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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Before the holidays and everything gets to chaotic in the house, take a quick look over these 10 common holiday items that are poisonous to our pets and make sure you don’t have any of them laying around.

  1. Christmas Trees and Wreaths – Christmas trees can cause nausea and vomiting, but are only mildly toxic, but if the large amounts of needles are consumed, this can lead to possible blockage or a GI tract getting punctured. The water from the tree could also contain toxic fertilizers too.
  2. Lilies – These beautiful flowers are extremely poisonous to cats. Just a small leaf or flower petal can cause sudden kidney failure. Daffodils are also poisonous to both cats and dogs.
  3. Grapes, Raisins and Currants – All of these can cause kidney failure in dogs, so don’t leave the fruitcake out for the dogs!
  4. Poinsettias – Most of us have heard that poinsettias are extremely poisonous to our pets, well, this is actually a hoax…you don’t want your pets to eat them, but it is only mildly toxic and will just cause nausea and vomiting.
  5. Chocolate and Cocoa – The chemicals in chocolate and cocoa can be highly toxic to dogs and cats. Small amounts will cause usually lead to vomiting and diarrhea, but a large amount can lead to seizures.
  6. Alcohol – Don’t leave your drinks around for the pups to lick out of…alcohol can be extremely toxic to pets. Their blood sugar and blood pressure can drop severely, cause respiratory issues and all can lead to death.
  7. Xylitol – This is a sugar substitute found in sugarless gum and candy. Cats can usually tolerate Xylitol, it is very toxic to dogs and can lead to low blood sugar and liver failure and then to death.
  8. Holly and Mistletoe –  Holly and mistletoe can vary on how toxic it is, but most are mild, again causing nausea and vomiting and some may cause heart issues.
  9. Fatty Foods – Your dogs and cats may have a taste of chicken or turkey from time to time, but don’t over do it with the fatty foods.  Eating too much can lead to pancreas and liver problems in cats and dogs.
  10. Liquid Potpourri and Snow Globes – We all love our homes smelling amazing and it always gets us in the holiday spirit, but if your pets take a drink of it it can lead to chemical burns and trouble breathing. Snow Globes can contain harmful chemicals, like antifreeze, that is very very poisonous and often leads to death in even small amounts.

Other items to look out for: 

  • Candles can make your pets curious, you don’t want them to get knocked over or get burned.
  • Wires, batteries, plastic and glass can all be deadly if ingested.
  • Tinsel can make cats very curious, but if ingested can lead to blockages and ruptures and expensive surgery.

If you think that your pet may have been poisoned, take them to the veterinarian immediately or call the Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435. By calling you will be billed a consultation fee.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!!



During the Holidays everything gets a little more chaotic than normal…you may not be able to watch Fido or give him as much attention as normal. Which means he may get into some items around the house that may cause him harm and you don’t even realize it.  Here is a quick list of some items to look out for this holiday:poinsettia

  • Poinsettias – they may cause irritation to the mouth, vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • MistletoeMistletoecauses digestive upset, but can potentially cause cardiovascular problems
  • Hollygastrointestinal no no!
  • Batteriescontains caustic, corrosive materials that can result in chemical burns if chewed or ingested
  • Alcoholic beverages and/or chocolateincreased heartbeat and it can make your pet very very sickwaterinbowl
  • Christmas tree watercontains fertilizer or preservatives that can be toxic to pets and over time it becomes moldy, stagnant, and not fit to drink
  • tinselElectrical lighting cordssome dogs consider them a chewing toy which can result in severe burns in and around the mouth and gums
  • Christmas tree tinsel or ribboncauses intestinal blockage and can actually cut into intestinal tissue
  • Potpourriliquid or dry may have toxic flowers in the mix so keep up high just for safety


Here are some other Winter Pet Hazards that you will start to come across as we start to get into the cold, snow and ice:

  • AntifreezeIt has a sweet, pleasant taste, and even the smallest amount can be fatal.  Keep out of reach, and check your local automotive shop for a pet safe brand…clean any spills the best you can.
  • Ice-melting productsthey can be irritating to the mouth and skin, ingestion may include (depending on the ingredients) vomiting, depression, or excessive drooling.
  • Rodent killersas it gets cold outside mice will move indoors for warmth causing us to get a pesticide to keep them out.  Keep these out of reach of the pets, you don’t want an unexpected vet visit.

37fef05e03447118e5be51de834c2bf9The one thing that I will say is…be observant of your pets behavior, and make sure all hazardous items (to the best of your knowledge) is out of Fido’s reach this holiday season! We all know it is hard to communicate with our pets, so they might get into SOME trouble…with that, please always keep your vet’s phone number in an accessible spot just in case of an emergency.

Wow…I feel like that was a lot to take in!  Now, let’s have a safe, happy and stress free holiday.

The holidays are a fun and festive time when our homes are often filled with more activity, more people, and (let’s face it) more “smells” than usual.  It’s at this time of year, more than normal that we don’t want our guests to walk into the house and smell a mix of our breakfast, lunch, whats in the oven, or even the damp, snowy dogs that just came back into the house.dfb2180ccc9ec78a263a6a2aeda6c857

We all, of course also have to contend with the cold and flu season – which, in unpredictable climates like in Chicagoland, can last pretty much all year long.  Nobody wants yucky germs being spread all over the house and nobody wants to be overwhelmed by the zesty, intermingled bouquet of Vick’s, Halls cough drops and disinfectant spray.

Here is the solution that will cover both of these situations, the Lampe Berger (pronounced “lamp-ber-ZHAY”) fragrance lamps!  These unique lamps were first created back in 1898, when Frenchman Maurice Berger discovered a process to purify air via the catalytic combustion of ozoalcohol.  Initially, Lampe Berger lamps were only used by hospitals to help sanitize sick rooms.  But today, Lampe Berger fragrance oils come in dozens of varieties created by master international perfumers and designers, including Coco Chanel – everything from light floral to sweet bakery aromas to woodsy, musky scents.  These days, you can find Lampe Berger products being used in homes and offices all around the world.

Lampe Berger’s mission is to improve and enhance the quality of indoor air; so the company makes fragrances designed to cleanse the air itself, while helping to evoke a subtle sense of atmosphere.  The patented catalytic burner system releases fragrance gradually, while eliminating germs, allergens, and offensive odors left behind by cooking, pets, tobacco, and other nasty odors.

Not only do Lampe Berger products eliminate unpleasant odors, they actually help to purify the air ~ and there are more than enough lamp and fragrance combinations to suit an extensive range of tastes.

Three Easy Steps to Use: 

1. You simply use a small funnel to fill your Lampe Berger lamp no more than 2/3 full with your selected fragrance oil.

2. Then just insert the wick/burner into the lamp.  For the first-time use, you will want to let the wick soak up some of the oil before lighting.

3. Once lit, just let the flame burn for two minutes, then blow it out and put the top back on your lamp.

That’s it!  Your lamp will release fragrance into the surrounding environment and help cleanse the air until you remove the top, affix the snuffer cap, and replace the top to extinguish.

boxround_2Start with the Essential Square Starter Kit or you can choose from dozens of fragrances – including a “neutral” fragrance, which can be used to dilute the other scents – plus a wide range of lamp designs to complement any decor.  Two Bostons carries a wide range of Lampe Berger lamps and fragrance oils.  There are a huge variety of fragrances available, just to name a few: Fresh Linen, Ocean Breeze, Summer Rain, Wild Grass Field and Charleston (a great holiday mix of nutmeg, cinnamon and patchouli).

If you’d like to learn more about Lampe Berger, stop by any Two Bostons store and ask one of our team members to show you some examples of the lamps and fragrance oils.  They’d make a beautiful (and functional) addition to your home – and they also make wonderful gifts!

This time of year you see pumpkin in everything: drinks, side-dishes, pasta, cookies, bread, and of course pie! For as much pumpkin we eat this time of year we can all be grateful that it  good for us!  You are probably wondering how eating pumpkin pie can be good for you…well it has three grams of fiber per one-cup serving and only 49 calories.  It is loaded with antioxidant-rich Vitamin A and beta carotene, energizing potassium and iron, plus Vitamin C.

gettyimages-492269311Guess what?!? Pumpkin is also good for your dogs and cats! It is probably best not to have them eat actual raw pumpkin but canned, natural, unsweetened pumpkin; pumpkin seeds; and cooked fresh pumpkin have numerous benefits for our furry friends.  The same goes for plain, pureed sweet potato.  These powerhouse foods can help “squash” a variety of pet-related issues and ailments and support the following areas:

Digestive Health: Thanks to their fiber content, pureed pumpkin and sweet potato (again, not pie filling, but plain with no added sugar or spice, like the canned variety made by Fruitables) can help dogs and cats with bouts of constipation and diarrhea.  Adding a tablespoon or two to their regular meal (in proportion of your pet’s size) has been proven to help keep them regular.  Both is also very effective when it comes to calming upset stomachs in pups and kitties.

fruitables-pumpkin-switch-canFood Transition: If you’re transitioning your dog to a different or healthier food, you definitely don’t want to risk upset tummies or messy stools.  Fruitables Pumpkin Switch is a great transition aid that provides a calming digestive “buffer.” It calms the stomach and eases digestion to make the transition much easier.  Simply add a spoonful or two to your pet’s bowl as you begin to include higher proportions of the new food.

Skin, Coat, and Urinary Health: Pumpkin seeds are high in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, so they help support overall healthy skin and fur.  According to several vets that we have talked with, the oils in pumpkin and its seeds can help support urinary tract health over time as well.

fruitables-sweet-potatoWeight Management: My dog has put on an extra pound or two over this past year because she has a toddler that likes to give her the food he doesn’t want…I have simply reduced a portion of her breakfast and added in some plain canned pumpkin or sweet potato (such as Fruitables Sweet Potato SuperBlend).  She loves the flavor, and it keeps her feeling full all while helping shed a couple extra pounds.

If you would like to learn more about the pet-related benefits of pumpkin or sweet potato, ask anyone of our Two Bostons team members.  They can give you their insights and suggestions specific to your dog and cat.  Don’t forget that you can also try a range of treats, snacks and supplements that feature pumpkin and sweet potato, like Fruitables.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner…and then all of those parties and Holiday gatherings your pets might get more table food and droppings than they are supposed to.  Along with all of that junk food, comes upset tummy’s and possibly some loose stools that can mean accidents on the carpet.  To help avoid all of this we have something for you to pick up today!the_honest_kitchen_perfect_form

Perfect Form from The Honest Kitchen will help with those digestion problems that might come along with eating all of those scraps from your guests during the Holidays…but it will also help long term too! This supplement will sooth an upset tummy, combat gas, facilitates regularity, firms up loose stools, and will sooth and protect the GI tract for your dog and cat.

Learn more about why you should use Perfect Form on a daily basis to help your pet with staying firm and regular from the video below…

Stop in today to pick up Perfect Form by The Honest Kitchen!

Having a large dog who is a big chewer (antlers are a staple in my home), I know how difficult it can be to find toys that last. That’s why we made a list of our top durable toys for you to check out.

The Snowball

This awesome (non-melting) snow ball is made from an innovative material that actually allows your pet’s teeth to bounce off rather than sink in called Orbee. It is buoyant, bouncy, and has a minty smell (good bye dog breath!) This ball is one of our most durable holiday toys and great fun for your pooch.

The Hurley

Okay…so technically, this is not a holiday toy; however, we do carry them in red and green AND they are crazy durable. This is a toy that no home in need of a durable toy should be without. This great toy is made in the USA and comes with a one-time replacement guarantee.

Light Bulb

The orbee material makes another appearance in these lightbulbs. They are hallow so you can fill them with treats…that way these are two toys in one.

The Jive

So, here again, we do have a specific holiday toy; however, this is an extremely durable toy that should be in your home. The unique shape causes the Jive to bounce in a different direction every time it hits the floor.

The Peppermint

Here is another buoyant, bouncy, minty toy made from that great orbee material. Watch your dog’s teeth bounce right off. Your dog will chase this toy and have tons of fun. This is a solid toy that holds up against your tough chewer. It’s a true Christmas miracle.

Hugglehounds Holiday Plush Toys

The Hugglehounds holiday toys are made from soft corduroy on the outside and a tough lining on the inside. There are also no outer seams for your pup’s teeth to rip open. Plus the squeakers are really fun. We’ve got a penguin, an elf, a reindeer, and a polar bear to choose from.

Go Dog Holiday Toy

This Holiday Reindeer Ball will last because of the reinforced mesh stitched just below his fuzzy exterior. He’s not indestructible; however, he is very durable.

Check out this page on our website if you want more information on any of these great products. And hopefully, one of these durable toys will make an appearance under your tree this season!

Do you have a plush pup? One who has EVERYTHING under the sun and deserves more? One who you wouldn’t dream of not spoiling? One who is so special, you simply must not let this holiday season pass without that perfect gift?

Is that you?

Well, if so…Two Bostons is the place you need to be. And I’ve got a list of 10 items that you should consider for your very pampered pet!

1. The Drinkwell

This drinking fountain is as stylish as it is functional. It keeps water flowing with it’s near silent motor through a filter that makes your pet’s water the freshest water around. The free-fall water encourages your pet to drink plenty (of water people…this is a family show) keeping their hydration level up. Your pet will be the envy of the block with her glossy mane and smooth skin, a benefit of proper hydration. Doesn’t your prince or princess deserve the freshest water around?

2. The Double Donut Bed

The Double Donut Bed by Bowsers is the perfect gift for the pet who wants to lounge in style and comfort. Customize your pet’s bed with one of the many fabric choices and watch as your pet sleeps in luxury. The added support of the extra ring allow for maximized comfort during nap after nap. Being machine washable and durable makes this bed extra posh for your pooch!

3. The Around the Collar & Lead

Why let your dog walk around in a hum-drum collar and use a plain lead when you can have an extraordinary one from Around the Collar? You could have a leather collar, embellished with Swarovski crystallized stone elements and Swarovski crystals. Or, choose a unique camo set for Fido or Frieda. I can guarantee your pet will not see him or herself coming and going in this unique collar.

4. The Pet Car Seat

Now your pooch can travel in style, comfort, and safety when you gift this pet car seat by Animal Matters. Because they do. Matter that is. No more sliding around the seat looking for purchase, no more torn nails or terrified trips. Available in pink, charcoal and tan, your dog’s chariot awaits.

5. The Apache River Coat

Your dog will be warm and fashionable this winter in the Apache River Coat. With it’s warm, yet light-weight fleece that hugs the body like a second skin, this coat is the best coat we carry. Available in many colors, you can have it custom embroidered for your special friend to make your pet’s coat truly unique!

6. Let us create a Chew Pack for you.

You know we are constantly bringing you the latest and greatest chews on the market. Tell us about your dog and we will create a customized chew pack especially for your pooch! From antlers to bully sticks and everything in between, we’ve got plenty to chews from (sorry, I had to do it). Let us know what your price point is and we will create a gift like no other for your pooch to have under the tree.

7. Bakery Treat of the Month

Looking for a way to make your pet feel special all year round? Well, we are renowned for our bakery… so make our treats a very special treat for your special pal every month. With mouthwatering cookies to choose from, we will create a package for you every month and your pet can enjoy your love all year through.

8. K9 Naturals Dog Food

Let your pet know just how special they are to you by feeding them a diet rich in protein and all the yummy goodness their bodies need. This any life stage food is good for any size dog, from toy to giant, and will provide simply the best nutrition available. No artificial ingredients or hormones are used…just grass-fed, ranch raised animals, making this a nutritionally sound species appropriate diet choice.

9. The Megatags Dog ID Tag

The perfect accessory for the pooch who has it all, this gorgeous tag is blinged out with over 60 crystals and is made from solid stainless steel. Solid and sparkly..what more would a pampered pooch need?

10. The Pet Steps

Because, frankly, I can’t believe you expect your pooch to jump! Just kidding. I’m not…okay, I am. But, these steps are the ultimate in luxury for the older pet who still loves a good cuddle on the couch, or the younger pet, who can’t quite make it up to your level. Come on, help your pet out with a set of these awesome steps.

So there you have it. Our picks for your very posh pooch. Be sure to stop by or call either store if you would like us to set aside one of these very special items for your very special pooch. And since we know your pet is super special, but the sky may not be your limit, check out this post for our Top 10 Under $10 picks. And check out this page for links to some of our other Top Picks!

Hi again! It’s me, Nicole from the Downtown store. I’m back to talk to you about some common holiday items you may have in your home that could pose a danger to your pet.

Many of us have these items and don’t realize the harm they can cause, so I wanted to give you a quick run-down and let you know what to be on the look out for.

1.) Poinsettias:

  • May cause irritation to the mouth
  • May cause vomiting and or diarrhea

2.) Mistletoe:

  • Causes digestive upset, but can potentially cause cardiovascular problems

3.) Holly:

  • Gastrointestinal no no!

4.) Batteries:

  • Contain caustic, corrosive materials that can result in chemical burns if chewed or ingested. (Ouch)

5.) Alcoholic beverages and/or chocolate:

  • Increased heartbeat
  • Can make pet very very sick

(Check out our Bowser Beer or Beer Bones as a substitute. No hops or alcohol involved!)

Or, if you think your pet would rather have sweets…check out the huge cookies (or some of our other great bakery items) Eddie the Elf was looking at on Facebook today!

6.) Christmas tree water:

  • Contains fertilizer or preservatives that can be toxic to pets
  • Over time becomes moldy, stagnant, an not fit to drink

7.) Electrical lighting cords:

  • Some dogs consider them a chewing toy which can result in severe burns in and around the mouth and gums

8.) Christmas tree tinsel or ribbon:

  • Causes intestinal blockage and can actually cut into intestinal tissue (again ouch!)

9.) Potpourri:

  • Liquid or dry may have toxic flowers in the mix so keep up high just for safety!

Other Winter Pet Hazards ( I promise I am almost done :-D)

*Antifreeze- It has a sweet, pleasant taste, and even the smallest amount can be fatal. Keep out of reach, and check your local automotive shop for a pet safe brand, and clean any spills to the best of your ability.

*Ice-melting products- Can be irritating to the mouth and skin. Ingestion depending on ingredients may include vomiting, depression, or excessive drooling. Luckily I have a quick fix! Come into your nearest Two Boston’s store and pick up our pet safe salt!


*Rodent killers- As it gets chilly outside mice will move indoors for warmth causing you to need a pesticide inside the house. Keep out of reach of pets or you could be taking Fido for an unexpected visit to the vet.

The best advice I can give is to be observant of your pets behavior, and to make sure all hazardous items are out of Fido’s reach this holiday season. We all know its hard for us to communicate with our pets, so they might get into SOME trouble despite our best efforts.

That being said, always keep your vet’s phone number in a accessible spot in case of an emergency.

Phew! Now, let’s have a safe, happy, and stress free holiday season! I can’t wait to see you and Fido at Two Boston’s soon to pick out some holiday goodies!

Hi Everyone! I’m Nicole from the Downtown store and I wanted to talk to you about your pet and the holidays.

We all go through some sort of madness that gives us stress during the holiday season, but one thing owners tend to miss is that your pup actually takes on stress just like you! After shopping you bring home big strange bags, decorations begin to go up, and the house takes on a different smell, all things your Fido is not exposed to year round. Owners will be attending holiday parties, thus spending less time at home. Some have additional guests over for holiday festivities, which can make anyone go crazy!

While some of your pets may get extra attention during the holidays, others are hiding under the covers..especially when the man in the big red suit comes barreling  down the chimney. (yikes!) Stress has many definitions and can be handled by different people in different ways. Good, bad, positive, or negative changes can make even the best-behaved pet have a bad day.

Here are a few remedies you can do to relieve your fur friend’s stress!

1.) Bringing Fido to the dog park or even a day of doggy daycare! Why not let them play with someone just like them? It can help relieve stress, and it will be tons of fun for your dog! A day for them to relax and connect with their “friends” is all they will need!

2.) Add in a special treat for your special pup by taking them for a spa day! A nice warm bath is a wonderful way to relax your dog, clean them up and make them smell good for the holiday. What a great idea 🙂

3.) Keep your pooch occupied with safe chews, toys, and/or treats. We’ve got plenty to choose from and would be more than happy to help you pick out what will work for your fur friend.

Here are some ideas:

4.) Looks like Eddie the Elf was checking out the Hugglehounds on Facebook today. Check this post out if you want to read more about that great toy!

Check back tomorrow because I wanted to let you know about some common poisonous items you may have in the house that could be dangerous to your pets. And be sure to stop by the store to check out the great items I showed you today!


We know you have some tough chewers on your holiday list. That’s why we’re so excited to bring back the holiday toys from Orbee.

Orbee-Tuff toys are all non-toxic, recyclable rubber toys and made here in the U.S.A. And our Team Member Liz’s bulldog Brock swears by them. You can read all about Brock and the chop rating Orbee toys have here.

This year we have the Peppermint

This is one solid toy! A minty, bouncy, floaty, durable rubber toy that is tons of fun to toss around, the Orbee Peppermint is one candy that should be on your pet’s wish list!

The Light Bulb

This light bulb is the only one you’ll want near your pet’s mouth this season. It comes in two sizes…so you can choose the perfect size for your pooch. There is a spot to hide treats inside the bulb so you can keep your pooch entertained and active.

The Snowball

This snowball will not melt and will provide hours of fun for your pooch. It floats, it bounces, and it’s minty! So not only will your dog have fun, but it will help your dog’s breath!

All Orbee toys are made to deflect your dog’s teeth rather than allow them to sink in…which is why they last so long. So, head over to either of our stores today and check out the great line of holiday (or regular season) toys we have from Orbee. They make great stocking stuffers and are perfect for all the pets on your holiday list (even the naughty list)!