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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Melanie WaszkowskiDoes your dog love puzzle toys? Do they love Himalayan Chews? Do you love when your dog is out from under your feet while you’re cooking dinner? If you answered YES to any of the above, your new best friend will be the Animiganza’s NEW AnimaTwist 4 in 1 toy.

I have never found a toy that I had to immediately buy fresh off the truck for Sherman before…Then one day last week I opened a box of stock to put out on the floor and saw a brightly colored toy and Himalayan chew combo, the AnimaTwist!  I immediately knew I needed to purchase one…and it was worth every penny!

The AnimaTwist is a puzzle toy that encompasses the popular Himalayan chew, just like a DNA toy for a bully stick that makes a short lasting chew turn into hours of mind stimulating activity.  I was anxious to try this with Sherman since he’s able to go through a Himalayan in 20 minutes or so.


When I brought the AnimaTwist home, I let Sherman check it out, and he wasted no time trying to get the Himalayan chew out.  At first he licked at it, then he carried the whole toy around a bit frustrated that it didn’t just come out so he could easily enjoy it.  I was able to catch up on my TV shows for the evening, and when it came time for bed, Sherman hadn’t really gotten through any of the Himalayan.  The AnimaTwist itself had a few teeth marks on it from where there was some chewing, but the toy passed the 20-minute test for him, so it was already a winner in my book!

Eventually the Himalayan was licked away so much that it broke in half, and Sherman was able to enjoy each half of his delicious treat.  To get to this point, it took him THIRTEEN hours!  What an amazing improvement on time from 20 minutes!  The AnimaTwist shows a bit of wear, but otherwise is incredibly durable for a heavy chewer.product1
The lifespan of the Himalayan isn’t the only great feature of the AnimaTwist!  The green (with or without the rope) and blue pieces fit together to make a treat ball; great for treats or kibble feeding. Expansion orange pieces are also sold separately to hold multiple or longer Himalayans.   While you could try to put any Himalayan chew inside the AnimaTwist, Animiganza’s 2 packs of Himalayans are guaranteed to fit inside the standard toy.

If you’re looking for the BEST new puzzle toy on the market, you need to pick up an AnimaTwist!

Learn more about all of the different ways you can use this toy from the video below!

Wait! What the what just happened here???

Did our two most favorite chews in the world hook up and have a baby?

Can it be true?

Yes. Yes it is. You need to believe this. Because it is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!


This little puppy is a bully stick…wait for it…wrapped in a Himalayan chew! I know! It boggles the mind that they haven’t done this before. The Yaky Stick is made in the USA, 100% grain and gluten free, and guaranteed to have no binding agents or additives.

In case you don’t know about the Himalayan chew, they are made from the milk of yaks and cows as well as lime juice and a pinch of salt. There are no added preservatives or chemicals. It is made at an altitude of 15,000 feet from a traditional method created from an ancient Himalayan recipe and dogs go nuts for this hard “cheese” chew. And now it’s wrapped around a bully stick!!


Here is Diesel getting his first sniff of this great chew. Poor guy was so mad at me when I made him sit still for the picture. But, in the end, it was way worth it for him:


I would have taken an “after” photo, but he was snoozing with a fully tummy in the corner and I didn’t want to bother him! As with any chew, the first one will be devoured in no time at all; however, ultimately, this chew will provide hours of chewing enjoyment for your pooch. We’ve got them in two sizes, so we’ve got the right size for your furry friend.

So, be sure to stop by any Two Bostons location today and check them out. Your dog will thank you!


I want to talk to you today about Ruffhides…an excellent toy that we have been eagerly awaiting. Diesel was introduced to the Ruffhide toy in February, and we’ve been actively playing with it ever since!

What is the Ruffhide?

It is the answer to your prayer! Trust me!

If you have a dog who plows through chews in record speed, this is YOUR toy! Diesel can get through a Himalayan Chew in about five to ten minutes…and a Bully Stick even quicker. While I love to treat him to these chews, I worry about how quickly he eats them.

Until now.

The Ruffhide is a safe-to-chew natural rubber material that wraps around a dog chew, and it will considerably slow your dog’s roll on Himalayans and Bully Sticks.


And, by slow your roll, I mean it took Diesel a week to finish this Himalayan. One. Week. Completely blew me away.

Made in the USA with your dog’s health and safety in mind, Ruffhides help:

  • Promote good dental health
  • Extend the life of your pet’s chews
  • Protect your carpet and upholstery by keeping gooey chews from coming into contact with surfaces

Looking for Ruffhides that are just right for your delicate teacup poodle or your grizzly bear-sized Newfie?  You are covered as they come in three different sizes.


And we keep things interesting for pets and their people with three vibrant colors—super blue, lime green and deep pink.

We carry them pre-filled with either a Himalayan Chew or a Pizzle Chew… so it’s a great value!

And, clearly, my dog can’t wait to get ahold of it…he didn’t even mind that I got him the pink one 😉


I’ve had the Ruffhide since February, and it still looks brand new. This is what it looks like today, May 30, 2013:



This is an extremely durable toy that your dog will really enjoy. If you want to see it in action, check out this video:

Head over to one of our stores and pick one up today!


You may have read our blog post last week on our top pick of stocking stuffers. One of the items you do not want to overlook is this amazing new chew we’ve brought in…

Is it a bully stick? Well, not exactly.

Is it a himalayan chew? Well, not exactly.



Yes. It’s B.O.T.H.

Not familiar with a bully stick? Well, a bully stick is an all natural chew for your dog made from the soft tissue of a bull. They are dried with no chemicals or toxins…making them a healthy, fully digestible chew for your pooch. These are one of our most popular chews.

Not familiar with a himalayan chew? Well, it is a natural, no preservative dog chew.  It only has 4 ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime juice. They are processed in a way that removes most (if not all) of the lactose, making them easy to digest. These are another one of our most popular chews.

And now it seems two of our most popular chews have decided to get married and have kids. And you certainly won’t find anyone in my house who is excited about it…

Okay, maybe this guy is a teeny, tiny bit excited.

Or, REALLY, R.E.A.L.L.Y. EXCITED…but, you know, it’s cool.

Until you do this:

And then you get the “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And then it goes quiet because:

Nothing to see here…I’m busy.

Word of warning, don’t get too close. I tried and my boy was not about to share (not that I wanted any)…

Man, oh man, he’s holding on to that for dear life and looks like a happy chewing dude. It was like Christmas, his birthday, and when the food truck makes its deliveries to Two Bostons all wrapped up into one for him! Jackpot!

So be sure to check out this little gem for your pooch. It’s a perfect treat for any time of year!




Looking for fun and unique gifts to fill your stockings with this year? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of Top 10 Stocking stuffers at Two Bostons:


1. Ursula Dodge Magnets

Check out these awesome breed specific magnets by artist, Ursula Dodge. These magnets measure 2 x 3 inches and make a wonderful addition to any collection.

2. Bottle Opener

This handy dandy bottle opener is just the thing for any pet lover. Complete with an o-ring, this opener can attach to a key ring…or a dog collar (making your dog the most sought after dog in the park).

3. Blinking Light

This dog safety light is just the thing for any pet on the go. Make sure you’re seen when the sun goes down. This blinker attaches easily to your dog’s collar and has two blinking light speeds. This battery powered dog safety light can be used for runners or even children at play too!

4. Grinch Cookie

This peanut butter flavored treat is perfect for the dog who’s heart needs to grow…okay, it’s perfect for ANY dog. Although Mr. Grinch is normally considered a mean one, this Grinch is yummy!

5. Paw Print Ornament

Capture your dog or cat’s paw print on this easy to make keepsake ornament. This awesome ornament can be painted or left plain, and is sure to become your family’s favorite decoration.

6. Annie’s Pooch Pops Hot Dog, Fries, or Burger

Check out these cute cookies. Shaped like a hot dog, fries, or burger, these boxed treats slip easily into a stocking and are sure to be a hit on Christmas morning!

7. I Heart My… Magnet

Let the world know how much you love your dog with one of these magnets. They are breed specific (we even carry hard to find breeds) and great for your bumper.

8. Himalayan Bully Stick Chew

Two of our most popular chews have come together and become one. It’s a thing of beauty. Half himalayan, half bully, your dog won’t know what happened or where to chew first! Choirs of angels will sing as your dog digs in and it will sound like ” AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH ” (okay, maybe not out loud…but that will be happening in your dog’s head for sure!). Be the best pet parent in town and come home with this spectacular chew!

9. Christmas Dog Treats

Is your pooch on the petite side? Check out these small dipped bones for the fun-sized pet. Packaged in a clear box with a Christmas Tree detail, these crunchy bones with a yogurt coating on one end is the perfect yummy for your fur friend this season.

10. Duffel Poop Bags

We know you are a responsible pet guardian…however, why carry around an unsightly roll of poop bags? With this neat duffel bag, you can carry your dog’s poop bags in style. The clip can attach to a leash, collar or belt very easily and is a great way to store a very needed item.

Check out this page on our website to see all of these great products or be sure to stop by one of our stores and pick up your stocking stuffers. Christmas is coming fast!


Have you heard about this great new chew that we are carrying?

What is it? Well, it’s beef trachea. Yep. That’s it. Beef trachea.

Why would you want to give your dog a beef trachea chew?

Well, to start, it is an excellent natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine, which is really great in helping with joint health. Even if you have a young dog, it is never too early to promote healthy joints. And, these chews are are made from free-range South American cattle, making it a really high quality chew.

Also, there are no chemicals or bleach used in the drying process, making it a safe alternative to virtually any rawhide chew. Many rawhide chews use formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals to assist in the drying process. This is not something you want your dog to ingest.

Finally, the hollow shape of the trachea gives your dog a new and interesting shape to chew. It will not shard or splinter and is an excellent way to help promote healthy teeth and gums. Plus, the chewing action will help your dog to use muscles that are not generally used when eating kibble or even a raw diet. It mimics a chewing action found in nature, thereby allowing your dog to connect with his or her carnivorous roots.

Check out this video for more great information!

If your dog enjoys chewing on bully sticks, deer antlers, himalayan chews, or anything really, you should consider changing things up occasionally with this chew. Stop by one of our stores and check them out today. Your dog will thank you.


Hello, Kate again.  This time I want to let you all in on a little secret; the cure for doggie boredom!

The Himalayan dog chews are longer lasting than bully sticks, although we have no complaints on bullies from this household!  These chews are also great for teeth cleaning, as chewing helps remove plaque and tartar from teeth. Most dog absolutely LOVE them and they have even been known to carry the nickname “Doggie Crack”!


I buy Remington the medium sized Himalayan Chew and can expect it to last at least a week, but typically longer.  The only thing Remington loves more than chewing Himalayans is hiding them.  He enjoys moving it around from couch cushions, to under my pillow, even to our basket of dirty laundry!  Clearly, he is determined to never let us find it and take it away from him, ever!

What is a Himalayan Chew?  Let’s start with this: a 99% fat free, 100%  natural, no preservative dog chew.  It only has 4 ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime juice.


Yaks and cows in the Himalayas are milked everyday.  The milk is boiled for 4-5 hours and poured into a centrifuge device, which removes the fat.   Lime juice and salt are added to speed up the coagulation process.  Burlap sacs and warm water are then used to cleanse the milk of whey and any hints of salt and lime juice.  The solids in the burlap sacs are then squeezed for 3 weeks to remove all but 5% moisture.  The cake is then cut to size and hung by rope to cook in the sun for 2-3 months.  The cooking process removes most, if not all lactose, so it is easily digested.


My only concern has been when he gets it chewed down to that tiny nub that I always feared he might swallow whole.  In the past I would just throw this piece away; but not anymore!


Did you know that you can microwave those little pieces to soften and expand up to 3-5 times its size?!  I just had to try it myself, so I microwaved a piece for 1 minute.

Above is the before and after.  Remington anxiously waited at my side through this process and photo shoot.  Of course he was rewarded for his patience!


If your dog loves these puffed Himalayans, pick up a bag of the newly released Yaky Nuggets and Yaky Puffs.  The Nuggets are the ends of chews, ready to be popped in the microwave.  The Puffs are already nuked for your dog to enjoy!


The original Himalayan Dog Chews come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, and we have them all at both store locations, as well as online.