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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Don’t forget about your kitty this holiday!  We have some toys that will have your kitty going crazy for more!  Check out this top 5 picks this year.

  1. Yeowww Candy Cane and Yeowww Kris Krinkle by Ducky World: From the makers of our best-selling cat toy, the Yeowww Banana, this candy cane and Christmas tree will be a huge hit in your home this Christmas.  It is jam-packed with 100% organic, super-strong catnip. No cotton fillers, no seeds or stems, just catnip! The perfect find for your kitty.yeowww
  2. Fling-Ama-String by Moody Pet: Bored cats? Try this toy…this multi-award-winning electronic toy has a long white elastic conveyor belt, moody-pet-fling-ama-stringand a colorful silky cord sewn onto the belt at one end. Turn on the motor, and the belt rotates to flip the string around and around again! There are two speeds, perfect to entice either your lazy or crazy cats! Cats grab wildly at the string, and can even stop the conveyor belt. But when they adjust their grip, the silky cord slips out from in between their paws. The conveyor belt will rotate again, and they’ll drive themselves wild going after that string.
  3. Supercat Catnip Cave by GoDog: Does your cat like paper bags…and what about catnip? This Catnip Cave combines two natural loves into one great product! The grocery sized bags come in a four-pack.  Each bag is micro-encapsulated with catnip, making these bags a giant scratch-n-sniff sticker for your cat! Be ready to laugh quite a bit and be entertained!!cave-catty
  4. Catty Whack® by Ourpets: Oh, what fun this will be for your Kitty! This toy has a feather on a wand that randomly pops out of six different holes on the sides. Your cat will never guess where that feather may come out next! It also has a scratching pad in the middle of the toy to satisfy your cats need to flex those claws, and non-skid feet will keep it in place while your cat plays!
  5. Kitty Play Zone by Kitty a GoGo: Kitty condo? Puh-lease! Our felines are (cardboard) homeowners!! This cardboard house is fun for all ages and kitty’s.  Decorate it with markers, stickers, crayon’s, and make a truly creative play-space that represents your cat’s personality! This kitty home features an internal climbing tower, loft area, and roof opening. Comes with two stainless steel feeding bowls for the internal feeding station.

Be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide, Top Gifts for Cat Lovers for other gift ideas!

There is only 6 shopping days until Christmas!!  Still not sure what to get your four-legged friend this year? Here are a few of our favorite Holiday toys this year.

Holiday Knotties by Hugglehounds: These toys are great for any dog because inside each of these seasonal characters is a double-layer of Tuffut lining, and extra stitching.  There is also no external stitching and embroidered-on details to make these safety-conscious and a super-durable toy! Each floppy limb features a knot to give your dog a good grip for chewing and tossing, and an enticing squeaker, plus one extra squeaker in the belly. Which one of these cute Knotties will be your pups favorite this holiday?hugglehound-knottiesbottlebuddys

Bottle Buddies by Outward Hound: Has your dog ever gotten a hold of a water bottle and loved the crunchy sounds it makes? This is the perfect toy for them!  Your dog will get all of the crunch and fun of chomping down on a water bottle, but with the perfect plush texture. These festive characters come with a recycled water bottle to start, plus a squeaky bottle cap!outward-hound-hide-a-present-puzzle-plush


Hide-a-Present Puzzle Plush Toy by Outward Hound: Give your pup their chance to pick presents from under the tree! Well, more like OUT of the tree instead of under it. Dogs love puzzle toys, and this one, with plush gifts as the reward, will be one you can use again and again. Just stuff the presents back into the tree and toss it on the floor again. This is a great toy for keeping your pup busy during the holidays!


2016 Charity Candy Cane Toy by Fluff & Tuff: This classic Candy Cane toy has a twist – the profits from its sales go to charity! The Fluff & Tuff Charitable Foundation’s mission is to donate to small-scale organizations, shelters, rescues and clubs who are dedicated to helping animals in need. Your purchase will not only bring a smile to your pupper’s face, but lots of other dogs and cats in need of some joy this season! fluff-n-tuff-holiday-charity-candy-cane-toy

This 13-inch candy cane is made with swirls of white, green and red super-soft ultra-plush. Inside a durable thick mesh inner liner and new non-toxic polyester fiber stuffing. All seams are generously folded, then double stitched so they’re concealed. Inside is a large durable squeaker secured inside a stitched fabric pouch, providing hours of festive


All of these toys can be found on our website or at each of the stores.  Need more ideas for the special pets or pet lovers on your list? Check out our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!








If you have a dog at home that goes through toys like it’s a treat, you might be hesitant to purchase more toys. But have you tried these??  These are perfect toys for our heavy chewers this Holiday Season!

snowball_coalThe Snowball and Coal by Planet Dog: This non-melting snow ball and lump of coal is made from an innovative material that allows your pets teeth to bounce off rather than sink in!  They are buoyant, bouncy, and have a minty smell and taste (great for bad breath) and made in the USA!  These balls are one of our most durable holiday toys and great fun for your pooch.


Knotties Holiday Toys by Hugglehounds: These holiday characters are lovingly made from cozy-soft yet tough corduroy.  They are also constructed with Tuffut technology; double-layer lining, extra stitching, no external stitching and embroidered details make it a safe and super-durable toy.  Each floppy limb features a knot to give your pup a good grip for flipping and tossing, and an enticing squeaker to encourage play!knotties

kyjen_holiday_tuff_candy_caneHoliday Tuff Candy Cane by Kyjen: It’s not the holidays without a giant candy cane! This dog toy has special durable seams to make sure that your tough chewer won’t get in. Sweeten up your dog’s holiday season with this Tuff Candy Cane!

hugglehounds-long-squeak-santaLong Squeak Santa by Hugglehounds: This Santa will have no problems fitting down the chimney for Christmas!! This Santa is a perfectly stick-shaped plush without pesky limbs getting in the way of quality squeak time. Long Squeak toys are all about the important business of squeaking; they squeak when squeezed, squeak when released, and the squeaker continues to work even after being punctured. Santa is made of ultra-plush, super-tough corduroy fabric, and a soft fuzzy beard.  Inside of course is the durable double-layer Tuffut lining. The extra stitching, no external stitching and embroidered details makes this a safety-conscious and super-durable toy.

Check out all of our Holiday Toys on our website and surprise your dog with a present under the tree this season!



coverimageWorking at Two Bostons has caused a lot of “firsts” to happen in my life. Never had I seen (or sold!) poop bags with the faces of political candidates on them. Nor had I been basically at eye level with a Great Dane while I found the right treat to make him happy.  And I certainly never thought I’d hear myself saying words like “I hope that pig heart works out for you!”

And that’s my fun and a little off-the-wall topic for today: interesting carnivorous chews that can keep your dogs engaged, happy and busy (especially this time of year, during the holidays)!  All of these are single-ingredient products with no mystery preservatives, so you can give them to your dog with confidence.

Many of our Two Bostons customers already know about our bully sticks, so I won’t spend much time on them.  All I’ll say is that if you haven’t tried one for your dog yet, come in and talk to us!  They’re our bestselling item for a good reason.

My favorite non-bully chews in the store are the beef trachea’s. They come in bags of 2″ assorted pieces, or individually in 6″ and 12″ varieties, although many of the 12″ ones are easily a couple inches more than that! The trachea is a great chew because it contains a lot of glucosamine and chondroitin, which is like gold for your dog’s joint health.  The longer tracheas can easily be broken if you want to give it to your dog over more than one sitting. They smell delicious and beefy and my Maple just love them; a 6″ section takes her anywhere from 20-30 minutes to eat.

croppedbullystickThen there are the chicken feet. Yes, chicken feet.  And duck feet. These are a much quicker chew for a big dog like Maple, but very crunchy and satisfying. Dogs can safely eat them bones and all!

Junior bully sticks are made from beef bladders and come in the same sizes as regular bullies. You’ll notice a definite difference in color and texture, though!

Turkey necks are another chew that is safe even with bones. They’re J-shaped and have a surprising amount of meat on them. This is one I have yet to try, but given my girl’s track record with Two Bostons’ chews, I’m optimistic she’ll like it.

Then there’s the aforementioned pig heart, also known as a “pumper” in the store. These wrinkly little beauties are quite varied in their size and shape, so I say all things being equal, go for the biggest one! Remember that in the wild, when wolves make a kill, the heart of the prey animal is one of the most highly prized organs, so the alpha tends to get it.  Make your dog feel like an alpha and try a pig heart soon!

Another great thing about our fabulous chews is that ALL of them qualify for the Buy 10, Get 1 Free deal that we offer on our bully sticks.  Mix and match a bunch of chews for your pup and watch them have fun eating healthy chews over the holidays!  …they also make for the perfect stocking stuffers.


Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your new puppy or maybe your dog has all of the latest and greatest toys and chews (they can never have too many!)…we have the perfect thing for you.

A Bowser Bed!Piazza_THUMB

This will become your dogs new favorite place to curl up and relax (besides next to you, of course!)  They look so comfy I think that I would like to take a nap in one! It is really a great gift for you and your pet…we all love to cuddle and snuggle but we all also like to have a good nights rest!  Here are just three reasons why you should get one for your pup today:

  1. You get to choose the Style, Comfort and Design!  Choose from over 25 stylesDONUTBED_THUMB and over 100 designer fabrics.  Unique, practical styles that your dog will love.  Designed to suit any home and space, gone are the days when you have to hideaway your dog bed when guests arrive!
  2. Machine washable!  All Bowser Beds are made with zippered covers that makes them easy to keep clean by just putting it in the wash machine.
  3. 7 – 8 times more durable than a regular cotton fabric.  They are made with the highest quality materials, such as YKK zippers that are used in the luggage industry, high memory virgin polyester fiber and Eco-Tex Certified upholstery grade fabrics.

DOUBLEDONUT_THUMBWe hope that you will try one today…your pets need their beauty sleep too.  If you do want to get one for Christmas this year, don’t delay, you will want to get your custom order in by Sunday (12/6) to guarantee delivery by Christmas.


One of the things my husband and I really enjoy is helping to sponsor and support kids around the world by furnishing food, clothing, medical aid, and toys; and giving them the chance to attend school. At the moment we’re assisting children of various ages in Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Thailand, the U.S., and Russia. So for us, part of this priority has been deciding that our own house doesn’t need to be as large or fancy as we’d once envisioned. And that means our pets need to be comfortable in a more modest living space as well.

I’ve found that dogs are pretty adaptable to numerous situations. But if you happen to live in a smaller-sized home, some breeds have an easier time adjusting than others. Perhaps most surprisingly, I’ve found that breed size is not always the most important factor. What seems to matter more is whether the pet has a certain kind of temperament — including a lower tendency to bark constantly (especially if you happen to have neighbors living in close proximity); and lower exercise needs that can be satisfied via daily outdoor strolls, regular indoor play, and/or ready access to a secure, dog-friendly outside area.

In particular, we love taking our pups to Aurora’s Gregory Island Dog Park. It’s in a quiet, peaceful setting right on the river, and adjacent to a nature preserve with walking trails. It also has completely separate, off-leash play areas for larger dogs and smaller dogs under 35 pounds. We appreciate this type of feature in a dog park, because large dogs can sometimes accidentally injure or trample a smaller dog during energetic play. Our pup Grant, for example, is built like a hedgehog but seems to think he’s a Great Dane – so he could easily get hurt if he were swept into a big-dog romp session. If you have a larger dog and want to visit Gregory Island, it’s important to note that the big-dog side of the park is not fully fenced in. The river itself acts as a barrier … unless your dog loves to swim, in which case you’d need to be very watchful. The small-dog side is fenced on all four sides. To register your pup(s), contact the Fox Valley Park District Park Police Office at 630-264-7421.

Dog Park Areas in the Fox Valley

The Illinois Fox Valley has some of the most beautiful, safe, and spacious dedicated dog park areas in the Midwest.


The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County also has a number of beautiful, spacious off-leash dog parks. There are six in total, though we particularly like Greene Valley – which, again, has a separate fenced area for dogs under 35 pounds. Blackwell and Springbrook Prairie are two other fully-fenced areas that have lots of great trails, too. Keep in mind, though, that Springbrook’s “fence” encloses an absolutely gorgeous but huge expanse of land — so your dog can become lost in the high brush if s/he doesn’t respond well to callbacks. To obtain a permit, contact the Park District Office at 630-933-7248.

In addition to dog park visits, our two dogs enjoy a LOT of indoor playtime. They have one easily accessible toy box on the floor, plus a special “hidden toy box” that only makes an appearance during bonus-round, extended-play sessions. Grant is our “let’s play fetch” pup, so he especially enjoys squeaky plush toys from Hugglehounds and Planet Dog (the Hugglehounds Red Candy Cane is a special favorite). Maisy is our resident brainiac, and her sweet, serene puppy face conceals a surprisingly wolf-like set of teeth that can chomp through almost anything. So for her, we rely on hidden-treat puzzle toys like the Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Brick , the awesome JW Pet Hol-ee Treat Ball, plus extra-durable offerings like the Kong Ballistic Bone. With the holidays coming up, these are some excellent options to consider when it comes to keeping your pups busy and active on snowy days.

Indoor Toy Options

Indoor play should be a part of every dog’s life. With the holidays coming up, consider extra-durable options plus puzzle toys that stimulate your pup’s natural intelligence.

Over the years, I’ve compiled a list of “small-space” dog breeds with the help of our vet and behaviorists. In an upcoming blog, I’ll share some of the breeds I’ve found to be among the best candidates when it comes to co-existing happily in smaller living quarters.


Even if you’re not a pet-lover or a pet-owner yourself, chances are you have friends or family members who are. At the holidays, it can sometimes be challenging to choose just the right gift for the pet-lovers in your life. You’re not sure what supplies they already have; you may not be familiar with the temperament of the dog or cat; you may not even be sure what dogs or cats generally like. Maybe, like so many of us, you simply have a lot of people on your gift list, and/or a difficult time picking out meaningful presents.

There’s one option you can consider that’s a unique and special choice for every discerning pet-lover on your list. It can be presented as an unforgettable animal stocking stuffer (“To Bentley ~ Have a Fetching 2014, Love Santa”). But it’s also a wonderful gift for the actual pet owner – and a touching tribute in cases where someone you know has recently lost a pet.

The option I’m talking about is a Silver Bones Pet Tag. When we hear the term “pet tag,” a very specific visual usually comes to mind. Let me assure you that the visual you’re probably picturing is not doing Silver Bones justice. These pet tags are more like exquisite charms or fine hand-made jewelry. They’re crafted from gorgeous, gleaming sterling silver that is individually hand-stamped with tremendous care and attention to detail. This hand-stamping process – as opposed to the inexpensive laser engraving you often find at big-box stores – ensures that the engraved characters will never fade or rub out. Being worn against a pet’s fur even helps to keep the tag polished!

In addition, the spacing and angle of each uppercase letter on a Silver Bones tag is ever-so-slightly different, so no two tags are ever exactly alike. The finished piece appears stunningly handmade, because it is. Each Silver Bones creation is completely unique, just like the pet or pet-lover in question – and it’s also individually personalized for a lifetime of ultra-durable, functional wear. Each tag comes with a sturdy stainless steel split-ring for easy attachment to a pet collar, a harness, a pendant, a charm bracelet, a key chain, or even a memorial urn.

Silver Bones Gift Applications

Silver Bones tags look beautiful on a pet’s collar ~ but they’re also an exquisite and thoughtful touch for pendants, charm bracelets, key chains, and memorial pet urns of all shapes and sizes.

There are a number of Silver Bones shapes and sizes from which to choose, such as a crown with hearts, a heart with paw cutout, a dog bone, or a cupcake. Small tags measure 8/10” wide; medium tags measure 1” wide; and large tags measure 1 1/5” wide. Complimentary engraving includes up to two lines of text: a cherished pet’s name, and a phone number which can be stamped on the back.

Silver Bones for Pets and Pet Lovers

Silver Bones tags come in a range of extra-durable designs that are sure to suit every pet (or pet parent) on your holiday list.


If you’re looking for a thoughtful, tasteful, high-quality, personalized pet-related gift that’s attractive and durable enough to be treasured for a lifetime, consider Silver Bones. You can view a sampling firsthand at our Two Bostons stores, and any of our team members would be happy to guide you through the selection and ordering process. We can also tell you about other quality pet tag options including Rockin Doggie, Megatags, Hot Dogs, and Red Dingo.

P.S. Santa’s elves also want to remind you that companies like Up Country offer adorable, festive, holiday-themed collars and leashes — and a personalized tag is always a wonderful accompaniment for any pet-lover on your gift list!