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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

We have two NEW products at Two Bostons that I am very excited about, raw turkey necks and chicken backs from Primal!

Raw meaty bones are a natural toothbrush for dogs and cats; when they tear, crunch and rip the meat off of bones it cleans their teeth and massages their gums. The chewing and tearing action also provides mental stimulation, jaw exercise and increased muscle tone. The connective tissue in raw meaty bones promotes joint health.  Which is why my four Bernese Mountain Dogs enjoy raw meaty bones throughout the week.

Turkey necks are thick, bendable and crunchy, they are the perfect size for a medium to large dog. Primal’s turkey necks are raised in the United States without antibiotics or added hormones. They are a great natural source of selenium and zinc. Selenium improves joint health, boosts the immune system and keeps the skin and coat healthy. Zinc is essential for skin and coat health.

Chicken backs are small with soft small bones, they are a great size for small to medium dogs and cats. I give these to my large dogs, but I am fortunate not to have any gulpers. They are not recommended for a dog that would be likely to swallow it whole. Primal’s chicken backs are raised in the United States without antibiotics or added hormones. They are a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin making them great for joint health.

Primal’s raw meaty bones are of benefit to dogs and cats no matter what diet you are currently feeding. They provide teeth cleaning benefits when they eat raw or freeze dried patties or nuggets. When added to a kibble or canned diet, important naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids are provided.

As with any chew, always supervise your pet while they are chewing!

Stop into any Two Bostons store and one of our Team Members can help you pick out the perfect raw bone for your dog to try today. Purchase Primal between 9/17 – 9/23/17 and receive an extra 50 entries into the drawing for the Shopping Spree! For more information about the Shopping Spree visit



melanie-waszkowskiWhether we want to admit it or not, the winter and cold is here.  We often play up raw bones as a great summertime or warm weather treat for your pup, but the truth is they should be incorporated into your dog’s diet year-round. Raw bones are not only a good time occupier, they also have SO many great benefits for your pup’s health.  They help with dental health, mental stimulation, tummy health, and their MUCH safer than rawhide’s.

If you’ve never given your dog a raw bone, I think now is the perfect time to start! But…it’s not just as simple as “here Fido, chew on this bone for 2 hours while I do some work around the house”, there’s a lot to consider before handing a raw bone over:

  1. You’ll need to make sure it’s a safe bone; the Tucker’s and Primal bones in any Two Bostons’ freezers are about as safe as you can get. In production, Tucker’s and Primal take extra precautions to make sure the raw bones don’t form bacteria by making sure they are never thawed and handled frozen. Unfortunately, a raw bone from a grocery store that they may mark as safe for dogs, is often handled when thawed.
  2. You also want to make sure the bone is an appropriate size. The raw bone you need, should NOT be able to be swallowed whole. I pick a bone that is long than Sherman’s muzzle, just so I know he cannot swallow it.rawbones
  3. You will need to find an area for your dog to chew. I love sunny afternoons and sitting out on the porch with Sherman for hours, but with the cold weather I don’t see that happening any time soon.  The Bone Mat Dog Bone holder is a great inside alternative, as well as feeding while in a kennel. This IS a raw meat product, and humans should consider steps to keep themselves safe from exposure to harmful bacteria.img_7447
  4. Introduce the bone gradually to your dog. While your pup may want to chew longer, you should limit their chewing for a while. The first and second time let them chew for 5-10 minutes, then time three and four do 15 minutes, the following 20 minutes, etc. This allows your pup’s gut to get used to the raw bone. If you let them chew on it for an hour the first time, you’re more than likely going to run into problems with diarrhea or throwing up. Therefore, I think winter is a great time to be getting your dog into raw bones! By the time the nice weather rolls around they’ll have worked their way up to an hour or so for their chew time! It’s no fun taking away a bone from a very happy puppy when they’ve only been chewing for 10 minutes and it’s 78° and sunny!

If you have other questions about feeding Raw Bones, or need help picking one out, stop into any Two Bostons store and one of the Team Members can help you out!