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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

At Two Bostons during the month of January get Weruva Classic Cat Cans for 20% off!!  Spoil your kitty this month and stock up.  This cat food is one of our favorites and can very easily become your cats too!

First, we love their story…named after their three rescued cats, Webster, Rudi and Vanessa the Forman’s were on the search for “The Best Cat Food Under the Sun” and didn’t seem to find what they wanted, so they got the best ingredients from around the world and created WeRuVa! After adopting their dog Baron they started to expand into dog food.

Second, the food is produced in a human food facility…using most of the ingredients and processes that are used in food we consume. Weruva’s base proteins of chicken, beef and fish include only top-quality muscle meat, such as white breast chicken, whole tuna loins and select cuts of beef. Fresh vegetables and other unique items like Grilled skipjack, tilapia, red bigeye tuna and more are added.

Third, when you open a can of Weruva…you will notice that the ingredients maintain a natural look and recognizable texture, so you can see and understand the ingredients!  They start by flaking the fleshy, meaty cuts off the bone and hand place them into the cans. You see what you get!!

Fourth, Grain Free Greatness…All recipes are grain, GMO, MSG and Carrageenan FREE. Because Weluvya Cat Cans is the original in their brand, featuring boneless, skinless white breast meat chicken and fish loins. Chicken formulas are free of fish, and fish formulas are free of chicken.  All are protein focused and low in fat. You can also get a variety of different recipes to keep your kitty loving every meal time!

We hope that you will love Weruva as much as we do.  If you have more questions, feel free to ask any of our educated team members.



Katie R. horizDeciding which dog food to buy can be quite stressful and confusing. Colorful packaging and popularity aside, the magic words and the key component to a great healthy dog food is GRAIN FREE.  Although extremely important, it is not the sole deciding factor.  The less ingredients the better! 

Dogs are instinctively carnivores, therefore the main component of their food should be meat! (You wouldn’t find Fido walking around munching on wheat or corn stalks naturally, so why put it in their food?!) Potatoes are also another unnecessary additive to dog food.  Potatoes are a high glycemic food, basically meaning it creates sugars in the body that don’t have any business there.

ScarlettSo which food would fit all of these demands? Let me share my journey with you…My rescue Scarlett (pictured) was an itchy mess for 2 years. Besides being on a grain-free food, I wasn’t really sure why she was in this constant state of misery.  She would constantly get ear infections, bite and chew her paws until they were raw, and had uneven bowel movements.  Then I walked into the lovely store by the name of Two Bostons, and mine and Scarlett’s lives changed!  As I was accepted into employment, my extremely knowledgeable coworkers and management team gave me the wisdom I previously was not aware of.

So what does this have to do with finding the perfect solution? Everything!! After many hours of research on all our foods, Zignature was my choice. Just like magic, in about 3 weeks Scarlett’s paws weren’t dark brown and stinky, she wasn’t chewing away at her poor feet, and her chronic ear infections ceased!

Zignature_Group5_Mixed_smRemoving that grain and common allergen proteins was the perfect fix. Zignature is a grain free, chicken free, potato free, soy free, gluten free, egg free, tapioca free and finally corn free kibble.  Now you may be asking why is it necessary to eliminate all of those ingredients, like chicken or eggs? It has been proven that chicken is the main allergen in dogs, because you can find it in just about EVERYTHING. The more you expose your dog to a single protein, the more likely they may develop allergies! Meaning, that the more you switch up the flavors of your buddies food, the better!  This ties into another amazing aspect of Zignuatre, the Variety!  The diverse flavors is extremely unique and makes it that much easier to change it up for Fido (or Scarlett)! From trout and salmon, to kangaroo, or venison, your pet can experience exotic tastes without compromising quality!

Zignature is closer to the canine’s natural diet, due to eliminating fillers and by-products.  Zignature also is classified as a “limited ingredient food”, meaning the protein pictured will be the only source of meat in the food, something that is quite rare in most food.  This again is an amazing quality for allergy pups or just dogs with sensitivities! Have I also mentioned that Zignature is proudly made in the USA as well?

So, if your curious about trying this amazing food with your pet, stop by Two Bostons!  Myself, or one of our other helpful team members would be delighted to share our stories and knowledge with you.

During the month of May you will see Sojos shots and treat samples in the stores.  I thought it would be helpful for you to know more about Sojos dog food and treats, because your pup will probably love it after just one shot!

20160503_133204Similar to Stella & Chewy’s or Grandma Lucy’s, Sojos dog food is freeze dried and made with grain-free ingredients. To prepare Sojos, you simply add water to the mix and allow it to sit for 15 minutes.  This is just a bit longer than some of the other foods, but it is well worth the wait!  What is so great about Sojos is that it has the consistency of a nice, thick, chunky stew — you can literally see all the ingredients you’re giving your pup, including chunks of real meat. This also makes a great food topper, you can sprinkle it over kibble to help picky dogs get more interested.

For those of you who like to prepare fresh, cooked meat for your pup, Sojos also makes a fantastic veggie pre-mix to ensure that your pups are getting the essential nutrients they need in addition to protein.  Just mix the Sojos with liquid as normal, add the meat of your choice, and whala! You’ve got a pure, complete, and balanced meal that is ready to serve in just minutes.

Since we love Sojos food so much we of course love their line of freeze-dried “Simply Meat” dog treats too. The best part about them? They are in fact, 100% MEAT! When you read lamb on the bag, that’s it – there are no other artificial ingredients or additives.  Plus, because these Sojos treats come in small little bite-sized pieces, you can give a few treats at a time, without worrying about any extra weight gain.

20160503_133249And of course, you cannot forget their line of good dog® treats.  These bite-size bones are the perfect training treat for dogs of all sizes.  Made with simple ingredients like you would find in your own kitchen these treats come in flavors such as blueberry cobble, peanut butter & jelly, apple dumpling, chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie, and more.  There is nothing artificial, no chemicals, no sugar and are super tasty and healthy!


So…stop in today and give Sojos a shot!  And as an extra bonus until May 31, 2016 we have a great Sojos promotion going on: Purchase any 8 pound bag of Sojos, and get a Simply Meat treat for FREE or purchase any 2 pound bag of Sojos and get a Simply Meat treat for 50% Off!


Serve your dog a real, homestyle meal brimming with high quality animal proteins.  Bravo! freeze dried raw diets offer a combination of nutrition and convenience.  There is no need to keep them frozen…so you can serve this great-tasting, nourishing meal anywhere you go!  Just mix with warm water, wait 15 minutes and serve!  That is all it takes to prepare a healthy meal for your dog.

How they do it.  Freeze drying simply removes the water from the meat and poultry while retaining every vital nutrient in its original form. To create this complete dinner, Bravo starts with premium, raw, freeze dried meat or poultry as the #1 ingredient.  Then they add organs and chickpeas, plus a generous helping of garden vegetables and cranberries, as well as natural herbs. The freeze dried comes in three different protein flavors, beef, turkey and pork.20160303_110739

Homestyle Complete is so good for your dogs because:

  • Raw meat or poultry is the #1 ingredient plus organs, garden vegetables and cranberries
  • Raised without added hormones or antibiotics
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
  • Grain and gluten free
  • Natural with added vitamins and minerals
  • Made in the USA by a family-owned business
  • Tested for food safety before shipping20160303_110800

And, here are some other reasons that Bravo stands out:

  • Simplicity. At Bravo they believe that less is more.  Their limited ingredient diets are beneficial for pets with sensitive digestive systems.
  • Quality. They use nothing but the finest, most nutritious ingredients and prepare them with strict food safety standards. Bravo also refuses to use any added preservatives, hormones, grains, artificial flavors or colors.
  • Safety.  At Bravo, they are committed to providing the healthiest, safest diets and treats for your pets.  Their 10-step pet food safety process meets strict standards for pathogen control while keeping foods as close to natural as possible.
  • Restaurant heritage. Bravo products come from a family-owned company that has been supplying premium meats to finer dining establishments since 1942.
  • Value. Bravo is committed to offering premium quality products at an affordable price.

Until March 31, 2016, Bravo! Freeze Dried food is 20% off!  Don’t delay…stop in today!  If you have more questions one of our highly educated Team Members can answer your questions.

So….it is almost the New Year! And with the new year we all want to strive to be the best we can be!  This year we want you also to make sure that your pets live the best and most healthy life possible. Each month in 2016 we will be having a different educational focus to make sure you can be the best pet parent possible…here are five things that you can start to do today to make that happen, and a preview of what you can expect to learn more about this year from us!

  1. Running-With-Dog-1Exercise, Exercise, Exercise ~ It is important for us…it is important for them too!  The best way to maintain a healthy weight is exercise.  That could mean walking more, running, chasing, anything that gets the heart pumping. An unhealthy weight can lead to many health issues…so it’s time to break out that leash and get moving.
  2. 5a2f0fcddb77f334c8ef41df3963f895Feed Appropriate Diet & Supplements ~ Make 2016 the year your pets eats the best diet possible…this means a diet that closely resembles what a dog would eat in the wild.  We recommend raw diets; however, we know that is not doable for everyone, so more importantly a grain free diet is extremely important.  Much like our lives, your dog’s diet can’t be expected to cover every need his or her body has, so we recommend supplements that fits your dogs lifestyle and needs.
  3. dogs-playing-at-dog-parkBe Social ~ Can you imagine going through your life never talking to another human being?  I can’t!  Let your dog get out there and make friends.  Check out some of our local dog parks and let your dog be a dog.  There are many ways to help your dog socialize…and you’ll have fun too!
  4. nina-ottoson-dog-finder_c-g Play More ~ All work and no play makes Fido a dull boy…or at the very least a naughty boy, because he is constantly getting into things he shouldn’t.  Go through your dog’s toys and weed out the ones that are worn, broken, or simply are not played with.  If you haven’t done so yet, get a puzzle toy to stimulate your dog’s brain.  Or, get a toy that you can play with together.  We have many to choose from that are just the right size and durability for your pooch.  Let us help you pick the perfect toy!
  5. 25666036-origpic-7cf762Hydration Station ~ Fresh water is key to keeping your dog healthy.  Whether that is in your home, on a walk or on the road, it is important that you always have a supply of fresh water available to your pooch.  A raised feeder is the perfect way to offer your dog water (and food) that promotes a healthy posture and ease of swallowing.  The Drinkwell is another great way to offer your dog fresh water.  And for when you are on the go, portable drink dispensers are the way to go!

1de3189bbc6a24d16df518a7e6e3d994So here are the five easy ways to start the year off right for you and your dog!  We are looking forward to providing you with the best year yet…it is going to be jam packed with information to help you be the best pet parent you can be, you will get it from Seminars, Blogs, Events, Newsletters, Social Media and other fun activities and community partnerships!


You know we love to bring you the highest quality food available for your pooch…that’s why you need to know about Zignature.

zignature-lamb-dry-dog-food zignature-trout-and-salmon-dry-dog-foodzignature-turkey-dry-dog-food

What is Zignature? It is a limited ingredient kibble that is made in the USA. All Zignature formulas contain no chicken, chicken fat, chicken meals, chicken eggs or chicken by-products…making it the perfect choice pets with a chicken sensitivity.

Additionally, it contains no corn, wheat or soy and is manufactured with all natural ingredients. You won’t find any fillers, artificial flavors, preservatives or colors in this food.

Plus, you will find that this limited ingredient food is potato free as well! Potatoes have a high glycemic index and can cause difficulties for dogs ~ even when on a grain free diet. That’s why Zignature uses chickpeas and garden peas as their binder. This is an awesome nutritionally complete meat diet and are made with turkey & turkey meal, Lamb & Lamb Meal or Trout & Salmon meal as the first and second ingredients.

This food is a great option for the allergy prone and steel stomach dog alike.  So what are you waiting for? Give it a try.

Are you feeding your dog fast food every day?

You could be if you are feeding a species inappropriate diet.

Much like us, our pets need an appropriate diet for a full and healthy life. While it’s true that we could survive on a diet that consists of only fast food, the quality of our health would not be great. And, chances are, we would meet an untimely death or massive medical bills due to high cholesterol and/or heart problems.

I know it’s difficult to hear, but the same holds true for our pets. If they are not getting the right nutrition, how can we expect them to lead full and healthy lives?

So, what does a species appropriate diet consist of?

Well, first and foremost, grain free is a must. Dogs thrive on quality protein and healthy fats.

One of the foods we recommend for a balance of both is Merrick Grain Free.


It comes in four protein varieties: Chicken, Duck, Pork and Buffalo. Each one contains sweet potato and provides balanced nutrition with real whole foods sourced from local farmers. This natural, grain free formula dog food is ideal for all life stages and all breeds of dogs with a focus on naturally nutrient rich ingredients to support overall health.

The proteins used in this food help build and maintain lean, healthy muscle tissue in your pooch. A healthy skin and coat is supported with omega fatty acids and joint health is supported with glucosamine.

These foods contain 70% protein and 30% fresh produce which fortifies your dog’s diet with potatoes, sweet potato, peas, apples and blueberries offering vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The easily digestible carbohydrates like potatoes and sweet potatoes offer the benefit of sustained energy without upsetting grain-sensitive systems.

All of Merrick’s food is locally source farm fresh ingredients to ensure the highest quality. As a result, Merrick recipes don’t contain any ingredients from China and are made in their five-star kitchen and manufacturing facilities that uphold the strict guidelines well defined by the FDA.

Check out the Grain Free line of kibble from Merrick at any Two Bostons store today and get your pooch on the road to a long, healthy, happy life.

Anyone who feeds kibble, ever, has to know the same thing I know…there is nothing on earth faster than a dog inhaling kibble. No vacuum or jet engine has ever had the force and power of a dog on a mission when putting snout to bowl. It gives new meaning to the word fast. In fact, I don’t even think there is a word invented yet that can adequately describe the speed.

Eating fast can lead to a multitude of problems…from inconvenient ones like horrible gas to major ones like bloat. When eating in the wild, eating was naturally slowed down by the need to tear food off prey in most cases.

Well, I don’t know about you, but even though I love my dog, I am not about to haul a carcass into the house. That line is firm.


There is still the issue of needing to slow his eating down. So I got him this:

It’s the Dog Maze by Butler.

I love this product for a number of reasons…but these are my top three:

1. It has slowed his eating down considerably…taking meal time from a 3 second experience to one that lasts an average of 15 to 30 minutes.

2. It has these awesome little grippy feet on the bottom so it doesn’t slide anywhere when he’s trying to eat:

3. It engages him and encourages him to problem solve. The well is deep enough that he has to push the food to the ends rather than just stick his tongue in and retrieve the kibble. So, it’s kind of like dinner and a show for him 🙂

Now, I will say, that the first time I introduced his kibble in the maze it was quite the process. He was very confused and exited all at the same time. It took a good chunk of time to get him to try the maze, and I actually had to place it on top of his raised feeder to get him to go near it:

This is not actually uncommon. He is a creature of habit (as most of us are) and his dinner is always in the same spot. It took him a while to warm up, and I had to show him what to do by moving some of the kibble around.

After he ate a bit, I was able to move it to the floor and he was fine:

His tail was wagging and he really started to enjoy the process. He would nudge some food out, eat it, and go back to nudge more…which is exactly as it should be.

Now, whenever we feed kibble, I use the maze and he is quite comfortable using it. I will say, as I stated earlier, the well is slightly deep, so I don’t know if a flat face breed would be able to use this maze as easily as a breed with a longer snout.

We carry the Dog Maze at both our store locations and you should consider picking one up for your vacuum cleaner, I mean pooch.

You have this beautiful new puppy who has joined your family and I know you want that pup to have the best life possible. Or, you have had your dog for a while and you now realize that he or she would be happier and healthier on a higher quality diet.

We can help you decide what type of diet fits into your lifestyle and get you going on the right track. Stop by either of our stores or set up your free nutrition consultation with us by emailing

That is a wonderful first step for you to take! However, you are going to want to consider something…

When switching your pet from a diet that includes grains and other additives, your pet may experience diarrhea…or constipation. You are going to want to consider adding Firm Up to your pet’s food.

Firm Up is a great product that helps with either of those problems. Pumpkin is one of the most nutritious fruits on the earth! It is loaded with disease fighting nutrients. Pumpkin is low in fat and rich in immune boosting nutrients. Shake some Firm Up on your dog’s food during the transition and you will quickly and effectively relieve both diarrhea and constipation, as well as other digestive issues in pets.

This amazing supplement made with 100% USA grown natural pumpkin flesh and apple fiber is effective. You may also want to consider Firm Up with Cranberry, which has the additional benefit of prevent bacteria forming on the walls of the urinary tract. This helps keep infection from developing. Plus the addition of cranberry packs a punch of powerful antioxidants!

So whether you are transition a new puppy over from a breeder or shelter diet, or 2013 is the year you have decided to get your beloved pooch on a more species appropriate diet, Firm Up is a supplement you need to know about.


I want to let you in on a little secret. Okay, it’s not a secret…but it may be news to you. Your dog or cat will have a healthier and happier life if they eat a diet based upon what nature intended for them. Think of it like this: you feel better when you eat better. The same holds true for the animals in your life. And, with the amount of love they give us, isn’t it the least we can do to make sure they feel the best they can?

We think so.

That is why we are always looking for great food options for you to try. Now, you may be familiar with the brand Primal. In fact, we have carried their freeze-dried food and have enjoyed the quality of their products for years. That is why we are thrilled to introduce you to their frozen raw line.

Sold in 6 pound bags of patties or 3 pound bags of nuggets, the Primal Raw diet is convenient for any size dog. All of their protein is USA sources (with the exception of the venison…which is from New Zealand), free-range, antibiotic and cruelty free. The fruits and veggies they use are organic, as are the supplements. And, they offer some amazing “exotic” protein sources such as:





Along with the favorites you’ve come to know such as beef, chicken, duck and lamb. All of their protein is a single source protein with the exception of turkey & sardine.

Primal makes sure to add, not only the meat as it’s first ingredient, but they do not use synthetic vitamins at all. All of their vitamins and minerals come from natural raw foods.

And Primal has not ignored the cats out there. They have a phenomenal line of frozen raw for your feline as well. The feline food has a high meat to produce ratio, as cats are great natural hunters and would likely have meat for every meal in the wild. The bags are sold in 3 pound bags of nuggets for ease of feeding and include beef & salmon, chicken & salmon, pheasant, quail, rabbit, turkey, and venison as protein choices. Clearly a great variety for our feline friends. If you would like to give any of these a try, give us a call and we will order it for you!

One of the best things about this product is the color variation within the products. You can tell all of the materials they used were raw. It is awesome to see.

And, because we love you and your pets, and we are so thankful for you, we are having a special on the exotic protein sources, (Quail, Pheasant, Rabbit, and Venison) until the end of the year…the 3 pound nugget bag is only $24.99! That means you will be able to stock up and try some great and fun new food options for your fur friend!

So, stop on by our 75th Street store today (we’ll have it stocked at our Downtown location next week) and pick up some Primal Frozen Raw for your pooch today. Your pet will go wild!