeth have some incredible plaque buildup?  Are you tired of staring at yellow teeth?  I think it’s time to try out some Fleecy Cleans for sure!

Made by the Kyjen company, this soft alternative to rope toys are made with safe, non-toxic materials.  The fleece is gentle on your pup’s mouth and is effective in wiping teeth during interactive play which helps to reduce plaque buildup. While nothing can replace regular brushing and dental care, playing with a Fleecy Clean is a great way to help keep your dog’s mouth in tip top shape.

And, they are really fun. PLUS, they are also machine washable–I know from experience how great that can be!

Many times at agility training or fly ball training you may see one of these Fleecy toys being used as a reward for dogs after they compete.  That’s because not only is it great for dogs teeth, but it’s a safe alternative to tug toys and dogs love them!  They are also much more affordable than rope toys!

We carry multiple different Fleecy toys at the store including the Fleecy Ball, the Fleecy Double Tug, and the Large Fleecy Bone in all kinds of fun colors!  We would love to get you and Fido set up with one of your own today…so just pop by our store and check them out!


Do you want to provide great oral care for your pet without the anesthesia?

Check out how here:

Cleaning teeth while eating a treat? Yes, it’s just that simple!

What is Cranimals? (Not garanimals for those of you who love to mix and match your children’s clothes) 😉



Cranimals is a supplement that will make your dog very happy. It is made from organic, raw cranberries and comes in an easy-to dispense powder form.

Here’s a bit of info on each of the varieties Two Bostons carries:

Cranimals Original: Great for dogs and cats that suffer from urinary tract infections (UTI’s). Cranberries contain a substance called proanthocyanidins (PAC’s) which inhibit the attachment of E. coli, the most common culprit in UTI’s. For the same reason, this is great for dental health because it also prevents attachment of bacteria in the mouth. And, hey! February is National Dental Health Awareness month, so there is no better time to give this amazing little supplement a try!

Cranimals Gold: Another great option because in addition to the above, it contains DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which is naturally found in breast milk. In the case of Cranimals, it comes from vegetarian algae. 🙂 DHA is extremely important for brain development, as well as eyes, skin, and heart. Cranimals Gold is especially good for puppies. Hmmm…do you know of anyone who might need this? I’m pretty sure I do!

Cranimals Very Berry:  Is just what it sounds like…Very Berry because it contains blueberry and raspberry extract in addition to cranberry. This creates a one-two-three punch of powerful antioxidants which have been shown to have anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties.

This awesome supplement sure packs a punch. Check it out for yourself today.

Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month? It is…it really is.

Did you know that good oral care can add about 3 to 5 years to the life expectancy of your best friend? It can…it really can.

Here are some fun facts about your dog’s teeth:

1. Puppies have 28 baby teeth and start to get their adult teeth at around 4 months. They will end up with 42 permanent teeth.

2. Dogs can and do get gum disease ~ and it hurts.

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

Yellow and brown build-up of tartar near the gum line, red and inflamed gums, and yes, stinky (and persistent) bad breath.

And, I’ll let you in on a little secret…the number one myth of pet oral hygiene is that eating a diet of kibble keeps the teeth clean. That is simply not factual. It would be like us thinking eating cereal keeps our teeth clean. Kibble actually leaves a coating on the teeth than needs to be removed.

You can certainly make oral care part of your dog’s grooming or vet visits; however, it is really easy to take steps at home to ensure great oral health as well.

You can use Plaque Off by Proden

and it is as simple as adding a scoop to your dog’s food.

Or, you can try brushing at home with this

The Triple Pet Finger Brush.

Then there is this Breath-less Toothpaste

It’s a chew and a brushless toothpaste.

Any one of these items would be very simple to integrate into your day and really go a long way to help with your dog’s dental health. Never fear, if these items don’t fit into your lifestyle, there are plenty more to choose from. Call or stop by one of our stores today and our helpful team members will be happy to help you find one that fits your needs.

Ok, here it is…the last post on canned dog food. Today I am opening Beef Tripett by Tripett.

What is this particular type of food? Well, it is green beef tripe. No, it isn’t the color green…it just means that the tripe is pure and unbleached. Tripett contains the highest quality human grade sources of tripe and, honestly, if your pet was a wild animal, this is what he or she would instinctively want to feed on.



What are the benefits to feeding your pet Tripett?

  1. Cleaner teeth
  2. Better digestive system
  3. Healthy skin & coat
  4. Improved eating habits
  5. Rejuvenation of older dogs
  6. Healthy & nutritious for growing puppies
  7. Solution for sensitive stomachs.

I’m going to be completely honest here, the scent of this particular canned food is NOT for the faint of heart. AdreAnne warned me, and boy oh boy, she was not kidding. There is a strong and distinctive aroma to this particular food. That being said, Diesel WENT WILD when he got a whiff of it and I almost couldn’t finish taking pictures because he kept trying to get the food.

It’s also not the prettiest food I’ve shown you. It is certainly a solid consistency and easy to break apart; however, you will want to do that quickly and walk away. But, it does have my favored pull top tab opener, so at least opening the can was a snap.

One of the most amazing things to me about this product was that I couldn’t even get an action shot of Diesel eating it. By the time I adjusted my camera, he had licked the bowl clean. So, in terms of the aroma, at least is was very short lived in my house.

Although this could certainly be mixed with kibble, it wasn’t as wet of a gravy as some of the other cans I’ve opened for you. It was solid enough to feed as a stand alone, and clearly from his reaction, I am going to have to rotate it into his diet.

I certainly hope this series has been informative for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to either post them here or stop by either of our Two Bostons locations and our team members can get your dog on the right food path.


Hey Everyone! Daisy again with tip number 6: Keep those teeth in tip top shape!

I love to use Petz Life Oral Care Gel. It is an enzyme based gel that helps me fight plaque and tartar. (Plus it keeps my breath nice and fresh!) Having a nice smile keeps me young, and having strong, ealthy teeth allow me to continue eating well.

And really, let’s face it… I do love to eat well!

I’m getting so excited about my party! I can’t believe it’s already less than a week away! I do hope you’ll stop by the 75th street store on Sunday to celebrate my birthday. I know there will be cake (for people and pets), games and special prizes too!