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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

We’ve all been there. We find the cutest little dog toy. It’s fluffy and colorful and looks at you with big cartoon eyes that just seem to say “don’t worry, your dog could never destroy someone as adorable as me!” Then you bring it home, and sure enough, the toy does, in fact, get destroyed. But what if we were to tell you that we knew of a plush toy that can withstand your pup’s jaws…and what if we told you it was also…machine washable??? Too good to be true? We thought so at first, too.

Meet Fluff & Tuff, one of our favorite plush brands that opened a very new, very cuddly door of playtime opportunities for our dogs!

First and foremost, Fluff & Tuff values safety above all else. One of the biggest issues with many plush toys is that you don’t know what they’re made of or where they come from. Dogs have been known to get sick from ingesting the materials of cheap toys, or choke on the squeakers inside them. There have also been issues with foreign objects like plastic or metal accidentally getting stuffed inside, leading to illness and even fatality. That’s because the safety standards for dog toys are typically much lower than human-grade products. Needless to say, we find that unacceptable, you probably find that unacceptable, and Fluff & Tuff definitely finds that unacceptable.

All the materials used are American-made and non-toxic, right down to the polyester filling and squeaker inside. To avoid choking hazards, every detail (eyes, mouths, etc.) are embroidered on, rather than using plastic that could fall off. The squeaker has also gotten a safety upgrade by being sewn in a little pouch, so you can rest easy knowing that your pup won’t choke. They’re also double scanned individually for any foreign objects, and fit the same tough standards that human toys do.

It’s those little ways of going the extra mile that make Fluff & Tuff such an amazing brand. It almost feels as if you were the one who designed the toy, because if we’re being honest with ourselves, we can all be a little neurotic when it comes to making sure our furry friends are kept safe! That’s because this family-owned company is headed by pet parents, just like you, and their quality testers are their own canine companions since nobody knows what dogs like better than dogs!

But what exactly makes Fluff & Tuff so “tuff”? The secret is in the extra layer of Tuffweb™ mesh lining and double-stitched seams. In short; everything is super reinforced and ready to withstand a whole bunch of tugging, tossing, and snuggling. Our very own Beamer and Sassy actually have several Fluff & Tuff toys of their own, and we’re proud to report firsthand that they definitely live up to their expectations!

That being said, it’s important to remember that a plush toy is still a plush toy and therefore not indestructible (nothing is when is comes to a dog with a goal!). A common misconception we’ve run into is that people mistake them for chew toys since they’re marketed as a durable brand. They’re definitely durable! But not for extended chewing. That’s why it’s always important to know what types of toys your dog prefers, and to always supervise them during play.

If you still aren’t sold on why we love Fluff & Tuff as much as we do, you should come by Two Bostons and feel one for yourself. “Fluff” isn’t half their name for nothing! There’s a reason dogs love them so much, and we’ve even had reports from pet parents who find typically “un-cuddly” dogs asleep with their fuzzy friends. They’re so soft, you’ll have trouble believing they’re actually dog toys, and with the huge selection of animals to choose from, you might even end up wanting one for yourself. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t!

There is only 6 shopping days until Christmas!!  Still not sure what to get your four-legged friend this year? Here are a few of our favorite Holiday toys this year.

Holiday Knotties by Hugglehounds: These toys are great for any dog because inside each of these seasonal characters is a double-layer of Tuffut lining, and extra stitching.  There is also no external stitching and embroidered-on details to make these safety-conscious and a super-durable toy! Each floppy limb features a knot to give your dog a good grip for chewing and tossing, and an enticing squeaker, plus one extra squeaker in the belly. Which one of these cute Knotties will be your pups favorite this holiday?hugglehound-knottiesbottlebuddys

Bottle Buddies by Outward Hound: Has your dog ever gotten a hold of a water bottle and loved the crunchy sounds it makes? This is the perfect toy for them!  Your dog will get all of the crunch and fun of chomping down on a water bottle, but with the perfect plush texture. These festive characters come with a recycled water bottle to start, plus a squeaky bottle cap!outward-hound-hide-a-present-puzzle-plush


Hide-a-Present Puzzle Plush Toy by Outward Hound: Give your pup their chance to pick presents from under the tree! Well, more like OUT of the tree instead of under it. Dogs love puzzle toys, and this one, with plush gifts as the reward, will be one you can use again and again. Just stuff the presents back into the tree and toss it on the floor again. This is a great toy for keeping your pup busy during the holidays!


2016 Charity Candy Cane Toy by Fluff & Tuff: This classic Candy Cane toy has a twist – the profits from its sales go to charity! The Fluff & Tuff Charitable Foundation’s mission is to donate to small-scale organizations, shelters, rescues and clubs who are dedicated to helping animals in need. Your purchase will not only bring a smile to your pupper’s face, but lots of other dogs and cats in need of some joy this season! fluff-n-tuff-holiday-charity-candy-cane-toy

This 13-inch candy cane is made with swirls of white, green and red super-soft ultra-plush. Inside a durable thick mesh inner liner and new non-toxic polyester fiber stuffing. All seams are generously folded, then double stitched so they’re concealed. Inside is a large durable squeaker secured inside a stitched fabric pouch, providing hours of festive


All of these toys can be found on our website or at each of the stores.  Need more ideas for the special pets or pet lovers on your list? Check out our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!








Does your dog have a Fluff & Tuff Plush Toy? Not yet? Well, let me tell you why you should give one of these tough plush toys to your pup!fluff-tuff-logo

First the company itself is fantastic!  They were founded in 2010 and are still family owned and operated in their home state of Michigan.  They have very high standards, which is why we love them so much, because as you know we have very high standards for all of our products. They are committed to the quality and safety of their products, providing exceptional customer service and giving back through product donations.  They are proud of the superior quality of our the products and go to great lengths to maintain those high standards for the retailers and customers.

Ok so now about the toys…All of the Fluff & Tuff toys feature:

  • Custom designs
  • A stitched pouch inside the toys holds the durable squeaker and some with multiple squeakers to keep dogs entertained even longer!
  • Unique, ultra-plush outer fabric
  • Thick, durable TuffWeb™ mesh liner to make it durable against your tough chewer.
  • All seams are concealed, generously folded and double stitched
  • New, non-toxic poly fill placed for optimal shaping and play-ability
  • For safety, the eyes are embroidered
  • Machine Washable – please check over first for any small holes or tears and wash in a moderate temperature.  Air dry or machine dry on low.


They don’t claim to be indestructible – no plush toy can be – their goal is to simply combine superior quality materials with proven construction specifications to create the most durable plush toy on the market today!

Fluff & Tuff toys come in many shapes and sizes…so there is sure to be one for your chewing, playing machine!

Pick up a Fluff & Tuff toy during the week of Sept. 11 – Sept. 17, 2016 and get an additional 50 entries per toy purchased to WIN the $1,000 Shopping Spree at Two Bostons!  See you soon!

If you want to find out more solutions to help out your heavy chewer, join us for our Heavy Chewers Seminar on Sunday, Sept. 18th at 1:00 pm at Two Bostons-Burr Ridge or at 4:30 pm at Two Bostons-Springbrook.  Visit our Events Webpage for more information.