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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

As my dog Karlee has gotten older (and had a little human brother join the family) she has become a lot more fearful of Thunderstorms, Fireworks, us having a lot of people over and even having other dog visitors or riding in the car.  I knew that I needed something to help with her stress and anxiety…and it was perfect timing, since I had just started working at Two Bostons.  Within the first couple of months of working here, I heard about how amazing the Thundershirt, so I had to get one and try it! 20160622_120750

From the moment we put it on her we knew that was the solution we needed.  It really was amazing to see how calm she was when we would put it on. I actually just went and got it and put it on her now, as I see that the storms are moving into the area.

If you have ever witnessed a full-on pet panic attack, you know that trying to soothe your kitty or canine verbally can be futile.  Sedating drugs can be problematic too, because they can lull your pet into a state of half-awareness.  But the Thundershirt works like a snugly, full-body hug. To humans of all ages, of course, a hug can be very reassuring. Just as with infants, experts recommend swaddling as a proven calming aid. The Thundershirt demonstrates that this very same principle actually applies to our pets as well.

Studies show that the Thundershirt has an impressive 80% success rate among pets experiencing anxiety and stress.  The first time and every time we put it on Karlee, she lays down and is so relaxed, even during a thunderstorm.

ThunderShirt_SwaddlingThe Thundershirt is a lightweight, machine-washable spandex and Velcro wrap that works by exerting gentle, constant pressure all around your pet’s rib cage.  It takes just seconds to put on, but it provides direct feedback to your pet’s brain — like a little whisper that says “shh stop panting.” Once this rapid-breathing impulse is calmed, respiration begins to ease back to normal and the body relaxes as well.  With most pets, a visible difference can be seen in minutes.

It’s great for cats as well — an extremely effective, affordable, drug-free solution for any situation that provokes pet stress.  To see the Thundershirt in action and help your furry friend get fitted properly, just visit any of our stores!

Look for more Blogs in the next couple of weeks for more Stress and Anxiety Solutions!

It’s firework season which means there are a lot of dogs about ready to freak out *however* some of last year’s puppies will experience fireworks for the very first time.
I’m going to give you this blog’s take away message right now: Take every neutral experience (where nothing good and nothing bad happens) and make it a good, positive, well treated experience!
Most of the time, a firework goes off and your dog is fine. They realize that nothing good or bad happens. But that doesn’t mean that a particularly close firework or an extra loud one won’t change their mind quickly and create a fearful dog for the future. So every single time a firework booms, throw a party! Treat your dog, play a quick game, etc. Let them think that firework booms predict awesome things.
And start now! I know that I’ve been hearing some backyard fireworks especially this week during the Blackhawks hockey finals but also those preparing for the big night. Starting now while there are only 1 or 2 bangs will help them ease into July 4.
If your dog is already fearful of fireworks, here are a few tips.
One: Go back and read this blog from Two Bostons’ blog. It recommends great products to help ease and anxious dog.
Two: Don’t coddle or comfort your dog when they are afraid. It’s human empathy to comfort those that are afraid but that will only communicate to your dog that it’s okay to be afraid and they should continue feeling anxiety.
Three: Create a comfort place for your dog to go retreat in. Let them have some alone time during the fireworks and offer them a delicious chew toy as well.
Boom! Boom! Happy Independence Day everyone!!
Ask the Trainer is written for Two Bostons Pet Boutique by Amber Walker of Animal Intuitions. To ask Amber any question regarding training your pet, please email her at