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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Out-U-Go!-LogoDuring summer is a great time to make some exercising goals and because we want to be outside, those may include our dogs.  Lindsay Gray, Top Dog at Out-U-Go! Naperville provided us with some helpful pointers to make sure that you and your dog have fun while being safe.

  1. Just like all training, this is not something you should expect to happen perfectly on attempt #1.  Remember that this is a new exercise for you and your pup and you need to be patient. Instill a lot of what you would do with normal training and techniques and remember to stay positive and patient.  Your first run might be more of a walk to get used to each other, and this is okay!
  2. Having the right equipment can make all the difference!  Many runners appreciate a hands-free leash that attaches to your waist (Like the Roamer or Flat Out Dog Leash by Ruff Wear). A harness is a good idea to keep the stress off your pups neck and provide you with a bit more control while you are running.  And don’t forget the poop bags and water!dog-walk-on-leash
  3. Not all pups are going to be a great running partner.  Make sure they aren’t too young and can comfortably keep up with the distance you plan to run.  Small dogs need to run a lot faster than a larger breed to keep up with you and might be better suited for brisk walks.
  4. Some simple commands will help your run move more  smoothly.  You will want to keep your pup from stopping to go potty on every tree, so make sure to keep them tight to you and have a Heel command ready. Leave It, or some other distraction technique, would be great for the obstacles you are bound to pass on your route.
  5. After walk care is just as important as getting them ready to go! Make sure to keep an eye out for pads that are wearing down, check the areas of their body around their equipment for chaffing or rubbing, and give them a cool and comfortable space to cool down when you are done!

Lindsay will be one of our experts presenting at our upcoming Dog Walking/Running Clinic on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 6:00 pm at Two Bostons – Springbrook.  Bring your walking or running buddy with you and she will provide you more tips and tools to help you accomplish your walking and running goals this summer! Visit our website for more information!