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Plush toys can be a hit-or-miss thing with many dogs. One minute, they’re carrying it around the house lovingly, snuggling with it at night – and the next second, your living room has been transformed into a stuffing-filled war zone and poor Teddy is headed right to the trash. Why do dogs insist on utterly DESTROYING their most beloved toys? Simple – it’s in their nature! Our pups love with everything they’ve got.

It’s also hard sometimes to remember that our dogs are descendents of wild animals (especially when we pamper and spoil them as much as we do) — but just like animals in the wild, dogs have instincts that come naturally to them. One instinct that many dogs have, in varying degrees, is the instinct to burrow and to hunt for prey. Since they don’t normally have access to wild animals, though, what ends up becoming their prey? Their stuffed toys – most often, the squeaker!

Yes, the squeaker is usually the culprit that drives dogs insane and prompts them to rip their beloved stuffed toys to pieces. When a dog discovers that this noisy device is concealed inside their toy, it becomes an overriding goal for them to get it — and they don’t care what brightly colored fabric gets in their way. Think of most squeakers as buried treasure for your pup – and once they unearth their prize, they normally have little use for the toy anymore and move on to the next game. For my girl Shenzi, the “next game” usually involves me chasing her around the house, trying to get the squeaker before she chews and swallows it. Remember, that’s rule number one when it comes to playtime – once the toy is destroyed or broken, take it away immediately. Failure to do so could turn playtime into a scary choking situation very quickly!


I have to admit, sometimes it’s heartbreaking to throw away the super-adorable toys Shenzi destroys — but this is why I love Go-Dog toys. Made by Quaker Pet Group — the same company that brings you the blissfully quiet Hear Doggy toys we’ve mentioned previously — these adorable plush companions have been created for very dedicated chewers. What makes them so durable? The “chew guard technology” inside the toy, which is an elastic nylon that actually makes it harder for dogs to rip through the fabric. In fact, all these toys include outer tags showing an example of that nylon attached to the toy, so you can feel for yourself just how incredibly strong and stretchy the material actually is. Another thing I love about these toys is the fact that many of them have very little stuffing, so if your dog eventually does manage to get through the outer layer (and I always remind people that dogs have very powerful jaws – many will get through most toys eventually), you don’t have THAT big of a mess to clean up. In addition to all these reasons, you’ll end up wanting a Go-Dog collection at your house because all the toys are just so stinkin’ adorable! Shenzi’s personal favorite is her blue platypus (see them snuggling above, left), but there are a number of cute plushies including dragons (above, right), dinosaurs, alligators, roosters, even a super-sweet corduroy hen your dog will LOVE to throw around and play with.

So next time you’re searching for an extra-durable plush toy your beloved pup will adore, give Go-Dog a try. I bet you’ll want to get a whole bunch more – I definitely did!