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News and Information about Dogs, Cats, and Pet Products

Does your dog have a Fluff & Tuff Plush Toy? Not yet? Well, let me tell you why you should give one of these tough plush toys to your pup!fluff-tuff-logo

First the company itself is fantastic!  They were founded in 2010 and are still family owned and operated in their home state of Michigan.  They have very high standards, which is why we love them so much, because as you know we have very high standards for all of our products. They are committed to the quality and safety of their products, providing exceptional customer service and giving back through product donations.  They are proud of the superior quality of our the products and go to great lengths to maintain those high standards for the retailers and customers.

Ok so now about the toys…All of the Fluff & Tuff toys feature:

  • Custom designs
  • A stitched pouch inside the toys holds the durable squeaker and some with multiple squeakers to keep dogs entertained even longer!
  • Unique, ultra-plush outer fabric
  • Thick, durable TuffWeb™ mesh liner to make it durable against your tough chewer.
  • All seams are concealed, generously folded and double stitched
  • New, non-toxic poly fill placed for optimal shaping and play-ability
  • For safety, the eyes are embroidered
  • Machine Washable – please check over first for any small holes or tears and wash in a moderate temperature.  Air dry or machine dry on low.


They don’t claim to be indestructible – no plush toy can be – their goal is to simply combine superior quality materials with proven construction specifications to create the most durable plush toy on the market today!

Fluff & Tuff toys come in many shapes and sizes…so there is sure to be one for your chewing, playing machine!

Pick up a Fluff & Tuff toy during the week of Sept. 11 – Sept. 17, 2016 and get an additional 50 entries per toy purchased to WIN the $1,000 Shopping Spree at Two Bostons!  See you soon!

If you want to find out more solutions to help out your heavy chewer, join us for our Heavy Chewers Seminar on Sunday, Sept. 18th at 1:00 pm at Two Bostons-Burr Ridge or at 4:30 pm at Two Bostons-Springbrook.  Visit our Events Webpage for more information.


Does your dog love a plush squeaky toy? Does your dog have a problem with tearing the stuffing out of plush squeaky toys?

Yeah. We know that can be a huge problem.

That’s why we’re thrilled to show you these:


Stuffing free plush toys by West Paw!

These wonderful floppy toys are great for snuggling, tossing, shaking and pouncing. They are hand sewn in Montana and machine washable and dryer-safe.

They offer your pooch the hunt and chase of a good squeak toy, while saving you from having to pick up stuffing. Ranging in sizes from 16 inches down to 6 inches, these toys are a great option for medium to smaller size dogs. Durable and fun, these toys are a terrific choice if you are looking to add some colorful fun into your dog’s world. Head over to Two Bostons and check them out today!



Take a look at these awesome new toys we’ve brought in:

These are toys are from the Mopz line from Go Dog.We’ve got a lion, a rhino, a bird and a pig. How cute are they?

They come in two sizes. The smaller toy squeaks and the larger toy grunts. Plus, the floppy middle makes play time fun!

Each one of these toys is lined with Chew Guard Technology. What is that? Look here:

Chew Guard Technology is that piece of black fabric you see here. Go Dog has come up with a way to line their plush toys with this super tough and durable liner…making them engineered to handle rough play. All of the seams are double stitched and reinforced too…making these toys a really great durable plush toy.

Plus, if your dog happens to destroy his Go Dog toy, they are guaranteed. All you have to do is send a picture of the toy to with your contact information and they will replace it for you. (Limit one replacement per household.)

So, if you’re in the line for a new mop…this isn’t the place for you. But, if you’re in the line for an awesome durable plush toy for your pooch, be sure to check out one of these Mopz toys from Go Dog at Two Bostons today. Your dog will thank you!

I hope you had a chance to check out yesterday’s blog post about the Mighty Moose and the x-brace toys. If not, check it out here.

Today, I’m going to show you a few more new finds from Hugglehounds.

This is Billy the Alligator:

He is ferocious. Ferociously fun that is! He is a great interactive toy. His belly has fabric that is actually infused with latex for durability:

He squeaks:

right up there in his mouth. It’s a good squeak, not a really high pitch at all.

And, he’s a puppet!!

(yes, that’s my arm in his belly)…you could also put an empty plastic water bottle in there for a crinkly effect. He’s sure to keep your pal happy for a long time.

Speaking of crinkly things, check out these new flat toys from Hugglehounds:

The entire length of their bodies is a crinkle fest! And since they are from Hugglehounds, you know they are durable. Plus the plaid pattern is just adorable!

Check out the side view:

They are a great length and really flat, so if you have a pooch that loves to rip out stuffing, this is a great option for you. And since all crinkle and no squeak would not be fun, there is a squeaker in each of the legs and one in the head. You’re welcome dogs. You’re welcome.

Fabric toys not your thing? Check out this Owl and Puffer Fish!

They come in two sizes and are made of Hugglehounds ruff-tex material. Ruff-tex is a thick and flexible, 100% natural rubber product.  Eyes and noses are painted with safe colorings, making the whole product non-toxic to your dog.  The super-loud squeaker makes for lots of fun.

Plus, the Puffer Fish has a cute behind:

So be sure to come to either of our Two Bostons locations today and check out these (and all) new Hugglehounds toys. Your pooch will thank you!

Our pals over at Hugglehounds have been busy! They’ve made some awesome new toys that we are thrilled to have on our shelves for your pooch! I’m going to show you two right now.

Do you have an antler chewer? Check out the Might Moose:

This durable rubber toy is an excellent way for your pup to have fun. It’s designed to handle tons of chewing because:

there is a spot for you to place an antler right through it’s head!

Hold the phone! It bounces too!

And, there is a spot at the bottom of the toy for you to fill with small treats, kibble, peanut butter or pet fairy noshers:

And, as if all of that wasn’t enough fun…the Mighty Moose comes complete with an antler:

This is really the ultimate treat toy that will keep your pal busy and engaged for hours!

Next, check out these wacky creatures:

We carry them in two sizes and they are super floppy and super fun durable plush toys with a new technology called “x-brace”. What is x-brace? Well, the opposite leg and arm are one continuous piece of material that is knotted in the center of the belly.  When they are pulled, a knot in the body forms an “x” making it more difficult to lose a limb.

They are really great to toss around and have a quick game of tug, plus, they have squeakers!

We’ve got these awesome new finds on the shelves for you today at both of our Two Bostons locations. So head on over and check them out today, and be sure to check back tomorrow for two more great finds from Hugglehounds.


Growing up, I was POSITIVE that unicorns existed. I was positive. I even still have a statue that I saved up for and bought with my own money when I was a girl. It lives in the back corner of my china cabinet to this day.

Okay, I’m probably a bit of a nerd…but I did believe. In no small part because of the fact that my mother encouraged me. Didn’t we all have those fairy tales that our parents encouraged?

That’s probably the reason I love, love, love the new “My Parents LIED About” line of toys we just got in from Might Toys.

They just crack me up! An alien, a minotaur, a unicorn, a mermaid and a leprechaun…who wouldn’t love one of these imaginary creatures?

And these squeaky plush toys are durable! I can even bring one home for Diesel, who makes it his business to tear plush toys to smithereens. It’s like a job…no a calling for him.

The way Mighty Toys create these plush toys includes stitching together multiple layers of flexible materials. There are no hard edges because the seams are on the inside of the toy…so there is little to promote chewing. Plus, the toy comes with a heavy fleece lining which creates a strong core to hold the body together. That means you can play tug with these guys and they will hold up.

Each design has it’s own durability rating like this:

Some of this line are a 7 and some are an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, making these a really durable choice for a plush toy. As always, no to is completely indestructible; however, these are really, really tough. And, they are machine washable and float.

We’ve got the larger line for dogs above 20 pounds and the junior line for dogs under 20 pounds…so you can indulge your sense of whimsy and find the perfect imaginary friend for your pooch! Come in and catch one before they disappear (pun intended) 🙂

So, as you know, we’ve been going to a bunch of trade shows looking for cool new items to bring to you for your pets. And, while we were at one, we ran into this awesome company from California called PrideBites. You know how much we LOVE to giveback to the community and dogs in need. And, you’ll never guess what! The guys from PrideBites LOVE to giveback to the community and dogs in need too! They donate a portion of their profits every time they sell their toys.

We initially stopped to talk to them because of that, but we stayed to talk to them because of their awesome toys!

Which is why you can now get this awesome mustache for your furry friend!

And this squirrel:

And this steak:

And this bone:

Which is super amazingly awesome because it (wait for it)…

GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!!! How cool is that?

These plush toys are durable. They are made with two layers of a special fleece with a “rip stop technology” sewn between the layers. The core is a light-weight foam THAT FLOATS, and the squeakers are sewn into pouches and then sewn into the toys.

These toys are great for dogs that are 15 pounds or more and, these babies are fully machine washable! Bonus!

So, head on over to either of our stores and check out these great toys today. You can pick one up for your pooch for $14.99 and know that you have helped a dog (yours) have fun and helped a dog (through PrideBites) in need. Who can ask for anything better than that?

Are you familiar with the Fluff & Tuff line of plush toys?

These are one tough plush toy! This plush dog toy has double stitched concealed seams along with thick mesh under layers to make it durable against your tougher chewer. The plush material is non-toxic and the eyes are stitched. There are no hard edges at all. Plus a stitched pouch inside the Fluff & Tuff toys holds the durable squeaker.

They have no small pieces that are easily chewed off and stand the test of time. Beamer has had the Gator for a whole year and it is still going strong.

Fluff & Tuff toys come in many shapes and sizes…so there is sure to be one for your chewing machine! Stop by Two Bostons today and check them out. Or take a look at some of the cute Fluff & Tuff’s we offer and order one right now. 🙂