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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

coverimageWorking at Two Bostons has caused a lot of “firsts” to happen in my life. Never had I seen (or sold!) poop bags with the faces of political candidates on them. Nor had I been basically at eye level with a Great Dane while I found the right treat to make him happy.  And I certainly never thought I’d hear myself saying words like “I hope that pig heart works out for you!”

And that’s my fun and a little off-the-wall topic for today: interesting carnivorous chews that can keep your dogs engaged, happy and busy (especially this time of year, during the holidays)!  All of these are single-ingredient products with no mystery preservatives, so you can give them to your dog with confidence.

Many of our Two Bostons customers already know about our bully sticks, so I won’t spend much time on them.  All I’ll say is that if you haven’t tried one for your dog yet, come in and talk to us!  They’re our bestselling item for a good reason.

My favorite non-bully chews in the store are the beef trachea’s. They come in bags of 2″ assorted pieces, or individually in 6″ and 12″ varieties, although many of the 12″ ones are easily a couple inches more than that! The trachea is a great chew because it contains a lot of glucosamine and chondroitin, which is like gold for your dog’s joint health.  The longer tracheas can easily be broken if you want to give it to your dog over more than one sitting. They smell delicious and beefy and my Maple just love them; a 6″ section takes her anywhere from 20-30 minutes to eat.

croppedbullystickThen there are the chicken feet. Yes, chicken feet.  And duck feet. These are a much quicker chew for a big dog like Maple, but very crunchy and satisfying. Dogs can safely eat them bones and all!

Junior bully sticks are made from beef bladders and come in the same sizes as regular bullies. You’ll notice a definite difference in color and texture, though!

Turkey necks are another chew that is safe even with bones. They’re J-shaped and have a surprising amount of meat on them. This is one I have yet to try, but given my girl’s track record with Two Bostons’ chews, I’m optimistic she’ll like it.

Then there’s the aforementioned pig heart, also known as a “pumper” in the store. These wrinkly little beauties are quite varied in their size and shape, so I say all things being equal, go for the biggest one! Remember that in the wild, when wolves make a kill, the heart of the prey animal is one of the most highly prized organs, so the alpha tends to get it.  Make your dog feel like an alpha and try a pig heart soon!

Another great thing about our fabulous chews is that ALL of them qualify for the Buy 10, Get 1 Free deal that we offer on our bully sticks.  Mix and match a bunch of chews for your pup and watch them have fun eating healthy chews over the holidays!  …they also make for the perfect stocking stuffers.


julieguestblogAs many of you know, Two Bostons recently hosted our annual adoption event, Adopt-A-Rama.  We are lucky to have hundreds of caring, reputable shelters and rescue groups in our area, but it can be hard to decide where to start looking when you want to adopt a new pet.  Read on to hear about two area shelters with which I’ve had personal experience.  I hope you will visit them when you consider adding a new pet to your family!

West Suburban Humane Society (WSHS) in Downers Grove. (630) 960-9600


I volunteered at WSHS for 2 years in the kennel.  At first, I thought it would be emotionally difficult to work in a shelter because I would feel sorry for the animals.  But I found the atmosphere at WSHS to be one of hope instead of despair.  WSHS does not give up on their animals. If dogs have behavioral difficulties, they are sent to a rigorous 2-week training session to address their issues and make them more adoptable.  I worked with many of these dogs, and they were the ones I was happiest to see had been adopted.

And CATS! It is SO much fun to visit adoptable cats at WSHS!  Instead of being in cages, most of the kitties are in the cattery, a wonderfully maintained room with 20 something free-range cats.  You can wander around and pet cats, see which cats come up to you, observe how cats interact with each other, and ask the volunteers questions.  It’s a low-stress way to look at potential new feline companions.  WSHS also has a dedicated “kitten room” for the youngest adoptables.


A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter in Naperville. (630) 355-2299

adopt-logoIn 2014, ADOPT (Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment) had a very thorough profile on their website about a senior boxer mix named Maple, including a letter from her foster mom.  I visited Maple in her foster home, fell in love with her, and completed the adoption at the shelter.

shelters-blog2Just a day or two after bringing her home, I noticed a bump on her hip area (Boxers are very susceptible to tumors).  I talked to the staff at ADOPT, and they offered to take her back into their care…that impressed me. Even thought it would been challenging to find a new home for an older dog with a known history of tumors, they would have taken her back with no hesitation.  But I of course still wanted her, so they took her back overnight and removed her tumor at no cost to me.  She’s doing very well as a 9-year-old diva!
What impresses me most about shelters in the western suburbs is how well the animals are cared for.  The staff and volunteers do their best to find the RIGHT homes for the pets, not just anyone willing to fork over the adoption fees.

Check out WSHS and ADOPT, and stay tuned for another blog entry from me, about my adoption experience at the Naperville Area Humane Society!

coverimageHello pet lovers!  This is Julie from the Downtown Naperville store.

It’s been so much fun to feed my dog since April when I start working at Two Bostons. My 9 year-old boxer mix, Maple, LOVES her meal times, she gobbles down everything I bring home from Two Bostons. It is so gratifying for me to see her enjoying quality foods that I really believe in (with pronounceable ingredients and everything!)

Recently I bough a can of the Honest Kitchen Bone Broth.  What the heck is bone broth, you may be asking? It’s a dehydrated, powdery mix consisting of ONLY 5 ingredients: beef broth, beef, pumpkin, parsley, and turmeric extract.  All you do is whisk it with hot water to make a delicious smelling beef broth.

And why would you want to do this? Answer: it’s good for your dog in several ways!

First, turmeric is widely used in medicines for both people and animals.  It is used for arthritis and joint pain relief, and has anti-inflammatory properties.  But don’t take my word for it; look at or for doctors’ opinions.

And now to the fun ways to use bone broth!  If you have a dog who doesn’t drink enough water and you’re concerned about their level of hydration, offering him bone broth is a wonderful enticement to drink.  And there is no added salt!

You can use bone broth to prepare your freeze-dried raw or dehydrated foods (like Honest Kitchen, Grandma Lucy’s, or Sojo’s).  It adds another level of flavor for your dog to enjoy.

Also, you can pour it into ice cube trays, freeze it, and make delicious pup-sicles for your dog to enjoy on a hot day!picmonkey-collage

And just now, I go the best testimonial ever from Maple herself.  She’s a complete diva and always lets us know what’s on her mind!  I just whisked up another 3 cups of the broth and was letter it sit on the counter to cool down.  Maple walked into the kitchen, sniffed the air and clearly detected the broth.  She stood resolutely right by the counter, staring at me as if to say ” Yes, that stuff I like is right here, why are you not giving it to me?

There’s just something gratifying about treating my dog to things like Honest Kitchen Bone Broth in her everyday meals. I’m lucky and honored to have a non-picky eater who views breakfast, lunch and dinner as the best parts of her day.  So if I can give her something tasty that helps keep her hydrated and healthy, that’s a win for both of us.

You can find Honest Kitchen Bone Broth at any Two Bostons store.  Stop in, say hi, and grab a can soon!


Melanie WaszkowskiDoes your dog love puzzle toys? Do they love Himalayan Chews? Do you love when your dog is out from under your feet while you’re cooking dinner? If you answered YES to any of the above, your new best friend will be the Animiganza’s NEW AnimaTwist 4 in 1 toy.

I have never found a toy that I had to immediately buy fresh off the truck for Sherman before…Then one day last week I opened a box of stock to put out on the floor and saw a brightly colored toy and Himalayan chew combo, the AnimaTwist!  I immediately knew I needed to purchase one…and it was worth every penny!

The AnimaTwist is a puzzle toy that encompasses the popular Himalayan chew, just like a DNA toy for a bully stick that makes a short lasting chew turn into hours of mind stimulating activity.  I was anxious to try this with Sherman since he’s able to go through a Himalayan in 20 minutes or so.


When I brought the AnimaTwist home, I let Sherman check it out, and he wasted no time trying to get the Himalayan chew out.  At first he licked at it, then he carried the whole toy around a bit frustrated that it didn’t just come out so he could easily enjoy it.  I was able to catch up on my TV shows for the evening, and when it came time for bed, Sherman hadn’t really gotten through any of the Himalayan.  The AnimaTwist itself had a few teeth marks on it from where there was some chewing, but the toy passed the 20-minute test for him, so it was already a winner in my book!

Eventually the Himalayan was licked away so much that it broke in half, and Sherman was able to enjoy each half of his delicious treat.  To get to this point, it took him THIRTEEN hours!  What an amazing improvement on time from 20 minutes!  The AnimaTwist shows a bit of wear, but otherwise is incredibly durable for a heavy chewer.product1
The lifespan of the Himalayan isn’t the only great feature of the AnimaTwist!  The green (with or without the rope) and blue pieces fit together to make a treat ball; great for treats or kibble feeding. Expansion orange pieces are also sold separately to hold multiple or longer Himalayans.   While you could try to put any Himalayan chew inside the AnimaTwist, Animiganza’s 2 packs of Himalayans are guaranteed to fit inside the standard toy.

If you’re looking for the BEST new puzzle toy on the market, you need to pick up an AnimaTwist!

Learn more about all of the different ways you can use this toy from the video below!

Elizabeth McClellan2





This is Tilly, and she approves this message!!



Spring is just around the corner!  So, I figured it was time for Tilly’s “Spring Sprucing.” When the warm weather rolls around, she is ready to be outside and that means it’s time to stock up on some grooming products!  I have gathered a few of my favorite products from Two Bostons, that I truly believe in full heartedly…from on true and trusted dog lover to another, allow me to elaborate on these amazing products that your pets will simply love!

Blueberry Facial Dog Shampoo by South Bark:

DSC06274Oh my goodness, gracious, blueberry galore!  I’ve had my eye on this shampoo for about a year…some call me indecisive, and they are probably right.  I’m an analyst, I want the facts, no assumptions allowed.  After hearing so many great things about this shampoo, I decided to give it a go!

I was amazed…Trust me, you want to try this one!

Blueberry facial is gentle, soothing and it brightens all coats.  It did not leave any residue at all and she actually licked the shampoo from her face while I was lathering her up.  What makes this shampoo so tasty? Well, lets take a closer look shall we? Blueberries, Jojoba, coconut oil, avocados and aloe.  Jojoba oil, the ONLY oil that resembles sebum (naturally produced by the oil glands below the skins surface) making it INCREDIBLE for your pets skin and coat.  Coconut oil, fights yeast and fugal infections.  Best of all, it is incredible for soothing joint pain.  It gets better, avocados and aloe: two ingredients that soothe and moisturize at the same time!

Mineral Spa Shampoo by Reliq:

alll the gooooddsLet’s talk about Reliq for a moment…this is a shampoo with NO oil residue, leaving the coat moisturized and soft.  Think clay masks but for dogs. The benefits of Aztec clay masks are endless, many naturopaths use clay masks for healing skin aliments and even arthritis.  Reliq has a nano-enhanced mineral which acts as a medicinal powdered clay.  The clay absorbs excess oils, toxins, dirt, etc. It’s no wonder this shampoo stimulates your pups skin and removes odors instantaneously.

Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo by Pet King Brands:

Last by certainly not least, Zymox.  Unlike humans who start sneezing and coughing during Seasonal changes, dogs usually get itchy dry skin. Zymox works tremendously well for itchy skin.  It is safe for puppies and kittens as well as adult dogs and cats.  If you notice your dog itching and he is already on a healthy grain free food, it’s possible that the seasonal changes got the best of him.  Zymox will help soothe and moisturize the skin.  There is absolutely NO harsh chemicals, steroids or detergents used in Zymox, also refferred to as the naturalistic approach to medicated shampoos.

No bath, No problem…Earth Bath Grooming Wipes:

greeeeeeenBath time is not always doable.  Earth Bath Grooming wipes are gentle on your dogs coat because they are hypoallergenic (my favorite word)! The wipes come in scented and unscented depending on your preference.  This is a great item to pack in your doggy diaper bag for trail hikes, overnight stays and the dog park!  They are also safe for humans.



Come on by to any of our Two Bostons stores and let the spring sprucing begin!

Melanie Waszkowski
The thought of leaving Sherman home with a friend when spending a night away was something that I did not take lightly…the thought of not waking up to his wet kisses made a weekend away seem so dull.  In the week leading up, I paced around at work creating a list of must haves for him.  I ended up with a full-page list of things to pack, then took a stop back and realized we’d be gone for only one night.

With Spring Break season upon us, there will be more than just a night spent away from our pets, more than likely a few.  Here’s my list of must haves for when you need to leave your pup at home with a sitter.  In my case, Sherman spent the night somewhere else so I had to pack up a bag for him.




Always make sure you leave specific instructions for your sitter if they’re coming to your house and let them know where everything is!

  • Vet’s Information along with vaccination papers (just in-case!)
  • Emergency Vet Information
  • Food: make sure that you take into consideration the sitter’s lifestyle when choosing their food.  Rather than frozen/raw food for the week, pick up a box of Freeze Dried to make meal time a bit easier.  I also pack an extra day or two worth of food, just in case travel times get delayed and we can’t get back in the time originally planned.  Make sure that you let the sitter know how much food and how often to feed meals!
  • Collarimg-article-pet-sitter-checklist
  • ID tags
  • Leash
  • Harness
  • Crate/Carrier
  • Poop bags
  • Towel that smells like home
  • Bully Sticks
  • Bed
  • Antler or a long lasting chew
  • And of course your pets favorite toys

If you are hiring a new pet sitter, make sure that your pup gets acclimated with them before it’s just the two of them.  A stranger in the house without you is weird to your pup and it won’t be an enjoyable experience for either of them.

As difficult as it was to leave Sherman for the night, I knew that he was in great hands and with my list he would be prepared for anything!

In today’s Guest Blog, AdreAnne, owner of Two Bostons Pet Boutique is sharing a new product to help in supporting your senior pet.


It’s always tough to see your pets age. Many times, I’ve felt helpless and I think we can all agree that isn’t a great feeling. As our pets age, it becomes even more apparent they need a little extra love and attention.

2014-08-26 18.00.25

As Daisy got a bit older, we noticed that although her body was healthy, she seemed to start developing some cognitive issues. She started getting up and wandering around in the middle of the night. She also seemed a bit confused at times. I think Andy was getting tired of me asking, “Do you think she’s alright?” as she was just sitting there. She would get a “far off” look and wasn’t focused. A few times, I observed her playing or walking in the yard and then she would suddenly stop and stare off in space. Now, I will be the first to admit that I had a very strong bond with Daisy, so my worry about her was certainly the cause of my first white hair! I just knew there was something extra I could be doing for her, but I didn’t know what.

As soon as I heard about Senior Dog Wisdom, a veterinarian developed, special formula for aging dogs to help support normal, healthy aging and cognitive brain function, I grabbed a container for Miss Daisy right away.


The difference it made within a matter of a few weeks was incredible. No more random walks around the bedroom in the middle of the night and she seemed much more alert. I have to say that I absolutely love this product. This is a must have for anyone with a sweet senior to give them a little extra support to age healthier and stay sharp!

You can pick up Senior Dog Wisdom at any Two Bostons store or you can order it online.  If you have any questions, please stop in or call and one of our Team members can help you out today!



The long awaited addition to Earth Animal’s No-Hide line is FINALLY here!  In addition to the loved No-Hide Chicken chew, all Two Bostons stores now carry the No-Hide Salmon Chew and No-Hide Beef Chew!  These new flavors are still 100% digestible, safe and made in the USA.  These chews are great because they’re a longer lasting alternative to a bully stick, and a safe (and yummy!) alternative to Rawhide.

With my husband and I filing our taxes tonight, I knew right away I had to pick up one of these new treats for my pup, Sherman, to keep him occupied while we spent a few hours in front of the computer.

The first thing that stood out to me when looking at the new flavors ingredients list was the addition of bananas and pineapple. I got excited seeing this on the list, as Sherman loves when I share the fruits or vegetables that I’m snacking on with him.  The No-Hide Salmon Chew uses vegetable gelatin, and the No-Hide Beef Chew uses Beef gelatin as a binder to hold the wrap together.  The Salmon chew No-Hide beef salmonalso provides a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids!

In between entering tax information, I kept an eye on Sherman to see how he was enjoying the new Beef flavor.  Like the Chicken chews he’s had before, I still noticed NO mess, NO staining, and NO smell, and I could tell that he was thoroughly enjoying it.

Sherman no-hideHe first licked the “meaty” part off, and when all the good stuff was gone, continued to work on the actual wrap.  Another great thing about the No-Hide line is that it helps keep Sherman’s teeth clean.  In addition to his teeth brushing and dental chews, the No-Hide line is a chew I trust in helping control his tarter and plaque build up.  With February being dental health month, giving your dog a No-Hide chew is a fun and tasty treat that will help with their oral health.

Sherman gives the No-Hide Beef chew a 2-Paws Up!  After a few hours of doing taxes, he was reluctant to give up what he had left, but still has quite a bit left for another afternoon of chews.  Stop into any Two Bostons store to pick up one for your pup today!


Jessica Kraft's adorable dog, Roxy.

Jessica Kraft’s adorable dog, Roxy.

Two Bostons has added another friendly face to our downtown store! Jessica Kraft has joined our fantastic team to help us better serve our amazing customers. We’d love you to get to know her better by sharing some fun tidbits about her, including her dog Roxy’s favorite Two Bostons’ treat.





1.  At which Two Bostons store do you work? I work in the downtown Naperville location.


2.  What type of role do you play on the Two Bostons team? I am a Team Member.


3. What first got you interested in working at Two Bostons? The amazing service I received as a customer! I knew I wanted to be a part of that kind of team.


4.  If you had to pick one top favorite Two Bostons product, what would it be … and why? Bully Sticks! My dog Roxy totally loves them!

Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks

5.  What’s your favorite type of pet, and why? Dogs! They are so expressive and emotional. It’s amazing to be so close to an animal you’ve nothing in common with, other than LOVE!


6.  Do you have any pets at home? Yes. My dog, Roxy, is a female shepherd mix who is about three years old. Roxy’s token characteristic is totally her giant, fluffy ears! When she perks those up, you can’t say no to her.


7. What can you tell us about your favorite activities? I love to sing. I’m in the choir at North Central College and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I’m originally from Springfield, Ill., and moved up to Naperville for school.


8.  Anything else you’d like people to know about you? I have two older sisters and a twin brother! I also have the best parents.


Come into Two Bostons’ downtown Naperville location and welcome Jessica to our spectacular team! While you are there, check out our full line of Bully Sticks, which are available in a variety of twists, braids and lengths!